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Anna Stereopoulou‘s project c i r c e :the black cut: is being supported by various international networks. The reason the term “support” (i.e. under the aegis / encouraging) is preferred, is to avoid confusion with any financial sponsorship. For any needs that will possibly arise (traveling costs, equipment, venues, etc.) the project will attempt different funding methods and welcome any research ‘scholarship’ /assistance (it can be discussed). Thus, it can keep its initial nature and Anna’s aim, which is to present the work and art of the specific networks, creating the opportunity for artists interested in getting informed and contacting the platforms, and hoping that future collaborations blossom between them. At the same time, the fact the following networks and researchers support the project represents its main concept of sharing information and promoting the art and work of young creators, female artists and new ideas, without any genre, category or geographical border.

Anna would like to thank the people and networks involved in the project for giving her the chance to have her voice heard on a greater extend, but above all, for encouraging her to develop her artistic and scientific research. Looking forward to being part of fresh and creative collaborations.

Special thanks to Dr. Gareth Owens* for his interest and precious guidance.
*Linguist / Erasmus Co-ordinator,
TEI DAIDALIKA: www.teicrete.gr/daidalika


…is an international network of female artists in the fields of electronic music: from musicians, composers and DJs to visual artists, cultural workers and researchers. A worldwide resource of female talent that can be searched after criteria like location, profession, style or name. “Why are there so few women active in the electronic music scene?” – each one of us has heard this question a thousand times… Here is the answer: It’s not our number, it’s about how and if we are recognized!fempress_4c
female:pressure intends to strengthen networking, communication and representation – a standard instrument to obtain information about artists, contact them, and find out about other, maybe less known women working in the fields of electronic music all around the globe. Every artist listed in this database is able to keep her personal entry up-to-date. The network comprises approx. 1220 members from 61 countries as at March 2014. You never walk alone!
Official Website
: www.femalepressure.net
Tumblr: femalepressure.tumblr.com
on board :c i r c e: March 2014 – to date


7MNS Musiclogo1blanco_7MNSmusic
…(a.k.a. Sevenmoons Music) was born on the year 2012 with the idea of promoting music projects and sound artists within the ambient, modern classic, electro acoustic, drone, sound experimentation and all the other styles out of the electronic music that are less conventional. During the year 2013 Sevenmoons Music creates 7MNS Music and starts to work as a net label too, releasing mainly free digital references under the Creative Commons licenses.
Official Website: www.sevenmoonsmusic.com
Official BandCamp: sevenmoons.bandcamp.com
on board :c i r c e: March 2014 – to date


image description

Hellenic Spirit Organization

…The purpose of the Non-Profit Organization (SCI) Hellenic Spirit is by any possible means, the projection and promotion of Greece and its Culture throughout the world, with the aim to create a bridge and facilitate relationships between Institutions that pursuit common purpose abroad, both inside and outside the E.U. Furthermore the Organization actively supports new and innovative ideas, patents and inventions.
Official Website: http://hellenicspirit.org/
on board :c i r c e: December 2015


Different Music (Listen to Art)different black
…is a project supporting music as expression of world cultures, art form and sound research. The mission is to identify and put on light those artists which are active in experimenting musical, multimedia, ethnic and electronic original compositions.
The communication action of Different Music is developed through an internet blog and also a discographic label.
Official Website: www.differentmusic.net
on board :c i r c e: March – December 2014


(He)Art of the EventDWE LOGO NERO
…is a project supporting music and multimedia artists on live performance in Europe. Our target are firm corporate events, fashion shows, international trade-shows and exhibitions and the mission is to introduce live performance, multimedia installations, soundscapes and new technology performance in those events.
on board :c i r c e: March – December 2014


Association Concept ArtgentinAssociation_Concept_Artgentin
In 2000, creator of the structure «Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente», Gabriel Otero, director in audiovisual and multimedia techniques, designer for multimedia installations, he lauches in Rosario en Argentine, the first editions of «Festival Internacional de Arte Digital». This event, the most important for the diffusion of digital art, was declared to be municipal interest by the «Honourable Concejo Deliberante» and provincial interest. Concept Artgentin is a product of Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente. This structure develops concepts of cultural and artistic events, regularly based on the use of digital arts and multimedia technologies.
In this new adventure, Gabriel works with his sister, Leticia Otero, living in Paris for twenty years. Professor of French and comparative literature, this Franco-Argentinian, passionate about art and culture, worked several years in a library and an art gallery in Paris, gaining the chance to also follow closely the contemporary artistic movements. She organized the Cafés Littéraires Borges, in the mythical «L’Hôtel», rue des beaux-arts in Paris (frequented by Oscar Wilde and Jorge Luis Borges), with María Kodama Borges, president of Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges à Buenos Aires.
Official Website: www.3x3smil.com | http://concept-artgentin.association-club.mygaloo.fr/
Leticia Otero / Gabriel Otero at conceptartgentin@gmail.com.
on board :c i r c e: March 2014 – to date


Glorious PeleysGLORIOUS_logo

Thanking Maria Linardi
for giving me the love for seeking knowledge, and for “The Rain” and the Sun!



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