c i r c e : the black cut ~ alda notes ~ mmxv

  c  i  r  c  e
: the black cut :

decoding · a · sonic · glance
by anna stereopoulou


a diary of the project’s steps through time and space of the year 2015 [mmxv]
including information about the people participating and the inspiration being exchanged
[if you would like to read the alda notes written during 2014, please, visit: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-g6]



define me not…
permit my waves to pass you through
the stones i carved are lost at last
the catapult reversed
a compass i forgot
…define me not

a.s. (core) edition
alda (old norse: wave)


mmxv : d e c e m b e r

a e a e a
47th of Thalassius 3033

– “Where is the port?
– “Ships always depart from the Port…

What is Freedom? What is the Correct Question?
A sleep paralysis followed the nightmare of that night, while I was trying to avoid a third repetition of my Prison… from and within my own self. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid the Spiral. As you cannot avoid your own Birth. The sacred Water of your Arrival to Life is getting high through Air, up to the Mind and it vibrates the Strings which Trigger the movement of your Steps on Earth. “You walk… against the Wind… you trip…” and you sink in a frequency-cocoon so you can find what you have to reject until the present moment of your Route…
Smile was not included in the Game… but it took you time to break the hymen… and to have the Road of Descent revealed… Iris was hidden within Erebus… Chaos and the Sea-bed blasted you off towards the Hill you were afraid to gaze at…
A Hill of Light and Harmony with a new view of Infinity and Darkness…
…an eternal aeaea
… …with Hills and Sea-beds
… … …Glowing at its Cut

– “Where is the port?
– “…Ships always return to the Port..!

anna stereopoulou ~


The above text is the English translation of the introductory note of the AV Exhibition of the 2nd Presentation (above attached photo), which took place in Athens (Greece) + Worldwide [Dec19-22, 2015]. The exhibition was hosted in aeaea space, or else the free space offered by an old friend. Both ports – i.e. flats – were coincidentally very much alike the house I had dreamt in a strong, prophetic dream, back in 2010. A dream which never left my mind and heart and which always stands as a ‘lighthouse’ into the Tethys of my -personal- aeaea.
All events which took place during the 4 days of the 2nd Presentation of c i r c e :the black cut:, as well as both Presentations (2014 ~ 2015) and every conversation, correspondence, collaboration and memory with all of the project’s participants, have given me the opportunity to re-discover many hidden ‘corners’ of myself, both as a person and an artist. Ships will always depart and return; new journeys will always be designed; new fears and dreams will be born. The most important present offered and exchanged between the ‘journey’ so far has been Trust -as very generously Athena ‘whispered’ to Lisa, at Delphi, last summer (2015). I never thought the inner wish of Listen-to-your-Soul+the-ones-next-to-us would really vibrate between our Frequencies. The answer to “What is Freedom; Feeling; Treason; Duration?” varies to each one of us. However, …the Question remains the Answer!

Thank you to All who keep questioning and answering through their words and art. The 2nd Presentation is just a small part of what our ‘journey’ has revealed to us, since its launch. And you can have a taste of it, on the following AV Report: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-zz
Thank you, also, to All who keep worshiping the Muse; i.e. yOur Nature ~ Mother ~ Universe.

The February 2014 dream is also finally clarified. It only needed a simple passing aCross the river. Flux ~ the Journey continues ~ c i r c e might Find another time, space or name [who knows..? ‘riddle’ is my ‘middle’ name..] ~ …we keep Weaving ~

 c i r c e :the black cut:
2nd Presentation: December 19th – 22nd, 2015
Athens [GR] + Worldwide
κ ί ρ κ η :η μαύρη τομή:
2η Παρουσίαση: 19-22 Δεκεμβρίου, 2015
Αθήνα + Παγκοσμίως

• Admission is FREE to All Events
Είσοδος ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ σε Όλους τους χώρους /event
• Guest Projects 2015: Radio Continental Drift + Project 92

Encouraged by 7MNS Music ~ female:pressure ~ Association Concept Artgentin


:info + press release: http://wp.me/p2zrwp-yv
:programme + full list of participant artists: CIRCE_2015_CATALOGUE_PROGRAMME_ARTISTS
:video art screenings: CIRCE_2015_CATALOGUE_VIDEO
:winter solstice: special celebration event: http://wp.me/p2zrwp-yy

…keep weaving ~



flyer image* taken by Tilemachos Kouklakis©
*view from ~ aeaea space ~ dec2015
circe logo design by annAStereo,
offered in bronze sculpture by Apostolis Dakoulas [2014]



mmxv : n o v e m b e r

Yesterday the wisest man
holding a lit lantern
in daylight
was searching around town saying
I am tired of
all these beasts and brutes
I seek a true human.

We have all looked
for one but
no one could be found
they said

Yes he replied
but my search is
for the one
who cannot be found…

With the above words, the above poem, “the Persian mystic named Rumi, Maulānā (1207-1273 ) honors Diogenes”.

…the above quote is the words shared by a brilliant Mind and Artist, with whom I had the honour to be in contact, during the last weeks. His humble character is one to admire and be inspired by. His work can both inspire and make us Think; make us Feel. His name is Shahin Charmi and his video, titled “No Phoenix Rises From These Ashes” will be included in the Screenings, on Monday, December 21st 2015 at IRIS Cinema Theatre, as part of the 2nd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut.
Dear Mr. Charmi, dear Shahin, some ‘things’ and some Friends cannot be hidden. Their Light keeps them Bright!

