into the land of ice and fire (ost) ~ 2023

Into The Land Of Ice And Fire
Music by Anna Stereopoulou
from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
of the feature documentary film by Dimitra Zirou

Genre: Cinematic, Electronica, World
Style: Ambient, Space, Experimental
Independent Production & Digital Release: 6 February 2023
On the occasion of ‘Samenes Nasjonaldag‘ (Sámi National Day)
Available to Listen & Download:

Best Original Music Award | 16th DocFest (November 2022, Chalkis, Greece)

To composer Anna Stereopoulou for «Into the land of Ice and Fire» film by Dimitra Zirou. Because it offers profundity and poetic parameters to this special film by Dimitra Zirou.” – the film jury of the 16th Greek Documentary Film Festival – Chalkis


On the 6th of February 2023, Anna Stereopoulou releases the music she composed for the documentary film «Into The Land Of Ice And Fire» (Directed by Dimitra Zirou / Production: Bad Crowd, 2021). The film, which won the BEST MUSIC Award (“to composer Anna Stereopoulou”) at the 16th Greek Documentary Film Festival (Chalkis), is inspired by the contemporary life of the indigenous people inhabiting the European arctic region, the Sámi, widely and wrongly known as Lapp.

The Music is an Analogue & Acoustic Ritual, aiming to a general Unity of the Elements of Nature, through the Contrasts indicated by the title itself; namely, Ice & Fire, and consequently, Stillness (eg. arctic tundra) & Motion (eg. northern lights), Past & Future, Analogue Synthesizers & Traditional Percussion and Wind musical instruments. Musical themes (melodies – rhythms) and Psycho-acoustic timbres flow alongside the Seasons’ Transitions, as a parallel to the Shamanistic imitation of animal and nature sounds, and highlighted through the Human Voice (Sara’s Chanting and Storytelling in Tracks 5 and 8, respectively).
The Music Soundtrack Album (of total length: 24’37”) is available on the official BandCamp channel the composer (; an independent release, on the occasion of the celebrations ofSamenes Nasjonaldag‘ (Sámi National Day).


• Electric Piano: YAMAHA P60
• Analogue Synthesizers: KORG microKorg, Volca Kick
• Traditional Percussion: Bendir, Arbani (w/ Handmade Mallets & Sticks / various techniques)
• Traditional & Handmade Shakers / Wind Chimes and Bells (various)
• Tin Whistle recorder in D
• Shell in Eb
(All tracks) Performed, Recorded by Anna Stereopoulou

• Chanting (Track 5) and Storytelling (Track 8)
Performed / Spoken by Sara Tornensis Bongo
Recorded by Dimitra Zirou (as heard in the original soundtrack of the film)

Soundtrack Analysis (Information & Photos):

Into The Land Of Ice And Fire (Original Soundtrack)
Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Anna Stereopoulou© | AEAEA Studio, Athens 2021, 2023
Artwork: Eleni Karali©
Cover Photography: Sara Tornensis Bongo – film still by Dimitra Zirou©


Into The Land Of Ice And Fire
from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the
Documentary Film Written & Directed by DIMITRA ZIROU (2021)

01 | Guovddeš Geassi / Midsummer | 01:11
02 | Full Moon | 00:55
03 | Coffee Ritual At Láavu | 01:26
04 | Summer Nature | 01:29
05 | Sara’s Chanting At Church | 01:28
06 | Dálvi / Winter | 00:32
07 | Sad School Memories | 00:45
08 | Northern Light Storytelling (Main Theme) | 04:53
09 | Deer Hunting Lesson | 01:15
10 | End Of Season | 00:36
11 | Gálaniitu German Occupation Memory | 02:29
12 | Nubbi Geassi / Next Summer | 00:58
13 | Ice Fishing | 01:28
14 | Summer River | 00:59
15 | Family Knife Lesson | 00:57
16 | Giitu / Thank You (Closing Credits / Main Theme) | 03:08
Total Length: 24’37”


An ethnographic documentary by Dimitra Zirou
with Sara Tornensis Bongo and Mihka Sokki Balto

Script / Cinematography / Direction: Dimitra Zirou
Additional Cinematography & Drones: Jan Helmer Olsen / Ken Are Bongo
Editing: Vangelis Katsiyannis
Original Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Anna Stereopoulou
Mikha’s theme Composed, Performed, Produced by Peder Niilas Tårnesvik
Mihka’s Yoik Lyrics Written, Performed, Produced by Kajsa Sogn Balto
Sara’s Yoik Lyrics Written & Performed by Bella – Berit Karen J. Gaino
Sound Design – Mixing: Kostas Fylaktidis | Tone Studio
Colour Grading: Yannis Zaharoyannis | Graal
Graphic Designer – Credits: Eleni Karali | Mushroom Design Group

Production: Bad Crowd |
Producers: Nikos Moustakas, Nancy Kokolaki
Executive Producer (Norway) & Sámi Advisor: Asta Mitkija Balto
Co-production: ERT, Greek Film Centre, Isme Film, Bandur Film
With the support of: Creative Europe MEDIA, Arts Council Norway and Fritt Ord Foundation
Co-producers: Ingvild Skage, Dragan Ivanovic
Format: DCP | Color
Greece, Norway | 2021 | 95΄
Thessaloniki Goes to Cannes 2021 | Official Selection

Film Screenings, Photos, Updates:

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Anna Stereopoulou | AEAEA Studio
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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