c i r c e : the black cut ~ alda notes ~ mmxiv

   c  i  r  c  e  
: the black cut :

by anna stereopoulou
decoding · a · sonic · glance


a diary of the project’s steps through time and space
including information about the people participating and the inspiration being exchanged


: april 30th 2014 :

c i r c e :the black cut: was launched in March 31st, 2014. Its first meeting took place at Home Kitchen (Athens, GR), where the composer Anna Stereopoulou discussed about the subject and various possible ways of its development. The presentation was kindly recorded by the culture website CameraStyloOnline [Camera – Editing: Elli Dakanali] and the attached video excerpt is available to watch [scroll down to find video player / english subtitles included / kindly proofread by Bezdomny Dotcom]. The participation call aims in inviting artists, scientists and anyone interested in collaborating with the composer, as well as presenting the work of many artists and art networks, encouraging collaborations between them. Both a series of performances and a special presentation are being scheduled. [read more details at the following link: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-f9%5D ] Within less than a month, and thanks to the help of two of the supporting networks, 7MNS Music and female:pressure spreading the word, the following people have expressed their interest in getting involved [a-z] / [updated: December 08, 2014]:
Noora Alshoweir
~ Charles Antony ~ Elektra Apostola ~ Asymmetroi Faroi ~ Aza ~ Ana BéjarTirtha Bhattacharjee ~ Diego Carneiro ~ Chaosmonger /Nicola Piovesan ~ Ilias Charis ~ Howe ChengElli Dakanali ~ Apostolis Dakoulas ~ Yianna DellatollaJennifer Eberhardt ~ ElefoZaphiris Epaminondas ~ Erissoma ~ Francis Etto ~ dj Eve LysFutzi Bend ~ Godafoss /Carlos Suero ~ Hechem El Jed ~ HuixtralizerKaterina Iliopoulou ~ JJ Pallis ~ Stathis KampylisArion KhedhiryNikos Kleitsos ~ Eli Kritharaki ~ Labros DragonSunStratos LadopoulosLapkat ~ Tonia MaganiotiKatie Mavromati ~ Michael MazisStefanos Michael ~ Nobodi Soundz ~ Eleni PanayiotouSomali Panda ~ Tuna Pase ~ Premendu Bikash Chaki ~ Gabriel RemoNickos Roumpakis /lamδa/Dimitris SamirChris Silver T ~ SkruSonic CrimeSpyros aka Fake ~ Kyriakos TsoukalasJana TzivelekiMaria VarouchaVassiliki ~ ViewgazerKonstantino Vlastarakis ~ Vortex Count ~ Whodoes ~ Χyramat ~
Discussions are also being made for a collaboration with primary and secondary level students [Music School (Greece) and AmaZonArt (Educational Youth Orchestra – Brazil)], while a special educator has agreed to offer information about the scientific aspect of the project’s research. It is indeed quite inspiring and auspicious to have on board people from many (arts) fields, sending their voice from all over the world. Various sonic glances from the following countries are helping to form an ecumenical and team-creation perspective [updated: December 01, 2014]:
~ Australia ~ Brazil ~ Britain ~ Cyprus ~ EcuadorEgypt ~ Estonia ~ France ~ Germany ~ Greece ~ India ~ Italy ~ Japan ~ MexicoSaudi Arabia ~ Spain ~ Syria ~ Sweden ~ Taiwan ~ Tibet ~ Tunisia ~ Turkey ~ United States ~

[More voices are welcome, so, please, feel free to contact in case of interest. You are also very welcome to contact the artists and networks mentioned above if you like their work.]