I owe to thank Xyramat for getting me in touch with Mr. Charmi, but I also need to thank each Wave ‘breathing’ within all of the people, friends, sisters and brothers of this journey, called “circe :the black cut:”. There have been many obstacles until these hours, but, we can never give up to our Dream; we owe to hold on to our Vision, which always appears for a reason in our dreams, in our life, in our meetings. We all consist of Energy, but also of different elements, which form us to various unique entities. The “Unity of Opposites” will always be the trigger to turn Conflict to Acceptance and Reconciliation; to turn ‘Iris’ to Peace!

Ships always depart from the Port…” [Theodore Helix, 2010 ~ in an island, in a dream]
…Ships always return to the Port!” [captain Manolis, 2015 ~ in an island, in real]


mmxv : o c t o b e r

It’s Sunday morning …noon, a few hours after the a/v concert of CIRCE The Piano Cut, I presented last night at the 4th Le Chimeres Festival. I’m now listening to the album Substrata [1997] by Biosphere and the sound of the airplane at its introduction reminds me of the cue –source– sound in the film Come and See [dir.: Elem Klimov / 1985, Soviet Union].

What is Sound, really and what are its beneficial or influential characteristics within us? How does a specific order or layout of (sound or other) frequencies effect our psychology or even our memory? The experiments realised on Ivan Pavlov‘s dog are to showcase a strong relationship between Sound (Action) and Movement (reAction). How many Sounds or Images are really strong, nowadays, during an era when quantity has ‘won’ upon quality, and, still, quantity is being driven to reach the point of saturation? Are we led to the need of Silence and what does Silence represent for each single pair of ears? Emptiness is, in my opinion, one of the most precious states of mind -and- soul, just because it offers a wide blank field on which we can start composing through clear eyes and a wiser observation, from the beginning.

The Art of Sound is not limited within the realm of ‘Music’ or ‘Art’; it is a skill and need of everyone. What we owe to focus on is the ‘art’ of Listening and remind ourselves we are (human) beings co-existing with other beings, human ones or not. The existence of our Ears, Eyes, Pores and all other communicating mediums with which we are ‘constructed’ prove we are here so we interact with each other and trying to both teach and learn; trying to imagine how the other ‘being’ might be thinking or feeling, so we keep on discovering new areas within our microcosm or macrocosm. Imagination is a talent we have to re-‘define’ and appreciate its use, more.

During last October, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on Interactive Dance, by Professor, Pietro Polotti [Conservatory “G. Tartini”, Trieste, Italy], a Listening Session and Lecture by composer and filed recordist, Chris Watson, an open lesson on the African Percussion at the ANASA Cultural Centre and the Opening of the photography exhibition, titled Landscapes, organised by Blank Wall Gallery. All events -which took place in Athens, Greece- presented various perspectives on how ‘organisms’ interact with each other; how can a tiny, single ‘proof of life’ -i.e. movement, sound, image, smell, taste, etc.- give some inspiration or reason to make us Feel, Think, enVision. There isn’t a specific ‘time’ defined for certain events to find their moment of birth – death – rebirth; each Moment is a grain withn the eternal wheel of infinity; it is a Miracle it comes as a caress to confirm the infinite and ephemeral substance of our Empty Whole. Where our White-or-Black-washed Room turns warmer and invisible.

c u r r e n t  steps: A beautiful ‘palette’ of artworks sent by many people around the world will help scheduling the programme of the events of the 2nd Presentation of c i r c e :the black cut: [December 19-21, 2015]. Each creation I received vibrates a special timbre which I look forward to share with everyone during the events. I really want to thank each one of the participants who have accepted and trusted the Open Call, as well as their Soul and Instinct.

f u t u r e  steps: Thanks to Musician and Radio Producer, Satnapar [aka Odysseas Rapantas], a new collaboration commences in Winter 2015-2016 with Radio Q37; a Radio for the Mind Travellers. A series of radio shows presenting the work of many artists co-traveling within /around c i r c e :the black cut: will start unfolding within the following few weeks, onwards.

Closing, I want to thank everyone for coming at the CIRCE The Piano Cut concert. I wish we always retain the sparkle to offer and accept our Waves, so we manage to all get closer to each other; to accept one another, but also our various different pieces composing our self. Everything exists and happens for a reason. Let’s enjoy this journey called Breath…

CIRCE The Black Cut
[eng] Deadline EXTENSION • • NEW Submission Deadline: October 23rd, 2015
International Open Call 2015
for the 2nd Presentation: December 2015 [Greece + Worldwide]
Read ~ Download: CIRCE_TheBlackCut_InternationalOpenCall_2015NewDeadline_ENG
Contact [Anna Stereopoulou] | Queries | Applications: sinetoaeaea@gmail.com

