alcyone rmxs : ep ~ 2014

Anna Stereopoulou’s original composition remixed by various artists
Name of Track: AlcyoneAlcyoneEP_artwork
EP Production: Pet Liger []
Released: June 02, 2014
[Free Download | CC Lisence: some rights reserved]

Alcyone RMXs EP is the third installment of its free download promo series [PLPRM003], including three wonderful variations by Erissoma, Elefo and Space Blanket.
The original composition was created by Anna Stereopoulou, as part of her «A ∞» album, released under the music platform 7MNS (August 24, 2013).


The music is available and free to listen and download, on:
· BandCamp · SoundCloud · · Pet Liger’s Official Blog ·
[you can also reach the label on FaceBook and Twitter]
and/or at the following links…
[accompanied by Anna’s thanks to the artists]

…for bringing me back the image of flying free and full of energy within a ‘familiar unknown’ cosmic past

…for making me want to sing along the lyrics coming out from a lush submerging beat, near a coast I’m still heading to

Space Blanket
…for daring exposing their sensitive electric guitar fx and for inviting us to dance in their kingdom of electronic saws (Gk. slang; heavy synth / beats)

…as well as Constantinos [aka Elefo / Pet Liger] for accepting to convey Geni’s initial message



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