As explained in the analysis of c i r c e :the black cut: [information: eng | ελλ], the project’s 1st short Sonic Taste was presented on Friday, April 25th 2014 (Support Act at the Chaostar concert / Fuzz club, Athens). That event -or else, the celebration of the project’s first presentation steps- would not had been such a wonderful experience without the help of the following friends and artists:
· Christos Antoniou (composer) – for the invitation to open the Chaostar’s concert
· Siva Six (music duo) – for also supporting the Chaostar’s concert
· Stefanos Hatzakis (sound engineer) – for taking care of the sound
· Jon Simvonis (film director) – for drawing wonderful lights to the performance
· Zaphiris Epaminondas ‎ (cinematographer) – for his advice in the lighting design
· ACT photography, Tilemachos Kouklakis, S & D Photography [Sofia Theodorou & Dimitris Balabakis], Dionisis Tsepas  and dBookies – for capturing some of the event’s most atmospheric moments as well as the venue’s crew for their help [Alex & Dionysis, the sound blokes: Michalis and Alexis (for ‘rolling’ the tape) and the girls upstairs]
You can read some reports in English [Metalpaths Webzine (by Thodoris Tsiolakis)] & RockPages and in Greek [Rock Overdose (by I. T.), Rockway (by Yiannis Fragkos)] & I-jukebox (by Tilemachos Kouklakis).

circe : 1st  sonic taste [w/ chaostar @ fuzz athens | april 25 | photo: dBookies]

circe : 1st sonic taste [w/ chaostar @ fuzz athens | photo: dBookies]

: instrumentation :
(during the live performance at fuzz)
Piano / Rotary Pedal / Live Electronics / Tape / Sea-Shell (in Eb)

: may 24th 2014 :

recent  s t e p:
Project Premiere
at PIANO CITY festival
[May 17th 2014 / Milano, IT]

: instrumentation :
(during the live performance at piano city)
Pianoforte (3/4 Coda) / Monotron Duo & Monotron Delay (analogue ribbon synthesizers) / Drone Lab V2 (4 voice analog drone synth, rhythm generator and FX processor) / Laptop

For the concert in Milano I would like to thank all festival’s crew (including Matteo, Andrea and Tomasso) and organisers, as well as the artistic director Mrs. Paola Dallolio for inviting me to present my work again this year. The meeting with PIANO CITY Milano would never had happened without Mr. Dario Vergani‘s (Different Music) initial suggestion in 2013, whom I also have to thank for filming the performance. Quite lucky, too, to be able to (f)use live a hand-made Drone Lab V2, kindly borrowed by George Florakis (radio producer /artist). A big thank also to my beloved ‘sister’ and ‘brothers’ Laura de Bernardi. Tommi and Andrea for traveling all the way from Gavirate to attend the concert, as well as all people (including Micol S. Cipriani and Maria Serra) who shared those touching music moments of the project’s premiere in such a wonderful space within nature. I must not omit mentioning the wonderful artist (composer /pianist) Mr. Ludovico Einaudi for honouring me with his presence among the audience.


current  s t e p: Brazil – Greece [May – June 2014]
building an educational bridge between the two countries.
A presentation of the AmaZonArt educational youth orchestra, its founder and musician, Diego Carneiro and his possible visit in Greece (Autumn 2014), can be found here: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-iu


: june 30th 2014 :

During April-May 2014, the participation at the MAARBLE «SOUNDS OF SPACE» Musical Composition Contest gave me the opportunity to have access to various beautiful Space Sounds “compiled through the Canadian Array for Realtime Investigations of Magnetic Activity (CARISMA) data”. All participants were asked to compose an electroacoustic music piece -mostly- consisted of those sounds and thus, obtain further knowledge on the specific subject, as well as helping the MAARBLE Outreach project’s effort in spreading its research. As a result, the music piece «Galanthus» was born, which now holds an important place in the « c i r c e :the black cut: » project and research and showcases the wish that more Melodic elements are needed to be performed nowadays and in Higher Frequencies. Galanthus plant is said to have been an antidote against Circe’s poisonous drugs (Greek mythology). Mother -planet- Earth; i.e. Nature is the greatest teacher and healer, through close observation and listening of its functions and miracles found within its microcosm and macrocosm, we are invited to Learn.

