c i r c e : the black cut ~ v.2 [12.2015] ~ a/v report

c  i  r  c  e
:the black cut:

Second Presentation
Athens [Greece] + Worldwide
December 19th – 22nd, 2015
organised by anna stereopoulou
in collaboration with all project’s participants worldwide

Guest Projects 2015
Radio Continental Drift /”The Women of the Great River” [by Claudia Wegener – Germany /Africa]
Project 92 [by Gabriel Otero – France /Argentina /Japan]


«Ships always depart from the Port…!» – Theodor Helix ~ dream 2010

The 2nd Presentation of Anna Stereopoulou’s project « c i r c e :the black cut: » took place both in Athens (Greece) and Worldwide with a series of events, between December 19th and 22nd, 2015, and it hosted various creations by artists from the whole world, as they were inspired by the new main Theme, Bees. The painting «The Black Square» [Kazimir Malevich, 1915] -first presented 100 years ago- remains one of the project’s sources of inspiration, empowering the keys of Feeling + Freedom, unlocking «c i r c e :the black cut:».
The way of life and work of the Bees raises awareness and functions as a guide of our in-between communication and collaborations, while, in parallel, it weaves the way the 2nd Presentation unfolded; the cut, i.e.; the Unity of Opposites and the eternal succession of the Life Cycles is expressed by all three sections of the 2nd Presentation. CIRCE Family Album [Dec19], the Audio-Visual Exhibition [Dec19-22] with an Opening AV Gig by visiting artist, Jennifer Eberhardt [Dec19], and the Video-Art Screenings & Music Concert [Dec21], led to the Harmony, which, through a music, audio-visual message of Peace, by Anna Stereopoulou, celebrated Winter Solstice, on a Live Digital Broadcast [Dec22 /Net].
Also, this year, «c i r c e :the black cut:» hosted two guest projects: Radio Continental Drift /”The Women of the Great River” [by Claudia Wegener – Germany /Africa] and Project 92 [by Gabriel Otero – France /Argentina /Japan], which gave a stronger sense of our traveling waves.

You can find various info and audio-visual material from all events, at the following sections:
_01 [[ Family ALBUM + Mixes ~ Podcasts | Net
_02 [[ ΛV EXHIBITION | aeaea space
_03 [[ LIVE Opening AV GIG | aeaea space
_04 [[ Video-Art SCREENINGS + Live Music CONCERT | IRIS Cinema Theatre
_05 [[ Winter Solstice celebration; Music, AV Message of Peace | Digital Broadcast

_01 [[ Family ALBUM + Mixes ~ Podcasts
VOX Family Album
of the « c i r c e :the black cut: » project
released on Saturday, December 19, 2015 on 7MNS Music, Spain
listen + download free [cc] on 7MNS Music BandCamp channel
detailed info + press release: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-yQ
46Artists ~ 28Tracks ~ 15Countries ~ 1Voice
The album VOX [Voice; Sound; Call; Outcry] is part of the project « c i r c e :the black cut: » and it is compiled by Anna Stereopoulou. Being the second CIRCE Family Album (after the release of «Vuelo Libre» in December 2014), «VOX» consists of 28 tracks composed by the participants of CIRCE The Black Cut, as well as by the artists who responded to «The Women of the Great River» call-out /playlist of Claudia Wegener‘s RADIO Continental Drift; guest project of the CIRCE The Black Cut ~ 2nd Presentation (2015).
The 2nd phase of the project (2015), offers «Bees» to all participants, as the new Theme connecting all existing sources of inspiration. Through the present compilation we are invited to join the outward motion which is mostly achieved by the exploration, the acceptance and the unity of opposites. The theme of «Bees» suggests awareness about these, essential to the ecosystem, flying insects, and the numerous threats they are exposed to (habitat loss, pesticides, etc.), as well as a paradigm to learn from their way of life, work and communication, in order to become more open and express our Voice, louder and wider, by exiting any kind of cell, which we are forced -by others or by our own selves- to live in.
Thus, the transition from the compositions of the CIRCE The Black Cut participants, to the remixes of the artists responding to «The Women of the Great River» playlist, represents the voyage of an out-cry, wrestling to travel, beginning from our roots and our most inner places, through various bee voices helping us to kill our egos, by crossing the “river” or any kind of barrier and expose our feelings free to light.
The album is available on Seven Moons Music (which is supporting the project since its launch, March 2014) as Digital Format and Free Downloading.
You can listen to the album, here:

