spirits : collaborative album ~ 2015

Collaborative Album by Chris Silver T & Anna Stereopoulou
Released April 03, 2015 | Available on Plus Timbre [PT010]
Digital Album | Free Download [CC (Some Rights Reserved)]
Track List

1. Silver Burns the Stereo Out
2. Voici le Diable! Non, pas Lui: c’est le vent..?
3. Spirits
Anna Stereopoulou: piano, synth, mixing
Chris Silver T: drums, field recordings, synth (track no.3)
«Spirits» came to life after Chris Silver T invited Anna Stereopoulou to a collaboration project on the same titled track of the album. Chris’s field recording on the specific composition took place during one of his visits to his hometown; a morning walk to the village, through stone pathways and towards a peaceful area, where spirits can be heard in the air. The piece was a motive for two more tracks that work as a spontaneous new challenge trying to see the result of two artists working together for the first time. «Silver Burns the Stereo Out» reflects Anna’s admiration to Miles Davis‘s «Miles Runs the Voodoo Down» (‘Bitches Brew’, 1970), while the title «Voici le Diable! Non, pas Lui: c’est le vent..?» (with the addition of a question mark at the end) is a line taken from a poem written by Erik Satie, found in his composition «Méditation» (‘Avant-Dernières Pensées’, No.III, 1915). The whole album showcases both artists’ attempt to create on a free-form and surrealist basis.
More Information ]]
Plus Timbre: plustimbre.com
Chris Silver T: nostockproject.wordpress.com
Anna Stereopoulou: plustimbre.com/index.php/artists/49-anna-stereo
Album Layout by neta

The album was kindly presented on the radio shows:
~ Resonancias [Radio Nacional de España /Radio 3, Zona Extra | April 8th, 2015] by radio producer, Fluido Rosa, and it is available to listen on the following link: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/resonancias/resonancias-stereopoulou-rivers-spirits/3080493/
~ Space Odyssey 082 on Radio Q37 [April 13th, 2015] by radio producer Odysseas Satnapar. You can listen to the show on this link: http://radioq37.com/release/space-odyssey-082/




SPIRITS by Chris Silver T & Anna Stereopoulou [album cover] Layout by Neta


“An opportunity I was given, by Chris Silver T, to express part of my admiration to Free Improvisation / Jazz and ‘Surreal Impressionism’ (if one could describe it likewise); and finally fuse Piano with Drums.” – a.s.


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