Detailed information about the composition, the MAARBLE Outrech project, the winners of the contest and the various Space Sound types you can read at the following links: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-j6 and http://www.maarble.eu/outreach/index.php/multimedia/sounds-of-space%5D I would like to thank Dr. Ioannis A. Daglis [Space physicist, Coordinator of the MAARBLE project and Professor of the University of Athens] -for offering all this important information-, Dr. Eleni Chatzichristou [Astrophysicist, Outreach officer of the MAARBLE project, Director of Education & Development at the College of Rhodes] -for her helpful interest in replying various queries-, as well as Dr. Nektaria Adaktilou [Special Teaching Assistant, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens] -for informing me about the SPACE of SOUNDS Musical Composition Contest. «Galanthus» composition -following- was released on June 27th 2014 and is free to listen & download …and you are also welcome to read about various feelings & images created during its audition, as shared by various friends, before any of the specific information was even published. Let us hope we will all remember our ability to see with ‘different’ eyes and distinguish our voice. Let us remember we should really listen to our Soul and the ones Next to Us.


recent  s t e p: Collaboration with musician and radio host, Xyramat, who will be happy to present music of female artists on her monthly radio show “Doctore Xyramat” at Freies Sender Kombinat [Hamburg]. Please, do not hesitate to contact her, if you would like to have your art broadcast, or to invite her to present a Live Performance or a Dj-set. current  s t e p: organising forthcoming presentations and commissions [worldwidevarious artists / autumn 2014 – winter 2014-2015]. Plus, one more educational bridge -between Greece and a non-European country- is on the way. Soon, more details.


: july 31st 2014 :

July 2014 has brought some new people along c i r c e :the black cut:. Some of them have already contributed with some wonderful material or ideas regarding its development and some have agreed to offer either a space or time-and-skills for future events within it. Among them, it is worth mentioning film director Yianna Dellatolla, who has started making a video about the subject and progress of the project, including interviews of some of the participant artists. Quite thankful, too, to fine artist Arion Megid Khedhiry, also a teacher at “The New Era Prep. School of M’Saken” (Tunisia), who is being helping in realising one more educational step and connection. Further news will be announced closer to the dates of each event /release, however, new dreams are born. Also, to all female artists, please, don’t avoid radio producer Doctore Xyramat‘s invitation to present your music on her next radio shows; the dates are August 8th, September12th, ..i.e. every second Friday per month at Freies Sender Kombinat [Hamburg] (check : june 30th 2014 : for contact info).

current  s t e p s: Arranging a collaboration with a significant library, while working on a new composition (project commission). A few tips [technology-nature-wise] recently offered have triggered some new fruitful thoughts …wishing to be soon, creatively revealed. note ~ thoughts: July 2014 has also brought some -more- Wars, Violence, Conflicts and many (well organised and conducted) Hatred and Pain ‘incidents’ around the world. Beauty and Kindness are forced to stay hidden and banned. In such moments, Creation -within or outside this project- has the right to resist and remain active, and owes to represent and showcase Truth and Optimism. Staying ‘blind’, ‘deaf’ or ‘mute’ is not an option… …and /or as recently said (again) «Art can suggest solutions for any problems and crises; this should motivate us to fight the real problems outside our “boxes” and next to each other.» – M. P.


: august 31st 2014 :