It is important to mention that the album is already remixed by two Friends and members of CIRCE Family; the mixes were decorating, sound-wise, the AV Exhibition in aeaea space.
More specifically…
Lisa Greenaway -a.k.a. dj LAPKAT– created a really beautiful and atmospheric mix, made with special care and weaved through her sweet and spicy voice’s timbre and comments. You are welcome to Read the article about the VOX Album Mix by LAPKAT on her personal, official website: http://wp.me/p1wG2S-1xm
as well as Listen to it, on 7MNS Music series #8 and on MixCloud.
Also, dj spyros_aka_fake prepared and offered CIRCE Mix: Part Bee, a moving, full-of-pulse and -of-dancing-waves, mix, which you are invited to listen, here: https://www.mixcloud.com/spyros_aka_fake/circe-mix-part-bee/

VOX‘s waves have also been traveled OnAir, and already presented on the radio show ‘In the rhythm of Swing‘ [Χορεύοντας στον Ρυθμό του Swing] of Pantazis Tsaras‘s [Greek Radio / 2nd Programme ~ 103,7 & 102,9], on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 22:00 CET, when Anna Stereopoulou was invited to talk about the 2nd Presentation, its events and participants’ artworks.
Many thanks to Konstantinos Vlastarakis for recording the radio show, which is available to listen on the following embedded player.
[Note: Interview in Greek; listen to 00:00 – 27:15 / 32:05 – 36:30 / 53:53 – end
Music Compositions heard during the radio show (above time sections):
Theocritus’ Kiriokleptis by Irene Makri [VOX CIRCE Family Album / BEES Theme
Where I Want to Be (Who Needs a Dream) performed by Christos Stasinopoulos
Tonga Anthem Remix by DJ Kwe [VOX CIRCE Family Album / The Women of the Great River remix
[i Ǝ] Define Me Not (red giant) by Anna Stereopoulou [CIRCE The Black Cut album

Two more Radio Shows are scheduled to present the album within January 2016.

Radio Show #1
Friday, January 8th, 2016 @ 23:00 C.E.T. ~ “Doctore Xyramat” on LiveStream
Your can Listen to FSK/Hamburg [Freies Sender Kombinat] ~ http://www.fsk-hh.org/livestream
[pt01] 23:00 – 01:00 | ‘V O X’ CIRCE Family Album
[pt02] 1:00 – 12:00 | music by various female artists
[further info + weblinks] https://soundcloud.com/xyramat + http://www.femalepressure.net/

An update will follow here, soon.

Saturday 19 until Tuesday 22 December 2015
ΛV Exhibition at aeaea space [Normanou Street, Monastiraki /Athens, GR
Exhibition Curated by Anna Stereopoulou (inspirational conversations with the following artists / a-z: Natalia Christofidou, Apostolis Dakoulas, Athina Kanellopoulou, Tilemachos Kouklakis, Maria Louizou, George Stamatakis, Spyros Tavianatos, Vassilis Tsalikis, Jana Tziveleki, Konstantino Vlastarakis)
The hosted artworks were created by the participant artists of « c i r c e :the black cut: », after getting inspired by the project’s theme 2015 – Bees – and all three main themes (Phaistos Disk, The Black Square (Kazimir Malevich), Treatise graphic score (Cornelius Cardew), various Ancient World Goddesses, etc.), as well as the given key-questions [What is: Freedom; Feeling; Treason; Duration?]. A series of Visual Artworks /Remixes of The Women of the Great River playlist (Radio Continental Drift of Claudia Wegener‘s) were also included in the space.

Exhibition Set Up:
The exhibition set up is mainly based on the shape and traveling route of a pure sine, on the Unity of Opposites and on a story /location /atmosphere dreamt by Anna Stereopoulou, back in 2010. The (dream) quote “Ships always depart from the Port” (Theodor Helix) was followed by and completed by captain Manolis’s answer “Ships always return to the Port” (summer 2015). A specific route and motion [inner-outer / upper-lower] is suggested and expressed through the 2 floors.
Floor 1, titled aeaea space [port a ~ , represents questioning, confusion, introversion, darkness, memories / childhood, cleansing, isolation, revelation / revolution
Floor 2, titled aeaea space [port b ~ , represents flux, communication, questioning, eternal succession, freedom, balance /harmony.