CIRCE The Black Cut | Κίρκη :η μαύρη τομή:
[ελλ] ΠΑΡΑΤΑΣΗ ΠΡΟΘΕΣΜΙΑΣ Υποβολής Αιτήσεων + Υλικού
• •
ΝΕΑ Ημερομηνία: Παρασκευή 23 Οκτωβρίου 2015
Διεθνές Κάλεσμα Συμμετοχής 2015
για την 2η Παρουσίαση: Δεκέμβριος 2015 [Ελλάδα + Παγκοσμίως]
Πληροφορίες ~ Απόκτηση Αρχείου: CIRCE_TheBlackCut_InternationalOpenCall_2015_NewDeadline_ELL
• Επικοινωνία
[Άννα Στερεοπούλου] | Υποβολή Αιτήσεων: sinetoaeaea@gmail.com

mmxv : s e p t e m b e r

A few years ago, I was asked -by myself- to research on the structure and functions of the human ear. This was, and still is, part of my ongoing research on the human brain and the balance of the body. So, when I was reading about the three parts of the Ear -Outer, Middle, Inner- I was impressed by a phenomenon taking place in the Inner Ear. That is the conversion of Sound (mechanical) Energy into Electricity, happening in a specific part of the Cochlea (inner ear). Electric Signals (nerve impulses) are sent to the brain and various movements and functions occur to the rest of the auditory, visual, and the whole sensory and nervous system and  body.
In a few words, that whole Miracle -I would call it- of the conversion of the mechanical energy into electricity takes place in the Cochlea, when a special watery liquid found in the cochlear partition moves due to the sound vibrations coming from the middle ear. That motion is sensed by the thousands of hair cells. Consequently, that motion is converted into electrical signals.
Therefore, the effect we notice is the Union of the hair cells’ Stereocilia [type of sensors, ..let’s say] with the Watery Liquid. If we have /want to come to a conclusion, then we observe (and remind ourselves) the Union of two (or more) living ‘objects’.

– What is a sensor, then? Do we consist of sensors ourselves? / – Yes and No.
Yes: Our hair (whole body), our pores, our eyes and ears, our tongue and nose, our mind, our soul.
No: We ARE Sensors, ourselves.
We are capable and blessed to set our whole existence -all of our sensors- in activation, via any kind of Connection and Unification and, thus, trigger and exchange any kind of energy. It is all around us and within is. It’s in our Hands ..and Hearts…
…to put our Thought + Wish in Action!

c u r r e n t  steps: During the last few weeks I have had the pleasure to receive various artworks and meet their creators, who have responded to the Open Call for the 2nd Presentation that will take place in December 2015. The Presentation will take place between December 19th and 21st, 2015 in Athens-Greece and Worldwide (NET + t.b.a.). As I had promised to the project’s co-weavers, the Main Space to host the AV Exhibition (and other events), would be announced in the present alda notes ~ september 2015. Therefore, I am more than happy to inform you that one of the most remarkable venues and cultural centres in Greece, Michael Cocoyannis Foundation has agreed to give home to all creations made through the current phase (2015) of c i r c e :the black cut:. [A full programme -times / days / events- is in progress and will be announced closer to the days of the 2nd Presentation.]

f u t u r e  steps: There has been the need for an Extension to the Open Call‘s Deadline. As mentioned above, the New Deadline is set to Friday, October 23rd, 2015. I would like to thank every single person for sending their work, so far, every old and new friend who has been helping in having the ‘word spread’, as well as to welcome all newcomers! Please, Feel Free to share the Call with anyone you think they might be interested in having their Voice heard through our ‘vehicle’..!

and, since I’ve missed Wishing it loud…
…keep Weaving ~

mmxv : a u g u s t

Some believe that in order to Find Yourself you must face the issue it’s haunting you, without walking away of it, either physically or metaphorically. Some others believe that traveling meters, or even miles away from it -or even from ‘home’-, it’ll help you find the right questions you need to unlock the gate leading to your inner self.
No matter which one of two directions you choose, only oneself Knows the real, most challenging and less tested route to show them Everything they ignore, yet carrying through their breath; resonating their inhaling ~ looking at their exhaling. There is a place called “Aeaea” and it’s located between our brightest shades drawn and weaved between our strongest, yet sometimes stubborn synaptic veils. The destination is the same; the Conquering of Aeaea…

c u r r e n t  steps: In process of finding the spaces which will host the 2nd Presentation of the project (December 2015) and making some final discussions with the main space. Also, the ‘arrival’ of new ArtWorks from various people worldwide, created especially for the events, is already giving much inspiration for new works, but also about their exhibition.

f u t u r e  steps: During the next month, the design and curation of the Presentation’s Exhibition and Live Performance will start giving a more concrete, however, Free shape, in combination and in inspiration with all parallel steps taking the project further, namely, some more educational visits (seminars, workshops, etc.) to Primary Schools (Greece) and other artistic collaborations.

A year ago, one of the most important needs shown bright within me. It wasn’t anything else than the fact (!) I wanted to Break my Barriers. Luckily, during the last 6-12 months, I’ve been noticing many small or great ‘details’ composing that change it’s been happening within me. The break-of-barriers came real through both Art & Life, or/and, more correct, vice versa. One of the most important reasons I am now writing such an essential -to me- thing, is the priceless inspiration I am deriving by each one of you; priceless Knowledge + Wisdom that have been helping me offer a more Human shape to my soul. That present seems even greater when I notice this Inspiration and Knowledge exchange leading to new artistic expressions to many of you; to many people next to us.
One of these cases have been -and still are- the music duo Asymmetroi Faroi, who produced a new Album, titled “Descent”, released today, Friday, September 4th, 2015. As the duo comments on the album’s info, their new work is inspired by the project and it is free to download on Seven Moons, on the following link: http://sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/descent-ref-024
Please, take a few seconds to read the description of the album and let yourselves travel along the music’s waves. It is more than an honour to receive such a blessed weaving. It is the People and Each Person next to us who make us understand we’re made to long our steps taking us forward, …by diving to the Open Sea and our Abyss’s Bright Tops…
…my humble Thanks to Giorgos and Stathis (Asymmetroi Faroi).
[ακολουθεί παρουσίαση του δίσκου (ελληνικά) στο Sinavlia.gr: http://sinavlia.gr/neos-diskos-descent-asymmetroi-faroi/