There are moments when long-term plans are suddenly replaced -or, at least, postponed- by a totally different action. Those Moments are also called “a Voice of an Inner Force”, or else “a well and deeply hidden Wish finally realised”. It is -probably?- an action avoided to be realised just because we knew it would unlock a /various Question(s), or shed Bright Light on our Darkest Memories; Questions and Memories which we hadn’t been ready to ‘touch’ earlier. “Why do people paint houses in such a bright white colour?”, Dimitra wonders. “I don’t know… possibly because white colour reflects sun rays and keeps a cool temperature inside the building”, I try to reply. Armelle can’t stand that light. “That bright colour of the Greek summer sun ‘burning’ everything around is too strong for my soul. I prefer the French summer sun when light is softer and similar to the autumn ambiance in Greece”, she explains. Armelle left Paris 14 years ago to move to a small but special place in Greece. In France she was working in the fields of psychology and publications, but during the last four years she has achieved to become a wonderful cook and hostess in her beautiful restaurant in Greece. No matter the love and positive feedback she gets from all guests and people she works with, most of the people in the area still see her as a foreigner and give her tough moments she is forced to face all on her own. Armelle is just an example out of many women and people who struggle to preserve their dream alive, as well as their love for a place and its people. Unfortunately, the term “local” frequently gets a negative meaning that creates a closed group of people with ‘certain’ similar characteristics, and consequently, excluding anything and anyone who lacks those characteristics. There have always been times when we have all crossed the ‘fine-line’ and have reacted like racists in various occasions; either to a dear friend of ours, an old man, a total stranger, a young child or even to a living being. How do all the above thoughts apply to the project? They don’t… they actually are part of it. They are the sound of our thoughts while taking our everyday steps, no matter if we realise it or not. Its sound becomes louder when we finally listen to that Inner Voice and follow our wishes; when we listen to the sounds of Nature and we discover our Truth. “People can’t understand how I can manage to focus on writing while listening to natural sounds or music on my headphones”, Thomas admits. Not all things can be understood and anyway, they don’t need to be understood. Armelle grew up in a different part of Planet Earth, where she experienced a different kind of Sun Light, which many of us didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy. Dimitra keeps seeking questions about her life and her studies. And one day Costas got up from the couch and changed his whole life within only a few months, finding a new and deep meaning in his life. Before he left, he dared to share with me: “I used to confuse patience with sloth. Now I feel reborn!” There have been many Moments when the Breeze blew; when we got hurt after its sound died in us. But there are always new Moments the Breeze was replaced by a new, pure timbre. No matter if life made us tougher and work forced us to shout to each other. The Wind transforms the tears to crystals through which we See each other’s Soul; the real words that cannot die. The Wind always speaks and it’s only Us who can decide whether we will accept its Call; whether we are determined to keep on chasing our Dream. “It’s good to know that our solitary path can always host anyone sharing Our dreams”, Nestoras confessed. August has offered many presents. They are all Moments from the Past carried through Human spoken words and silent whispers of Today. current  s t e p s: Many talks with university students have given a fresh and even more optimistic perspective of many of the project’s plans. More educational steps are currently been discussed, including seminars and concerts at the Primary School and the Public Library of Milies (Pelion, Magnesia). Also, a series of radio shows will host music of the participant artists. More details about the radio stations involved in the project, as well as more news, will be announced. ‘Till then, you can read a recent presentation of the project published on Camera Stylo Online [in greek] and on Headliners 8bits Mag [in english]. I really want to thank all the people who opened their heart to me. May we all Listen to the Wind’s Call …like Meli did and now she smiles!:


: september 30th 2014 :

What is a vantage point and how can this help us see and understand things? Where is it found, or more correctly, how can each one of us discover it? In arts, Anamorphosis is the technique used to create a totally different and unusual way of presenting -or projecting- a subject (object) to the viewer. It is them who has to discover the single vantage point which will reveal the actual image.
– What about all the rest of the points? Are they wrong?
– No, they are not. All points of view, all perspectives are needed in order to form the general picture, the full subject /object, the whole. Without the rest of the points, the vantage point would not exist.
– How and when are we capable to discover the vantage point?
– At some point…
Such a quest would actually be a wonderful way to practice overcoming frustration (however, let us not go so deep in that term right now). It is us who choose if / how / when we are ready to start looking for it and how determined are we to find it, no matter the time needed and the difficulties met on the way. It is us who will decide the balance between the subject[ive] and the object[ive]. So, there will be a point that will reveal the (so called, vantage) point. The one that will help us see everything, around and within, approaching the whole. Even for a single moment.

current s t e p s: At the moment, that -recently reached- Point has given the spark to start composing the music and designing the structure of the first main presentation that will take place in Athens, next December. An introductory audio-visual exhibition will lead to the music concert, while the artists and spaces participating in the event will be announced in November.