Both ports complete each other and could be visited in any order wished by the visitor, however, a suggested starting point was designed at port a ~ . Types of Art included: Painting, Graphic Design / Graphic [music] Score, Bronze Sculpture, Handmade Jewelry, Installation with Video, Fine Art, Craft, Mixed Media, Poetry / Texts, Photography, Digital Art.
Also, a beehive was offered by the apiculture products store, To Melenio [Το Μελένιο], from Vyzitsa village [Pelion mountain, central Greece]. A sweet thank, also to Alexandra -from Café Bar 67– for cooking a delicious typical Ukrainian Honey cake, especially for the Opening of the Exhibition.
[Full Info of all artworks are available here: CIRCE_2015_CATALOGUE_PROGRAMME_ARTISTS
and as a caption on each image of the following photo gallery. Credits of Images #20-#24 are found under the photo gallery. |  Images taken by Tilemachos Kouklakis (where artist’s watermark shown), Konstantinos Vlastarakis (image #1) and George Stamatakis (image #29). You can click on first picture to view photo gallery (order: aeaea space entry ~ port a ~ port b ~ )]

Credits of Images #20 – #24 [Dark Room installation by Anna Stereopoulou, including photos of Various Artists]:
_#20: on string [left – right / front]: Noora Alshoweir, Julian Schluengel, Agness Buya Yombwe, Efigianna Koutsoumpa, Noora Alshoweir | [left – right / back]: Alma Tischler Wood, Konstantinos Vlastarakis, Alma Tischler Wood | on wall: Shahin Charmi (left), Markos Dolopikos (2 on the right)
_#21: on string [left – right]: Tilemachos Kouklakis (samples), Konstantinos Vlastarakis, Noora Alshoweir
_#22: on string [trace paper]: Konstantinos Vlastarakis | part of Dark Room equipment offered by photographer, Mr. George Vlassis
_#23: on string [left – right]: Agness Buya Yombwe, Alma Tischler Wood | on black fabric: Shahin Charmi  (left), Markos Dolopikos (2 on the right)
_#24: on string [left – right / front]: Agness Buya Yombwe, Efigianna Koutsoumpa, Noora Alshoweir | [left – right / back]: Alma Tischler Wood, Giannis Miliaresis (digital art, print)
[Part of Dark Room equipment was offered by Photo Store of Mr. George Vlassis (Amaroussion, Athens, GR)

Also, Poetry + Texts written by Charles Antony, Vaya Bali, Katerina Iliopoulou, Yovanna Kalpaxi, Tonia Maganioti and Marina Muhlfriedel

_03 [[ LIVE Opening AV GIG
LIVE Opening AV Gig by visiting artist, Jennifer Eberhardt [piano, live electronics, voice
Saturday, December 19th, 2015 at aeaea space [ port b ~ [20.00]
This year, we had the honour to have with us, musician and sound artist, Jennifer Eberhardt, who visited Athens especially for the 2nd Presentation of c i r c e :the black cut:. The Opening of the AV Exhibition was launched on the same evening with and AV Gig, when J. Eberhardt performed live her own compositions alongside the screening of an experimental movie by Karen Gimle.
The concert took place at aeaea space [ port b ~ / Normanou Str., Monastiraki, Athens, GR, and it was attended by various artists and visitors of the AV Exhibition. You are welcome to see the pictures of the event by clicking on first picture of the following photo gallery:

_04 [[ Video-Art SCREENINGS + Live Music CONCERT
IRIS Cinema Theatre: 15 Ippokratous str., & 55 Akadimias Str., Athens, GR
On Monday, December 21, 2015, two events; (each) of complementary genre, took place at the IRIS Cinema Theatre. The venue, run by students, alumni and professors of the University of Athens (Student Union) -consisting the Cinema Sector of the U.o.A. Student Cultural Union (P.O.F.P.A.)- is an historical building and it is an honour that all POFPA members have shown such an interest and support, since the 1st Presentation (December 2014).

…the Video-Art SCREENINGS
started just after 19:00 and included the following works [in order of screening:
Project 235 [92] | by Gabriel Otero A.K.A VJ Mushroom | 2’38” / France, Argentina
Swarm | by Simon Le Boggit | 5′ / UK
Circe waves the circle | by nobodisoundz a.k.a. Philippe Neau | 3’51” / France
Painted Sea Memory | by proteas 604 | 4’36” / Greece
63 Project of 3bc | by César Naves (visual) | 30’09” / USA
No Phoenix Rises From These Ashes | by Shahin Charmi | 37’10” / Germany, Iran
O.orr.o | by nobodisoundz a.k.a. Philippe Neau | 2’20” / France
[Total Screenings’ Duration: 85’44”] ~ Full Info: CIRCE_2015_CATALOGUE_VIDEO

…the Live Music CONCERT
started after 21:00 and consisted of the presentation of the music of Anna Stereopoulou’s same-titled album, c i r c e :the black cut: [independent release: May 30th, 2015

Anna Stereopoulou: Compositions, Piano, Vocals, Celtic Lyre, Sound Design
Jennifer Eberhardt: Live Electronics, Voice
Celtic Lyre Contruction: Stefanos Michael / Stef Cajones
Sound: SG Sound & Lights Solution [Gkremos Sotiris]
Grand Piano: NIKOTIAN House / Πιάνα ΝΙΚΟΤΙΑΝ

“One day, back in Autumn 2015, I received a message from Jennifer Eberhardt, with which she informed me she was just about to book her flight to travel to Athens, especially for the 2nd Presentation. I couldn’t (and I didn’t) want to say ‘No’. There had already been many conversations between Jennifer and I, during the past two years, through which I felt she helped me a lot to ‘dare’ using my voice more in my performances. Her participation in the concert of the 21st of December 2015, in IRIS Cinema Theatre proved to be a blessed Moment; a milestone of my music career, when I felt I’ve found a soul-sister in music creation and performance. I thank her from my heart and I look forward to creating and presenting more music, together.