mmxv  :  j u l y

And one fine morning, about five years ago, I found myself waking up next to a cockroach. It didn’t really scare me. In fact, it made me think for almost a whole day, where did that new ‘pet’ come from and ‘landed’ next to my pillow. That was actually a ‘gift’ offered by a trip I had just returned from. “It is the gift from ‘my’ island”, I thought to myself. A cockroach that travelled as a stowaway inside my travel bag, all the way from the tent I was living in for the previous few days. Its presence in the new environment, made me dizzy; …as much dizzy as that insect* was itself. And then, our paths drew different directions. Both of our transition was enough to realise a new phase, a new section had just commenced.
If Franz Kafka [1883 – 1924] was my name, I would had succeeded more in describing that past Metamorphosis (1912) I had experienced. It’s true it had taken me some time to find new questions to set and answer. Various stages through which I saw myself not being able to be understood by others or even by my own senses. Still, each new transition leads to some greater inner shifts we feel lucky to experience and even more lucky to feel some kind of ‘pain’ when we let ourselves inhale each torturing rebirth of our soul’s and body’s pores.

Whether the above thoughts express personal or social events could be a tiny detail within the Tethys of our memories; within the most sincere reflection of our point-of-view-shot, as executed via a dear (the dearest!?) and objective pair of eyes through which we dare(d) to face our self. Our real / new self.

“[…] The tragicalness of the moment you realise the real, is equal to the ‘murder’ of your old self and the acceptance of your diversity, by your own self. Nevertheless, it is always accompanied by salvation; Catharsis, […]”**

c u r r e n t  +  f u t u r e  steps: Various readings, events’ attendance and visits, series or lack of thoughts, as well as numerous moments of conversations have helped in forming a new ‘ invisible image’ (a.k.a. Vision) of the project’s and its next presentation’s ‘timbre’. Some newcomers have given a wonderful enrichment of the Natural element inspiring c i r c e :the black cut:, and their artwork will be an honour to receive and present.
My deep thanks to the ones who helped me achieve [once again (?)] the murder of my old self.
Let us appreciate each moment of our Hours and understand there’s still so much to Learn within every new chamber we’re called to enter.

*insect (from Latin insectum, a calque of Greek ἔντομον [éntomon], “cut into sections”)
** “ANAMORPHOSIS; re-vision” [section: Concerning the Political in Art]
august – october 2012, anna stereopoulou ~ http://wp.me/p2zRWp-20

mmxv  :  j u n e

“(…) If there is something I am proud of, then it is the fact I am a human being with Brain and Heart; I am a living being with a Mind, interacting with other Minds.”

There is always a moment, or else, a grain of time, when each Mind pauses duration and looks at their path so far. Its end (beginning) might seem to disappear on the horizon, however, more paths blend with it, like branches of a tree; like smaller or neighboring rivers; like pulsing veins filled with life-giving blood.

The quoted introductory phrase is part of thoughts invited to be broadcast on the Doctore Xyramat radio show, on Friday, July 10th, on Freies Sender Kombinat [Hamburg, Germany], starting at 23:00 CET. Sound has and will always be my Voice and the ‘Medium’ through which I owe to express and communicate my needs, my views and any common-sense shouts. A further analysis of the term “common-sense” could easily be written, shared and discussed, but words and words and words have been already spoken. Yet, sometimes Sound cannot fully express the real meaning. So, more words and words and words have to come out clearly.
It will really be a pleasure if your time allows to listen to the above mentioned radio show and to some spoken thoughts about our era. If there is something more I am proud of, then, it is the fact I have the honour to have met all of you co-traveling within / around c i r c e :the black cut: and thus have the chance to have my Nous evolved in many aspects.
you can listen live on: http://www.fsk-hh.org/

c u r r e n t  steps: On Saturday, July 4th, dj LAPKAT from Australia will offer to the Athenian audience a special Poetic and Music live dj Set, at the Kreuzberg urban.culture.bar. The event is part of the project, but it would never had been achieved without the help of Malina from Chimeres blog (communication sponsor of the live dj set). Many thanks also to Kostis (from the bar) for his kindness and collaboration, but, of course, also to Lisa Greenaway (LAPKAT) for visiting Greece and honouring us with her Sounds’ and Lyrics’ selections. [more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/861872730570360/ [free entry
update: july 14th 2015 ~ La Danza Poetica 033 Εμπιστοσύνη [Trust]: http://wp.me/p1wG2S-1th

f u t u r e  steps: As explained on the top of the present article, the word alda means wave (in old Norse). Alda will soon have a Voice, too. More about this will be posted here, at july : alda note ~
At this stage I would also like to thank special educator and neuropsychologist, Mr. Stratos Ladopoulos for accepting to offer his knowledge about beekeeping, through an interview recently taken, and on the occasion of the New Open Call and the BEES Theme connecting all project’s themes, during 2015-2016. The interview was taken during May – June 2015 and it is offered as a further and more detailed inspiration source for anyone interested in participating with an ArtWork (or other) in /during the new phase (2015-2016) of the project c i r c e :the black cut:
…It is available (in Greek) at the following link: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-uC


mmxv  :  m a y

the end…*

c u r r e n t  steps: The album c i r c e :the black cut: by Anna Stereopoulou was released on May 30th, 2015. You can listen to it and find credit and analysis information on the following BandCamp link (attached below), as well as reading more about it, on the following article: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-t2