recent s t e p: Two independent radio stations have accepted to present the music of the project’s composers, sound artists and djs, however any musician is welcome to contact them if they would like to have their art broadcast.
~ Radio Loose is a Music Radio Collective and the first podcast scheduled as part of the « c i r c e :the black cut: » project series was broadcast on September 24th 2014 [player embedded below]. You can listen to the radio at any time, at http://www.radioloose.com/ ~ You can listen to STEPpA [circe mix 01] at: http://www.mixcloud.com/annastereo/steppa-circemix01/

~ We-radio is another participant Web Radio (platform /radio-database). “It aims to promote new music creators and make their music available to a greater audience through the internet.” Everyone is welcome to create their account and make their music available to the listeners. For any queries, account details, technical info, please visit /contact on https://www.we-radio.gr/ (english will be available soon)
~ Some more radio producers will -hopefully- confirm their creative involvement.

…and some t h o u g h t s: Many people with whom there have been a conversation about the nature and goals of the project have expressed a kind of unease due to lack of understanding what is this all about. Nevertheless, when the whole description of the concept and steps were explained to them, they seemed relieved and liked it, expressing it with a smile. So.. please, do not be afraid to listen ..to the whole. But, mostly, many thanks to every single person for their important contribution! Thank you for the Smile, too!


: october 31st 2014 :

Duration is the transformation of a succession into a reversion. i.e.: the becoming of a memory“;
as founder of ‘Pataphysics, Alfred Jarry [September 8th,1873 – November 1st,1907] quotes in his essay “How to Construct a Time Machine”

Dear Alfred,
First of all, I hope you are well and still wondering how we could manage to create the memory. I am trying to remember when I exactly succeeded to forget your quote. The answer is I never did; it was always placed on a diagonal point over my head, holding my spine on an up-right position, since day 1 your quote was landed and planted in the imaginary realm I have been constructing and watching outside my window.
The reason I am writing is to ask whether we are able or not to reach The memory without the use of a Machine; without the use of an Object; a Material. Or else, how should we define the Medium? You see, the way each one of us makes any allusions and attachments in order to come to their conclusions is fairly different. For example, when I read or hear the word Apparatus, my mind guides me to the image of a helmet. Is this ‘wrong’? I recently received a photograph presenting a hen standing next to a helmet and I thought it was one of the most successful examples representing your concept about ‘Pataphysics. Would you like me to send that picture to you?
Closing, I would be very interested in knowing what are your own allusions in the resonance of the words Apparatus, Helmet and Hen.

My respects and warmest regards and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Imaginarily,
anna ~
PS. I am trying to go Backwards, in order to move Forward.

October was just another month… More specifically, it was the 10th month of the year 2014, according to the Julian calendar, or the 8th month of the year in the old Roman calendar. I am not capable of offering more information about this month and its relation to the Chinese calendar /zodiac or other old or modern cultures. What I am able of is to share that October 2014 has been the 7th month of « circe :the black cut: », about which you -hopefully- are here to read. So, during that month many inspirational elements were revealed, leading to some luminous new directions of the project’s development and forthcoming presentation (Athens, December 2014). All these would had never happened without the useful interfering of some people’s offer of information on the research or advices that help our way to the vantage point.

recent s t e p s: I must really thank E. A.* for her contribution to a meticulous way of information seeking about various ancient cultures. Her time to discuss and define the term Potnia further, as well as her comments on the etymology of the name Circe [Circular motion of a hawk (Gk. kirko) / Further analysis will follow] reflect her love for learning from the past, without any fear or refusal of any new or other perspectives. [*name wished not to be mentioned]
Many thanks also to Stefanos Michael for offering one of the cajones -hand-made by himself- to the children of the AmaZonArt Youth Orchestra in Brazil, as well as to the parents of Diego Carneiro -founder of the orchestra- for transporting it from Athens.

current s t e p s: The first main presentation of the project is scheduled to take place in Athens in December 2014. The dates are:
~ Monday Dec15: Event Audio Launch [CIRCE Family Work release (more news t.b.a.)]
~ Dec15 – 20: ΛV Exhibition @ Various Spaces
Main Space: The Place [Dec 15-18]  / [The full list of the spaces hosting the exhibition t.b.a in December]
~ Sunday Dec21: Live Concert [venue t.b.a.]
New Work* by Anna Stereopoulou [*circe :the black cut: / live presentation]
[Further info about the work and the performers /musicians t.b.a.]