The stage design, the lighting (colours’ choice) and the theatrical kinesiology express and are based on the Unity of the Opposites and the Cycles of Life; the way we follow in order to accept all of our contrasting elements as they are reflected through the ones opposite and/or next to us.” anna stereopoulou

…the following video was kindly recorded by photographer Apostolos Kyrou
and it includes an excerpt of CIRCE The Black Cut live concert [a longer video will follow…

following images taken by Nikolas Tsanais, Alexander Papadopoulos, Apostolos Kyrou, Tilemachos Kouklakis
~ click on first picture to view photo gallery ~

_05 [[ W I N T E R   S O L S T I C E
Celebration + Music, Audio-Visual Message of Peace by Anna Stereopoulou
Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 @ 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 5pm (greece)
Live Digital Broadcast [streaming by Hellenic Spirit Organization]

Dedicated to the Mother
…spoken through Piano and through the following hymn (excerpt)

To Rhea; The Fumigation from Aromatics’. Orphic Hymn 14
Excerpt recited in Ancient Greek + English by Anna Stereopoulou
Text follows in Ancient Greek, Modern Greek and English

Ῥέας, θυμίαμα ἀρώματα
[…] Πότνια Ῥέα, θύγατερ πολυμόρφου Πρωτογόνοιο,
(ἦ λῖς,) […]”
“[…] ἐλθέ, μάκαιρα θεά, σωτήριος εὔφρονι βουλῇ,
εἰρήνην κατάγουσα σὺν εὐόλβοις κτεάτεσσιν,
λύματα καὶ κῆρας πέμπουσ’ ἐπὶ τέρματα γαίης.

[…] Σεβαστή Ρέα, θυγατέρα του Πρωτόγονου (Χάους) με τις πολλές μορφές,
(συ πού το ιερό άρμα σου οδηγεί το λιοντάρι,) […]”
“[…] Έλα, μακαρία θεά, για την σωτηρία μας με καλόβουλη διάθεση
και φέρε μας την ειρήνη με ευτυχισμένους καιρούς
και στείλε στα πέρατα της γης ό,τι είναι άχρηστο σε εμάς, και τις καταστροφές.

To Rhea; The Fumigation from Aromatics
[…] Daughter of the Earth and Sky,
Incline to my prayer,
Oh Goddess whose chariot is drawn by fierce lions running, […]”
“[…] Come in peace and attend our labors.
Bring to us rich abundance and drive away disease,
Come, Holy mother, and Bless this sacred rite

Source: ‘Orphic Hymns; (Text – Translation – Comments)’, 42-43. Edited by P. Graviger. Athens (GR): Vivliothiki tis Sfiggos, 1982 | Translated and interpreted -in English- by Virginia Stewart-Avalon, M.Ed. ✧ About RHEA [Titanis (Titaness) / Earth-Goddess]: http://www.theoi.com/Titan/TitanisRheaKybele.html

You can watch the video recording of the live digital broadcast, streaming from just under the Acropolis, Athens, GR, on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015.
Many thanks to…
• Sofia from AthenStyle Youth Hostel (event location: AthenStyle roof top)
• fine artist, Vassiliki Jewellery as Art [ for the Apollo medallion worn during the Winter Solstice performance]
• artists, Shahin Charmi and Xyramat for their words and support
• the Muse and the Fire, still burning within

Solo Piano performance / Compositions by Anna Stereopoulou
(music from the album c i r c e :the black cut: and various other works)
video includes various artworks’ images, exhibited at aeaea space (dec19-22, 2015).
Credits -as captions- will be added soon by youtube channel owner.
[note: apologies for the ‘misty’ sound in the beginning of the video
(t.b.corrected, soon); you can listen more clear from 03’46” onwards]

«…Ships always return to the Port!» – captain Manolis ~ summer 2015

2nd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut 2015
Full Info [events /artists /spaces] ~ eng | ελλ: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-yv


c   i   r   c   e
: the black cut :
©Copyright, Anna Stereopoulou, 2014~2016~
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©
Official WebSite: annastereopoulou.gr



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