e r o s : circe family work ~ 2016

a Family Album of the
« c i r c e :the black cut: » project
released on 7MNS Music

13artists ~ 10tracks ~ 3schools

The album EROS [/ˈɪərɒs/ (Gk. Ἔρως, “Love”) / etymology /Gk. eroee, noun (ἐρωή); eroeo eromai, verb active – passive (ἐρωέω – ἔραμαι)] is part of the project « circe :the black cut: » and it is compiled by its founder and composer, Anna Stereopoulou. Being the third CIRCE Family Album [after the release of “Vuelo Libre” (December 2014) and “VOX” (December 2015)], “EROS” consists of 10 tracks composed by artists who responded to Phases 01 and 02 of that year’s International Open Call of the project [June – November 2016], as well as excerpts of sound recorded interviews of the students of the Primary Schools of Amorgos island (Greece), during Anna’s visit and presentation of her FEELMUSIC seminars to the schools [October 3rd – 6th, 2016].
The 2nd Phase of the project (2015), offers the chance to the artists to choose one -or more- of the offered Texts (given as Answers to the Questionnaire – Phase 1 of the Call), as well as any of the Observation Data collected by SatNOGS Network, guest project of CIRCE The Black Cut CALL 2016. [CALL info: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Hv%5D.
In that that way, ‘microcosmos‘; i.e. our Soul [Memories, Dreams and Questions expressed through the Texts] and ‘macrocosmos‘; i.e. Space [Signals received through SatNOGS Network] get Unified and give Birth to New. Nature is present through Matter and Energy. It constantly gets reborn, like our Visions; like the Trees; like the Stars. ‘EROS’ represents and expresses the sparkle needed to ignite Art, or else, Techne – Τέχνη [Ancient Greek: (tékʰnɛː); from Tikto (Gk. τίκτω; give birth)]. It is a virtue both of Momentum, Urge and of Time-of-Silence (needed for Maturation). It cannot be absent from our Route. It is a Feeling and, thus, a sign of Life and a challenge to face our own strength, our fears, our dreams.

According to Hesiod’s ‘Theogony’, “at first, Blue Chaos (sky) came to be, but next came Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros”. The Ancient Eros; the most ancient and venerable of all other gods. It also forms a “mythological foundation” of bliss, however, an agitated one. [Πρώτα εγεννήθη το Γαλάζιο Χάος (ουρανός) και δεύτερος, ο Έρως, επί της Γαίας. Έρως Παλαιός. Πρεσβύτερος και σεβαστός όλων των θεών. Αποτελεί δε, “μυθολογικόν θεμέλιον”, ευδαιμονίας πλην όμως ταρασσόμενης (…)]
EROS, according to Diotima* [ancient Greek female philosopher and tutor of Socrates], is the medium connecting all ends; it is a drive preserving knowledge. It helps each being to Express and Be-Come, anew and infinitely.
EROS is the state of being in Love and in Balance with our Soul; with our Nature; with our Universe.

The album is available on Seven Moons (which is supporting the project since its launch, March 2014) as Digital Format and Free Downloading.
Full Credits & Information about the 3rd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut (2016) is available on the following link: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-IO

Tracks List
01. I Have Purpose – 3bc & Keith Kofron
02. Becoming – Dixie Treichel
03. Cosmic Water – Francis Etto
04. Moon Woman Circle – nobodisoundz
05. Tekmor – Archaios
06. Wild Side Of Electrical Reactions – flaub
07. Light Shadows – nobodisoundz
08. Soul Of The Planet – Canary Burton
09. Catharsis – 3bc, Asymmetroi Faroi & Marina Muhlfriedel
10. Aeaea Nova – Anna Stereopoulou

Digital Album ~ Free Download
Release: December 21st, 2016 on 7MNS Music ~ https://sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/eros-ref-029
License: Creative Commons [some rights reserved (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-ncsa/4.0/)]
Style: Acoustic, Ambient, Art Music, Cinematic, Drone, Electronica, Experimental, Field Recordings, Glitch, Metal, Modern Classical, Noise, Rock, Space Sounds, Spoken, Techno, World Music
Full Length: 01:18:37
Album Layout by Anna Stereopoulou | special Thanks to Evdokia Kovaiou [Ευδοκία Κωβαίου], student of the Nursery School of Arkessini (Amorgos island, Greece), for her Knowledge and Inspiration.

EROS Album has come to life thanks to the artistic contribution of the following artists [a-z], coming all from various countries from around the world:

ARTISTS of ‘EROS’ CIRCE Family Album
3bc a.k.a. Don Cook [USA] + Asymmetroi Faroi (a.k.a. Giorgos Paraskevopoulos & Stathis Karampatsos) [Greece] + feat. Marina Muhlfriedel [USA]
3bc a.k.a. Don Cook [USA] + Keith Kofron [USA]
Archaios a.k.a. Ioannis Zotos Pollatos & Alexandros Diogenis [Greece]
Canary Burton [USA]
Francis Etto a.k.a. Francisco Soares [Brasil]
flaub a.k.a. Fernando Laub [Argentina /Austria]
nobodisoundz a.k.a. Philippe Neau [France]
Anna Stereopoulou + Students of Primary Schools of Amorgos island [Arkessini, Aegialis (Lagkada), Katapola] + Local Band of Traditional Music (Amorgos) [Greece]
Dixie Treichel [USA]

CIRCE The Black Cut | CALL 2016 Material offered to the Artists
• Phase 01 – TEXTS [(anonymous) Answers of Questionnaire]:
• Phase 02 – CALL: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Hv

SatNOGS Network Data | Observation Data
• LIST: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/

FIELD RECORDINGS by Anna Stereopoulou | LOCATIONS in AMORGOS Island, Greece [Heard in track No. 10]
• Interviews and Echolocation Workshops with the Students of the Primary Schools of AMORGOS Island | October 3rd – 6th, 2016 [Primary School of Aegialis (Lagkada), Primary School of Arkessini, Primary School of Katapola]
• Local Traditional Music Ensemble live concert during the Celebration Day of Pastelli (Nougat sweet) | August 21st, 2016
• Sea Sounds (Katapola, various locations) | August 2016


Sea Waves at Katapola, Amorgos island, Greece | image by annAStereo, October 2016


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