A simple ‘word’ like Ευχαριστώ!, to many Souls, will never be enough…

f u t u r e  steps: A Meet-Up, where we will discuss about the album, the project’s route so far, the artists and networks participating and encouraging, is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th, starting at 6pm (5pm CET) at the AthenStyle Youth Hostel. A full programme, including times, links, guests (visiting -or- viaSkype) can be found on the following embedded .pdf file: CIRCE_TheBlackCut_OpenCall_MeetUp_2015_ENG_ELL

[update: June 12th 2015]: Online Announcement of the New International Open Call ~ Theme: BEES
Application Deadline: September 28th, 2015 · info follows below
[english] · CIRCE_TheBlackCut_InternationalOpenCall_2015_ENG
[ελληνικά] · CIRCE_TheBlackCut_InternationalOpenCall_2015_ELL

…is the beginning*

*[‘fly, me’ script_anna.stereopoulou_jan2011]

mmxv  :  a p r i l

What is Freedom?

What is Feeling?

The above words are two nouns regularly used in a spoken or written language. Their definition can be found in various dictionaries and grammar books, as well as on many monitors (..screens), walls or old (paper) notes.
The question, however, remains the same; What have we been taught about these words and how do we experience them?

c u r r e n t  steps: Adding some final colours on the album of « circe :the black cut: » which will be released on Saturday, 30th of May 2015.
You can here Listen to the trailer, as well as downloading it free…

~ Trailer released on the 25th of April, commemorating scientist and inventor, Guglielmo Marconi‘s birthday (1874–1937). G.Marconi is considered one of the fathers of Radio Communication -alongside Nikola Tesla and Nathan Stubblefield- and thus, the present track is offered free …as Waves of any form are.
~ The album’s Trailer can also be Sensed as an alternative entry to a chamber, visited by the Weaver (listener) during the course of the Film (album), through a door they are not Seen to open. The film is already released; you just have to re-release it within you to watch. Enjoy the waves ~

: trailer credits :
Music Composed, Arranged, Produced by Anna Stereopoulou | Female Vocals: Somali Panda* | Male Vocals: Labros Kantzos* | Recitation: Luca Colella** | Violoncello: Elsa Papeli | El. Double Bass: Alexander Trampas* | Piano, Hammond Organ, Synth: Anna Stereopoulou
*Improvisations on given keys, technique, atmosphere, vowels /words [Indian Classical Pattern of Singing: S. Panda / Traditional Epirotic Lament (Gk; Moirolói): A. Trampas, A. Stereopoulou
**Introduction (excerpt) of Giordano Bruno’s ‘Cantus Circaeus’ [‘The Incantation of Circe; aimed at memory practice’, 1582 /ed.: John Regnault]

f u t u r e  steps: In the beginning of June 2015, just a few days after the album’s release, the launch of the new Call will take place in Athens (gr). The meeting will consist of some brief presentation of the project’s steps so far, the participants’ work, the presentation of the supporting international networks and the announcement of the new Open Call. We will also have the opportunity to discuss -in person or via Skype- with some of the people involved in the project or representing the network(s).
Further details of the Meeting (date, time, venue, guests) will be announced later this month; all details -including the Call- will also be shared online, for those not being able to attend the meeting.
· updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381982898797628/

mmxv  :  m a r c h


«CIRCE :The Black Cut:» launch meeting, March 31st, 2014 @Home Kitchen, Athens, GR | Skype meeting with guest, Mr. Dario Vergani, representative of Different Music & (He)art of the Event | Left – Right: Leonarda M., Michael M., Kostas A., Giorgos F., HomeKitchen friend, Gabriel R., Panayiotis, Dimitris P., Manos, Sakis I., Labros K., Anna S. / Skype guests: Susanne Kirchmayr [female:pressure], Dario Vergani / off-camera: Anna C., Spyros T., Athena G., Nikos S., Jordan A. / Video-Camera: Elli Dakanali | Camera-Photography: Apostolis Dakoulas / ACT Photography

On Monday, March 31st, 2014, the launch meeting of «circe :the black cut:» took place in Athens (GR). I remember myself preparing all information and posts made available online and all details that had to be taken care of for the meeting. I also remember my father’s note wishing «Godspeed! to the new journey» and some of the people who were ‘brave’ enough -from the very beginning- to believe in and encourage a new-born family’s route to the unknown.
I recently attended a theatrical play, titled «Immanuel Kant», inspired by the work and life of this German -Prussian born- philosopher. What moved me deeply towards the end of the play, was a kind reminder of one of the actors’ about how all of our differences make us all be equal and One.
March is one of the months of the year, during which people ‘have decided’ to celebrate or commemorate various concepts, diseases, historical facts. We all use these dates -in a small or big extend- or make up our own, to draw the path of our life. On March 31st, 2014 I could had felt disappointed why did not more people, more women, less smokers, more non-Greeks or more name-your-“category” (sic) attended the launch meeting, but feeling like that would had been a mistake, in my opinion. Free Choice is one of the strongest rights of Humans, as much as Free Expression. Solidarity is a sacred word and it is wiser to be expressed through action, rather than be simply spoken. Our times is part of mankind’s history and both women and men face many difficulties. Western lifestyle and philosophy is just one of the many ‘systems’ breathing on Earth and in the Universe. The moment we really understand each other, the moment we discover each Woman’s Power and each Man’s Sensitivity, we will be able to celebrate Life every day, every hour, every Moment.

