amphilyce : single track ~ 2020

Single Track by Anna Stereopoulou
A meditative Call for Unity

Independent Release: August 7th 2020
Available on

About the Music

AMPHILYCE means Twilight (amfilíci /Gk. Ἀμφιλύκη /amphi- = on both sides, around /-lúkê = light); when the Perseids can mostly be seen.
The work was composed by Anna Stereopoulou, between 27 July and 6 August 2020, and it consists of original Synth/Field recordings (July 2020) and Space Sounds (20 July – 24 August 2010). It narrates the course of the Perseids Meteor Shower occurring each year between 17 July – 24 August, and it is based on the Binary System Theory, conveying a series of Microcosm/Macrocosm and various Music and other Scientific laws / formulas, as well as a meditative Call for Unity.

AMPHILYCE was composed, as a response to the ‘Open Call Datscha Radio: Listening to the Universe – Radiophonien des Alls’ [] and it can be characterised as a ‘sequel’ Sound Art work of Anna Stereopoulou’s ‘GALANTHUS’ composition [].

Special Thanks

to Dr. Alexandra Trachsel [Faculty Member of ‘Institute for Greek and Latin Philology’ (University of Hamburg)], for the honouring mention of the present musical composition on her same-titled article, as published on 21 December 2020.
Available to read, here:



AMPHILYCE | single track by Anna Stereopoulou
Independent Release: August 7th 2020
Available on

All music composed, performed and produced by Anna Stereopoulou©2020 | AEAEA Studio, Athens
• Recordings made by the composer: KORG microKorg and various Telephone Devices
• Space Sounds: “compiled through the Canadian Array for Realtime Investigations of Magnetic Activity (CARISMA) data”. Audio files (in .wav format) are taken from the two available categories (20Hz & 100Hz) and used both “in their original form and in various technically modified forms”.

Cover Photo + Layout by Anna Stereopoulou [detail of AEAEA Studio, Athens, July 2020]

©all rights reserved | Anna Stereopoulou, 2020
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music and Art©

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