hestia fields : «contemporary dilemma» compilation ~ 2020

Hestia Fields
by Anna Stereopoulou
part of her sound-art ‘diptych’ alongside ‘Ad Vivam Flammam’

Participation in the «Contemporary Dilemma» Compilation by 1TrackTape Records [blue series] | https://1tracktape.bandcamp.com

Name of Artist: Anna Stereopoulou
Name of Track: Hestia Fields
Style: Psycho-acoustic, Neoclassical, Noise
Release: 30th December 2020

About Hestia Fields composition

«Hestia Fields» was composed by Anna Stereopoulou between September-October 2020, and it serves as an ode to ancient Greek Goddess HESTIA, inspired by her attributes and symbolism (Con-Centration: fire / hearth / family), or else, a wish for Unity and Strength. The work is part of the composer’s sound-art ‘diptych’, alongside «Ad Vivam Flammam» composition [release: 06 January 2021 | https://annastereo.bandcamp.com/] in honour of Hestia and Vesta Goddesses (Greek and Roman Mythology, respectively).

«The idea of getting inspired by Hestia Goddess, was born in Summer 2020, and during my correspondence with Chef, DJ, and dear friend, Spyros Tavianatos who was working in Santorini (Thira) island, at that time. Our conversations about the restriction measures set -in almost all sectors, worldwide- against Covid-19, and our common love for Music and Nature, helped me find the way back in staying focused on my Goal with a clear and strong Mind and Body!
HESTIA FIELDS worships the attributes of Hestia Goddess, as I imagined her (me) harvesting wine grapes from Thira’s volcanic earth and preparing a meal for the guests and Friends & Family to welcome them in my purified Home; into my Soul
» ~ Anna Stereopoulou | 31 December 2020

ANNA STEREOPOULOU: Electric Piano, Analog Synthesizer, Mixing
SPYROS aka FAKE: (Mobile) Field Recordings (Thira island, Greece)

Available to LISTEN and DOWNLOAD on the «Contemporary Dilemma» Compilation [blue series of 1TrackTape Records], HERE:

About Contemporary Dilemma compilation

The present compilation consists of works by 20 Greek artists (+2 bonus tracks with the complete album download), following below, as they were invited by Dimitris Tsironis for 1TrackTape Records:

«(…) These two hours are full of great ideas that twenty (plus two “hidden”) musicians recorded exclusively for this collection. The modern dilemma concerns the non-resignation of a creator, no matter how strangely directed the external environment that envelops and drowns us all. These Greek contemporary artists respond with the best recorded material I have heard for years and produce an improvised and formless music scene genre. I hear them now that the project is completed after four months and I wonder if the moment of communication was so important or just random. We like the random case and enjoy it in what we call experimental music
Dimitris Tsironis, September – December 2020

Artists’ Names [in Tracks’ order]: 6daEXIt / Dimitris Kamarotos / Agamemnon Moustakas / Anna Stereopoulou / Able Noise / Lefteris Papadimitriou / Dimos Vryzas / Stelios Mihas / Γιάννης Αράπης (Yiannis Arapis) / The Zyklons / Byron Katritsis / Vassilis Roupas / I broke the vase / Trouble Sleep / Σπαταλώ χρόνο (Spatalo Chrono) / Pol Potter / Alexandros Drymonitis / Poly-temporal Prosthetics / Consciousness Federation / Sylvia Crystal

You can LISTEN to the whole album, HERE

About Ad Vivam Flammam composition

Ad Vivam Flammam (for Solo Celtic Lyre)
by Anna Stereopoulou
part of her sound-art ‘diptych’ alongside Hestia Fields
Independent Release: January 6th 2021
Available on https://annastereo.bandcamp.com/
Style: Electro-acoustic, Psycho-acoustic, Dark Ambient / Archaic, Minimalism
Composed / Performed / Produced by Anna Stereopoulou© November 2020

READ Full Info + Credits: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-1dM

Available to LISTEN and DOWNLOAD, HERE

Anna Stereopoulou
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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