c u r r e n t  steps: Certain quotes inspired a year ago (such as «Sound is Ariadne’s helping thread», «decoding a sonic glance» and more) or creations that came to life during these 12 past months (such as «Galanthus» composition and «Vuelo Libre» family album) prove to be some of the most inspirational milestones to form and currently be guiding the completion of the album of «circe :the black cut:». Still, what remains the most important ingredient is Feeling. We still have miles ahead to walk, experience, learn, remember…

f u t u r e  steps: I recently had the opportunity to be contacted by wonderful person and legendary radio producer Major Tom LIVE, who is wishing to be continuing his dream of presenting the work of many -worldwide- artists. I couldn’t fight my desire to invite him on board so, anyone involved in the Radio field, is welcome to contact him and offer him a slot /radio show. «Major Tom live» is not just a name… it is a concept, a passion, a soul determined to make more souls sound Louder! I personally thank him once again!
I also want to thank Doctore Xyramat and Eugenia Spiliotopoulou, two admirable women, who have helped me a lot to express more timbres of my Voice, as well as exceptional tenor, Christos Stasinopoulos for giving me the chance to recently enjoy his talent also as an actor; a man whose sincere expression of Emotions is a bright example.
STEPsBeyond is the second mix of the CIRCE podcast series and it is available to listen on the following MixCloud link: https://www.mixcloud.com/annastereo/stepsbeyond-circemix02/
Including music by Whodoes, Elefo, Xyramat, Pink Floyd, Jennifer Eberhardt, Anna Stereopoulou,. alt-J, Ilias Charis.
Music also from «Vuelo Libre» Family Album and the playlist of the project «Sonic Cross-Cultural Exchanges – between Women Artists in Zambia and Zimbabwe and Global Listeners» by Radio Continental Drift.
CIRCE Mix02 MixCloud Cover Image includes Jennifer Eberhardt «Hunting» album promo material. Photography (birds) taken by Jennifer Eberhardt. Used with the kind permission of the artist.
Track «Every Other Freckle» ( by alt-J) was selected by Iliana P. Many thanks to Nickos and Iliana for hosting our voices to their radio show «Metrontas os to akyro» [Μετρώντας ως το άκυρο /Counting to ιnvalidity]

mmxv : f e b r u a r y

February has been a quite awkward month; for many reasons, for many of us. The good thing is that certain events, incidents, results have created a sense of gap, but, writing such a thing can be confusing, already. However, the positive side of the term “gap” is always reflected through a long breath of relief. Whatever that means, again… There have been times I wonder whether my written thoughts in the present alda notes are of any help to anyone visiting to read and get an update. But, since I was asked to continue this form of diary, as well as the same style of writing, I must also thank the ones who did it. Because, though a ‘public exposure’ of personal worries, I’ve managed to find solutions, most of the times, just because I once-more realise that many of these worries are not ‘personal’ at all. We all share many common ideas, issues, hopes and dreams. So, yes.. February -including all time after the Concert Premiere in IRIS Cinema Theatre (Dec.21, 2014)- has been an essential ‘gap’ during which I had the chance to think, work, study and develop the composition of the work. So, here we are.. the album of «circe :the black cut:» will be released within Spring 2015. The date will be announced. But, until then, a taste of it is available for anyone interested: Nectar 0.165” is  a thematic proem to the album and to the whole project itself. (more details on the “current steps” section).

c u r r e n t  steps: There has been a long time since I dreamt a specific scene. I knew that dream has been -and still is- one of the main motivations (whether subconsciously or not) to ‘build’ and develop «circe :the black cut:». The ‘right’ time to try and approach that dream location and atmosphere would eventually arrive. So, “decoding a sonic glance” can -also- mean something like that…

Nectar 0.165” holds an equally important place within the project, as Galanthus composition (2014), which I am happy to announce that the latter is invited to be presented in the Parachute Light Zéro ACT II [March 21st & 22nd /Paris, FR], in which many interesting and pioneer artworks from many countries will also form the festival’s programme, which will soon be available here: www.gabrielotero.com/parachute-light-zéro/com

Also, on Wednesday, March 11th, Nickos and Iliana have kindly allowed me to invite myself on their radio show “Metrontas os to akyro” (Μετρώντας ως το άκυρο /Counting to ιnvalidity). This is a unique and worth listening show, so you are welcome to tune in radio StoPerithorio [click on LISTEN LIVE! button] at 20:00 [19:00 CET] and enjoy a chat including news about “circe” and other projects’ open calls, female:pressure international network /database, as well as various current matters of our world. The conversation will be in Greek, however, music to be included remains a universal language.
Also, un grande “Muchas Gracias” at the Spanish blog La Pasión Griega which recently hosted some news about the project, in a joint interview with visual artist /writer /poet, Jana Tziveleki, an inspirational and creative person and participant of the project. [you can read in español ~ english ~ ελληνικά]

f u t u r e  steps: A series of seminars to students of public schools (Greece) is scheduled and will take place from April onwards. We look forward to reminding ourselves what Free Thinking and Imagination mean. A warm thank to Evi Giamopoulou (pianist /music educator) and Barbara Koute for helping this effort. All details and updates (schools /dates /subjects discussed and offered) will be communicated in April 25th 2015 (new launch).

