ad vivam flammam : single track ~ 2021

Ad Vivam Flammam (for Solo Celtic Lyre)
by Anna Stereopoulou
part of her sound-art ‘diptych’ alongside Hestia Fields

Independent Release: January 6th 2021
Available on
Style: Electro-acoustic, Psycho-acoustic, Dark Ambient / Archaic, Minimalism
Composed / Performed / Produced by Anna Stereopoulou© November 2020


«Ad Vivam Flammam» was composed by Anna Stereopoulou, in November 2020 and it is a Sonic Libation in honour of Roman Goddess VESTA, based on her attributes and symbolism (Con-Centration: fire / hearth / family), whilst its Latin title (“To the Living Flame”) is inspired by Ovid’s description of Goddess Vesta in his ‘Fasti’ (VI 291): “Nec tu aliud Vestam quam vivam intellige flammam (…)” [“Conceive of Vesta as naught but the living flame (…)”].
The work is performed using various techniques and articulation on the Celtic Lyre, used both as a String and Percussion instrument and tuned in the Phrygian Chromatic mode. Its mixing and development aim at creating an Orchestra shaped space, inside which the listener is invited to focus on the repetitive tuning ‘A’ (La) note, describing the (Living / Eternal) Flame.

«Ad Vivam Flammam» is the second part of Anna’s recent sound-art ‘diptych’ (after her «Hestia Fields» | Release: 30th December 2020). Both works have a meditative and social-cultural character and they compose a wish for Peace, Unity and Strength.
The present work is dedicated to the memory of Maria Moscholiou, the longest-serving High Priestess of the Olympic Flame ceremony at Ancient Olympia (Greece), who died on 25 November 2020.



«Hestia Fields» was composed by Anna Stereopoulou between September-October 2020, and it serves as an ode to ancient Greek Goddess HESTIA.

Released on 30 December 2020, as part of the «Contemporary Dilemma» Compilation by 1TrackTape Records [blue series]

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All music composed, performed and produced by
Anna Stereopoulou©2020 | AEAEA Studio, Athens

A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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