standing forward : single track ~ 2020

Standing Forward
by Anna Stereopoulou

a Single Track celebrating Life • Spring • Poetry

Independent Release: March 24th 2020 | World TB Day

Available on

Inspired by / Setting to Music:
Standing Forward‘ poem by Maria Polydouri

Invited by
ToBe Continued… 2020 – World TB Day | Radio World Marathon
Organised by the Global Health Incubator and Stazione di Topolò [Italy]
Participation of Anna Stereopoulou representing Greece
24 March 2020 @ 8pm CET | LISTEN LIVE + Read INFO:


Dedicated to my fellow(o)men, worldwide ~ a.s.



Standing Forward

And I stood forward
looking into those eyes
a beautiful pair like no other
and as unique as lotus flowers,
nostalgic eyes
sending me hope that dawn would come
but, alas..!; they were only stars
that shed a beam of light
and only briefly
(and that, ephemerally)

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Καὶ Στάθηκα Μπροστὰ

Καὶ στάθηκα μπροστὰ σὲ δυὸ μάτια μὲ δίχως ταίρια,
ὡραῖα σὰ λωτολούλουδα, μάτια νοσταλγικά,
ποὺ μοῦ μηνοῦσαν τὴν αὐγή, μὰ ὠιμένα ἦταν ἀστέρια
ποὺ μοῦ εἶχαν ρίξει λίγο φῶς κι᾿ αὐτὸ διαβατικά.
Μαρία Πολυδούρη

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Anna Stereopoulou© | Jan-Mar 2020
Instrumentation: El. Piano (Yamaha P60), Analogue Synthesizers (Korg MicroKorg, Korg Volca Kick, Korg Monotron Delay, DroneLab), Recitation | AEAEA Studio©2020
Poetry: Maria Polydouri
English Translation: Anna Stereopoulou
Proofreading: Hilary Creek

cover image source: Maria Polydouri |



15 April 2020 | Trinity Laban Alumni | London, UK
• VIEW Announcement post, here

11 April 2020 | FEMNØISE on Radio Primavera Sound | BCN, Spain
Presentation of Standing Forward single track, by Natalia San Juan (Nat)
w/ Interview of Rosana Corbacho, Psychologist of Artists & founder of MI_Therapy

06 April 2020 | Fluido Rosa on RNE Radio 3 | Madrid, Spain
Presentation of Standing Forward single track, by Rosa Pérez
Podcast: ‘Cuaderno de bitácora II. El poder de la red.’


Δελτίο Τύπου (ελληνικά):

ToBe Continued | 11th edition | World TB Day 2020

starting at 00.00 until midnight (GMT+1) on March 24th, 2020
Sounds from Stazione di Topolò/Global Health Incubator across the World |

Anna Stereopoulou representing Greece
with «Standing Forward» composition
inspired by Greek poetess Maria Polydouri

ToBe Continued is coming back on World TB Day celebrated on March 24th 2020. In this year’s event, Anna Stereopoulou represents Greece, for the second time after 2015, with «Standing Forward» music composition, on live online broadcast by Chimeres WebRadio, as the Greek Listening Point.

«Standing Forward», to be released on the same day ( is inspired by the same-titled poem (And I Stood Forward / ‘Kai Stathika Mprosta’) by Greek poetess, Maria Polydouri, who died in 1930, at the age of 28, of Tuberculosis. The goal of the poem’s selection and setting to music by Anna Stereopoulou is the expression and conveying of the message of Hope and love for Life; “Hope found within our inner Eyes; Hope that stems from each Gaze we will exchange again with our fellow(o)men, our friends and loved ones.”, as the composer describes, motivated by the current global situation with the CoronaVirus disease.

TBContinued2020_posterToBe Continued is an original concert lasting 24 hours (from 00.00 hours to the midnight of March 24th, GMT+1), during which musicians from many countries world-wide will be connected to a website broadcasting their live concerts. During this un-interrupted 24-hour marathon (ToBe Continued… in fact) each musician has a 30-minute window at her/his disposal to create a relay of sounds and rhythms that will range across different streams of music. The event, that will cover in its entirety the full World TB Day on 24th of March, is coordinated by Antonio Della Marina, musician and computer music composer, and by Moreno Miorelli. The initiative is under the aegis of the Global Health Incubator, the ‘laboratory’ established in July 2009 in Topolò by Dr Mario Raviglione, today Full Professor in Global Health at the University of Milan, to create links between the world of creativity and that of science.


The participating musicians will perform live from many different countries including all the 5 Continents, creating a symbolic tour of the world with 48 stops. As long as an internet connection is available, anybody can listen to ToBe Continued… simply connecting to the website

Tuberculosis (abbreviated as TB in English and TBC in Italian) is a curable disease. Thanks to the strategies promoted by the World Health Organization in the last decades, consolidated today with all available innovations in what is known as the “End TB Strategy”, TB incidence and mortality have been reduced, although slowly. However, TB is still one of the top 10 causes of death in the world and the leading cause of death from an infectious disease with its 4300 victims every day. Unlike what many may think, TB is still a significant problem even in rich countries, where it causes suffering and deaths.
The event is possible thanks to the collaboration with UNIKUM – Culture Centre of the University of Klagenfurt, that will provide the facilities for the coordination of the concerts. ToBeContinued has the patronage of the World Health Organisation and of the University of Milan.


«ToBe Continued… 2020» – Stop TB Day Music Radio Marathon
Starting at 00.00 until midnight (GMT+1) on March 24th, 2020
Sounds from Stazione di Topolò/Global Health Incubator across the World
‘ToBe Continued… 2020’ poster design: Cosimo Miorelli©

Greek Representation: Anna Stereopoulou (Title of Work: Standing Forward)
Listening Time: 8am CET (9am Greek time)
Composed, Performed, Produced: Anna Stereopoulou© [January – March 2020]
Instrumentation (equipment): El. Piano (Yamaha P60), Analogue Synthesizers (Korg MicroKorg, Korg Volca Kick, Korg Monotron Delay, DroneLab), Recitation
Poetry: Maria Polydouri

Greek Broadcasting / Listening Point: Chimeres WebRadio

Digital Release | 24 March 2020:

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