We are now closer to see the sound. We are working on it… and we hope we manage to “overcome our egos, passing from the Imaginary to the Symbolic and find the courage to go further, to the third level, that of the Real. In a reality, which, as forbidden as it is, certainly hides strange and wondrous things, awaiting us to listen to.” [anamorphosis : re-vision]


: november 30th 2014 :

Once upon a time there was a man, called Ulysses. Life gave him a mission to travel around the world, seeking the destination itself, which was no other than the starting point of his journey. During that voyage he met a series of quests, battles, monsters, witches and fore-tellers. Each person he met was a whole new World to him, however his mind was always set to a certain goal; his home returning. And that was almost something like a curse, since he felt like home in many of the places he reached. One of them was an island called aeaea

…filled with wild flowers and hidden birds’ singing codes; aromas exploding from the sea-shells and healing snakes’ noise. Ulysses had to dare breaking the codes and uncover Circe’s true face. ‘Who’ was she really?…

Stories are always stories. Facts is a different case. Reality belongs to its Creators, only. They have the freedom to claim their entry to their Real.
Riddles do not exist. Thoughts can be heard and carried through waves. Creation is every human’s right and knowledge can be obtained only by destroying the old iron cages, passing through information paths and boiling cells of our own Nature. Music and Art cannot exist without Science. Science is Feeling; Feeling is Science. We owe to trust in both. Truth is shown in the reflection of our eyes while we look into the front mirror of the car we drive to the Unknown.

current s t e p s: The first ‘port’ the project we will reach is Athens [gr]; December 15 – 21, 2014.
Thank you all for coming on board, so far……

το πρόγραμμα αναλυτικά: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-lx
read the full programme: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-lr%5D


: december 31st 2014 :

And one fine moment, sometime between night and day, somewhere between the waves and the port, between the clouds and the mountain top, Ulysses met his own death. It was the moment he managed to kill his ego, when he accepted his many different desires, love himself and smell his very first breath; it was the moment he sensed the passage through the Gate which stands on the fine line connecting Now and Forever; the Gate located on each cell of his skin, on each molecule binding him with any other living being around him. Ulysses died in order to give way and future to his two sons, Telemachus (son of Penelope) and Telegonus (son of Circe); he died to worship the glory of Life itself. Ulysses was killed by his son, Telegonus, in order to be born again, this time wiser, more humble, stronger and more tender, and in order to create a new language with which he can communicate his need for Life and Love.
Ulysses is found in each one of us. And so are Circe and Penelope, Telegonus and Telemachus. We all seek a Galanthus to smell and offer, no matter if we are aware of that or not. We all, both struggle and smile, we do remember and forget, we all breed a male and female side. “Philosophy is necessary, but let’s just do everything we think about”, Mr. Sajal said one day. Allusions are needed, too, and help us draw the map of our senses, unlock them and eventually face our deepest emotions. I had a dream when I was a little girl. It was a simple, but dark, strange dream I used to dream repetitively; a white, thick nautical knot, pulsing on a black background, gradually coming closer until I would wake up. This is one of the main reasons « circe :the black cut: » started its journey and I would had never been able to finally solve and cut this knot without the energy, love and knowledge everyone helped to be exchanged. I owe an endless Thank to each person helping me kill a big amount of my ego and go on now carrying a lifetime experience.