mmxv  :  j a n u a r y

During 2015 «c i r c e :the black cut:» will be focusing on Education and Nature /Environment, expressed through various ways and of course, through the Arts. A new Presentation is one of the key steps requested and intended to have organised again, but this time many factors should be reconsidered -such as precautions and much better conditions [space(s)’s temperature, a team of exhibition-hosts (welcoming /tour-guiding /music supervision), etc.] and wiser sharing of team-work’s tasks, which are essential for all artworks’ and participants’ /attendees’ safety, awareness and fulfillment.

c u r r e n t  steps: A recent collaboration with Association Concept Artgentin and Radio Continental Drift have given the opportunity to share and fuse many ideas together. More specifically:
• Association Concept Artgentin introduces Project 92; a worldwide collaboration work in progress, underlining the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant and the radiation risks planet Earth is exposed to. Open Call to be launched on March 11th, 2015.
FaceBook page | Official WebSite | Contact: Gabriel Otero [a.k.a. VJ Mushroom]
Radio Continental Drift is a mobile radio drama project focusing on spoken word, “dramatic field-recordings” and narratives, co-ordinated by travelling, London-based sound and media artist Claudia Wegener. One of its current collective audio radio projects is called “Sonic Cross-cultural Exchanges” and is part of The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi, an archive of life-story-telling by African women. More Information and Sounds are found at: https://soundcloud.com/radio-continental-drift
Any who may be interested in participating in the above projects is welcome to visit and contact the above links and names, respectively.
► Also, the CIRCE Mix -of the VUELO LIBRE Family Album (Dec15, 2015 /7MNS Music)- made by Australian spoken word and sound artist and broadcaster Lisa Greenaway (a.k.a. DJ LAPKAT) will be broadcast on Chimeres web radio, on Friday, February 6th, 2015, at 20:00 [C.E.T.].

f u t u r e  steps: As mentioned above, this year there will be an effort for more substantial and creative interaction with students and teachers, through seminars /workshops in which many areas of «c i r c e  :the black cut:»’s subjects will be introduced, including work by a remarkable Greek composer.
All steps will of course be published and shared and will function as part of the next Call -amongst current and new keywords and other info- to be launched in April 25th, 2015.

if interested, p l e a s e . . .
• browse through the a/v report of the first presentation (exhibition /concerts /dec2014) ~ http://wp.me/p2zRWp-or
• find all names and contact info of the Participants, Collaborators (education, science), Supporters (networks, radio, press) and Spaces involved ~ http://wp.me/p2zRWp-kC
• get informed about all steps and subject(s) at κίρκη : circe ~ section of the present blog
contact, in case of any queries or information request about «c i r c e  :the black cut:»

. . . k e e p  weaving ~

: you are also welcome to read some thoughts -following below- about the steps so far :

mmxv : january
to the Unknown land

On Monday, 31st of March 2014 «c i r c e  :the black cut:» started its journey. The launch took place in a small local café in the centre of Athens, where friends, and friends of friends accepted to attend the presentation and call.    …

I have been trying to continue writing a correct first «alda note» for the new year (2015). But, I find myself incapable of finding the correct words; the right definitions, terms or ..grammar. I remember myself as a young girl looking up in the world atlas discovering countries, cities, big and small lakes, mountains and rivers, and drawing on each one of them with different colour pencils. I was indicating rivers, lakes and coastlines with blue, mountains with brown, valleys with green. It was a way to remember names of locations and Geography was one of my favourite subjects, after Astronomy, Grammar /(texts’) Composition and Mathematics. Not all teachers had been inspirational or really loved their ‘job’.. They were actually facing teaching as a typical job, but who knows which factors made -and still make- some of them see it like that? (I wouldn’t have the answer to such a question when I was little…) After some years, I realised I can’t remember all places I had learned as a child. Where had all this knowledge in Geography gone? I feel ashamed about it some times; like a few days ago when I read one of the present blog’s visitors was from a country called New Caledonia. The name caught my attention immediately and I thought “where is this place?”. After I found its location I read a bit about its history and people. The country has a beautiful emblem and motto.. “Land of speech, land of sharing”.
[Thought #2: Why is word “New” included in the name of a land of Speech and Sharing..?]

How many Worlds do exist, really? How many of those are we aware of? What is the map oneself  draws in the mind when we hear or read the word World? How many countries, people, customs, ‘realities’ or planets do we ignore? We’ll never be able to learn all these names or visit these lands. But, we must at least remember there is still so much more to learn, meet, feel.