recent s t e p s: The 1st presentation of the project took place both in Athens (greece) and Worldwide with a series of events, between December 15th and 21st, 2014. A family audio work, titled Vuelo Libre was released on December 15th [on 7MNS Music], consisting of sounds and spoken thoughts of the project’s participants. This was the beginning of the 1-week events followed, but also to the structure of the exhibition and the composition themselves. None of the 3 main parts (Album – Exhibition – Concert) would exist without the presence of the other two. The exhibition was firstly housed in one main space (15-18/12) hosting various works of the artists, created especially for it and which were later (19-21/12) freed and spread around the city, in various other points. The course led the spectators at the premiere of the music of « circe :the black cut: » [compositions -and a wish (http://wp.me/p2zRWp-mv) by Anna Stereopoulou], on Sunday, December 21st, 2014. [All information about the events, the artists, the spaces, can be found at the following link: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-lr, however, some thoughts /review /statement will be published in an article during January 2015.]
I can remember all people who inspire me by their work, their messages and wishes, their visits, attendance and help, the smile in their eyes, no matter the really hard work needed.
I can be taught from the lack of time or help from where and when it was needed, the many tiny-huge details that heaped, but wisely tamed frustration. We -humans- tend to forget… We have no right to blame no one if we are not aware of the difficult times each one of us is through. This is the main inspiration and lesson to be offered; we owe to seek and question, to think twice, to judge objectively, to feel, forgive and let us free.

current s t e p s / 2015: On Monday, January 5th, 2015, Lisa Greenaway [LAPKAT] will offer to us the New Mix she made of the Vuelo Libre family album. This can be heard on her “La Danza Poetica” podcast, as well as to other occasions and places (t.b.d. / t.b.a.).
The music performed on the premiere (Dec21, 2014) in Athens (greece) I strongly believe and feel that needs to be developed and/or be reworked in some of its parts. All comments of the people who attended the concert were really, truly touching and that means the main feeling /message the work moves on was successfully transmitted in a big percentage. In my humble opinion, there are many things this work will teach me, both technically and emotionally. It has already helped me understand and appreciate more some older compositions (such as “…oneirograph…v.5.spindle” and “electron”) and various dreams of the past, but above all, it has made me go closer and more in-synch with an inner goal and a research, and this wouldn’t happen without all the conversations enjoyed between the participants, as well as the performers of the concert, who once more proved to be real Friends with whom we created a language of harmonious communication, without losing ourselves at all; the contrary… we are all coming stronger ‘out’ of it and more connected to each other.
All feelings, information /knowledge, experience and memories /dreams the project offered so far, wish to be shared in some meetings /seminars to any people interested in having a taste of it. Like in the beginning (March 2014) there is no thing like a ‘locked’ plan to be ‘followed’, but some important areas of our world, like Education, Science, Feeling, Nature, remain the strong vibrations to move it/us forward. Children are -in my opinion- the wisest and most important Teachers to whom we need to show respect and try and learn their Language; a Language we all used to speak to each other, but for some (?…!) reason we were forced to forget. This is the Language of our Soul, our Universe… the Universe that gives Life to Everything. We need to Listen even better; We must Respect each Flower, Lake and Grasshopper; we owe to Fight for our Rights, though Art, through Truth. We wish us to keep Weaving ~

A note (somewhere between 432Hz and 440Hz…): Your feedback or any suggestion /invitation, is important, so, please, Feel Free to send it if you want [on stereocomp@hotmail.com]. « circe :the black cut: » cannot repeat itself in the exact same way; it likes to be developed through Time and through the Waves we all exchange.


: the present alda notes archive was frequently being updated during 2014 :
[latest update: December 31, 2014]
posts about all 2015 steps can be traced here: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-ps
there will hopefully be more steps forward, less hatred and more meetings outside
we only live once in This LIFE

   keep weaving ~



define me not…
permit my waves to pass you through
the stones i carved are lost at last
the catapult reversed
a compass i forgot
…define me not

a.s. (core) edition
alda (old norse: wave)




   c   i   r   c   e  
: the black cut :

©Copyright, Anna Stereopoulou, 2014~2015~
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©


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