I also remember writing on the last «alda notes» for 2014 that I wanted to make a ..’statement’. Writing something like that, it is a ‘statement’ itself… which engaged me to do it and do it as fair as I can. That has to do with all work and help offered and /no matter all obstacles met so far and towards the completion of the 1st presentation, last December.
If I have to speak with numbers, then I have to mention that all people [(Female: 19 / Male: 50) approx.] participating in «c i r c e  :the black cut:» come from 25 countries, to date. What does this mean? Is -big-or-small- number what matters? I think not. However, the more minds working together, the more interesting and authentic the result. What do we define by ‘result’? Probably, each new step we make and feel we’ve gained something through every experience.
Another ‘numerical’ subject I’ve been feeling puzzled whether I should discuss or not is the logistics and the reason no financial support (a.k.a. sponsorship) was sought. I cannot hide that, although the budget was tiny, the specific discussion could abuse the purity on which the work is based. How could numbers ever be compared or exchanged with the Love, Trust, Help and Beauty we can create if we believe in each other?
How can an artist or any person decide the price (s)he can value their artwork(s), while we -artists or not- also share a part of responsibility for the underestimation or exploitation of the work offered (working hours, research, practice, composition, studio work, expenses, insurance, etc.) when we don’t claim our rights or say nothing when none credit (artist’s name /work’s title) is at least given? What about the treatment or deal agreed for a live music concert (not enough or appropriate technical equipment, sometimes harmful both for the audience and the performers /other safety rules violation) or the imprisoning -even extortionate I would dare call it- contract with a (major) record label that leads to question -in the best case- Why /How would someone continue making ..Art? This is not a perfect world we live in, it will never be and this is its actual Beauty; our persistence to make it perfect. And what is perfection, anyway..? It is each moment we try to balance all thoughts mentioned earlier with the microscopic detail and fact that -in the case of music and sound- waves are free..

So, this is one of the reasons no sponsorship was neither sought nor accepted. For money can -most of the times- mislead or limit our imagination; for Memory, Vision and Feeling can give enough encouragement to overcome unavoidable obstacles like the following ones (May – September 2014):
Could phrases like “we apologise, but the project is not consistent with the priorities of the educational strategy in compliance with (our institution)”, “I’m afraid, but I will have to break the law if I allow you to enter the school” or “sorry, but we only accept specific movement events” stop the efforts to reach the goal wished? I don’t think so… On the contrary; they can only give you more push and enforce your decision not to let your Dream get imprisoned to any category or incumbent-obligatory word. It is a way to remind yourself -once again- that none of your (common) goals would be accomplished without all people who really helped, but also Thank and reply “we keep weaving” to any who seems/-ed not to understand ‘what‘ «c i r c e  :the black cut:» is. It is Freedom and Feeling itself; it is an Idea; it is a Dream; it is Wave and Energy. And it surely is a realm in which no ‘scolding’ or hatred could ever fit. We owe to continue for everyone who is not able to understand. Just because, we are indeed All able to understand; but for many reasons, we’ve forgotten ‘how’ to do it… how to Listen or Feel ..Free. Nowadays, we tend to have no time or focus mostly on the negative side of things. We’re used in misery and oppression and it seems like we always look for ways to punish ourselves. This -in my opinion- is also ‘simple easiness’ and uncritical satisfaction -amongst other reasons- gained from repetitive failure, if we speak on a biological base noticed in most of us. But, how about -at least- remembering the positive feeling we experienced after we decided to reAct and speak out, play -or (really) listen to- some music, make a craftwork, say what we really feel/think, claim our rights or …Smile? This is not an easy task, at all… Happiness hurts (yes, it does), yet, do we like challenges or not? In other words, which is an artist’s role?
Yet… can we define Freedom? No, we can’t. It is up to each one of us to translate what Freedom is. It is up to each one of us to invent new symbols, words and terms, and decide if and how can we seek truth or find ways to research. How many times were we ordered not to Think or found ourselves banned from an educational system? How many and which academic ‘papers’ are demanded and how many (e-)books and (e-)libraries are really Open and to whom? Why texts, (divergent) thinking, imagination or alternative methods of teaching-learning are fought (and not, so much, fought for)? How many children have the privilege to attend Geography classes and enjoy drawing with colour pencils? How many women are treated in a fair , kind way -within or outside arts or work-  and …why do we have to feed this ‘war’ between genders, ages, career fields or nationalities? What is the actual difference between a man and a woman if we are all humans? Do we consider the damage done to both women and men by allowing the in-between division grow and not by appreciating the creativity blossom through a natural-healthy ‘clash’ /union of various different elements? What about remembering we are -just a- part of an ecosystem or a system called Solar or Universe..?Emblem_of_New_Caledonia.svg

All the above thoughts have found the inspiration and courage to be expressed because of the conversations made with many of our co-travelers and their replies to some questions sent during the last days of 2014, when their opinion and feedback was asked. For all these people and for many of our diverse wishes, this …Wave, Idea or Project cannot end. It tries to get developed as pure as it can. It wishes to plant and harvest a sincere and responsible area of information, creation and free-feeling exchange, through many different fields. «circe  :the black cut:» is just a name, no matter how oneself prefers translating it. Its Real identity is formed by and breathing through all individual and constantly-changing entities within a World that keeps wishing to be defined not… [a.s. : 4th of february, 2015]

images credits
[top] Unknown Artist [no intention for commercial use. please, contact if you have info about the image or if you are the creator]
[bottom] Emblem of New Caledonia by J.delanoy – Image:NC Armoires.gif [This vector image was created with Inkscape. Licensed under CC BY 1.0 via Wikimedia Commons]


c   i   r   c   e
: the black cut :
©Copyright, Anna Stereopoulou, 2014~2015~
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©
Official WebSite: annastereopoulou.gr


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