c i r c e : the black cut ~ v.3 [12.2016] ~ a/v report

c  i  r  c  e
:the black cut:

Third Presentation
Athens [Greece] + Worldwide
December 21st, 2016
organised by anna stereopoulou
in collaboration with the project’s participants

With the encouragement of the international art networks:
7MNS Music · female:pressure · Association Concept Artgentin
and the Support of the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf

Guest Project 2016
SatNOGS [Satellite Networked Open Ground Station]
a project of the Libre Space Foundation (LSF), a non-profit foundation registered in Greece
[SatNOGS is a DIY and open source Satellite Ground Station and Network, optimized for modularity, built from readily available and affordable tools and resources]


The 3rd Presentation of Anna Stereopoulou’s project « c i r c e :the black cut: » took place both in Athens (Greece) and Worldwide, on Wednesday, 21st of December 2016, hosting various art-works, mainly of Sound + Image, by artists from around the world, and as a response to the project’s International Open Call 2016.
The three motivation axes of “Feeling – Freedom – Code”, alongside the project’s themes and one of its inspirational sources, found in Heraclitus theories of the “Unity of Opposites”, formed the main subject of CIRCE The Black Cut International Open Call 2016, consisting of various Psychoanalysis theories. These theories, which have guiding the steps of the project’s founder, composer Anna Stereopoulou, both in an artistic basis, and inner process, for -at least- the past three years; i.e. the course of CIRCE The Black Cut since its beginning, were met and composed the Moment of Birth of the most important Question she made to herself. Thus, the Question «Which is the strongest memory of your life?» followed by «What question would you set to your self?», accompanied her Sound Composition « rho ~ ῥῶ » which was offered to anyone interested in participating in the project and responding to its Call.

Why to Question?

Why not..?! Human beings have always been questioning, whether one admits it or not. It is within human Nature to Question and Feel. It is within human Nature to seek both one’s Roots and Purpose. Each human being has a reason of existence; each grain of sand and each element’s ingredient has come to Life for a reason. There is a multi-layered field in which Breath is exchanged in order to weave the chain of Bio(s)- (Life); the realm of multiple types of waves’ Reflections. We Feel, therefore we Exist; we Exist, therefore we Feel; we Are…, therefore we Question, “Why?”. No matter whether we Understand or not, we all are part of Nature and the Cosmos, and we All Come from – Live In – Return to the Real; i.e. the Whole; whether we ‘understand’ it or feel it with our 5 and more Senses.
Our Body (Organs, Bones, Blood, Flesh, etc.); our Soul-and-Mind; the Trees, Oceans, Mountains, Volcanoes; Earth’s Atmosphere and Magnetic Field; our Solar System’s Planets; and all the Systems’ and Universes’ complex and Unity of free-form Structure and strict Chaos…; they All already exist as blueprints within our Cells. But, what about the two main Transitions..? What about the ‘Non-Life ↔ Birth’ and ‘Life ↔Death’ milestones? What is really that ‘thing’ we call Cognition (in other words, Noesis, Knowledge, Understanding, Conscious ‘Sense’)? Why do we forget the fact that we Transmit and Receive a Cyma = Wave, towards and from anOther source of Energy? Why do we tend to ignore and/or forget that Moment? The Moment of the Water’s infinite flux? The Moment of our in-between bonds? The Moment each ‘thing’ uniting us, rather than the things dividing us? What about freezing Time this very Moment and (try to) Feel each Other in Flux?

The Event of the 3rd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut had the character of an All-Day Audio-Visual & Synaesthetic Environment in Flux, taking place in IRIS Cinema Theatre [Athens], while the 3rd CIRCE ‘Family’ Music Album, titled ‘EROS‘ was released in a Digital Form, on Seven Moons Music, during the same day.

01 [[ Family ALBUM + Podcast | Net


EROS Family Album
of the « c i r c e :the black cut: » project
released on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 on 7MNS Music, Spain
listen + download free [cc]
on 7MNS Music BandCamp channel: https://sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/eros-ref-029
full info + press release: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Jf

13Artists ~ 10Tracks ~ 3Schools ~ 1Eros

The album EROS [/ˈɪərɒs/ (Gk. Ἔρως, “Love”) / etymology /Gk. eroee, noun (ἐρωή); eroeo –
eromai, verb active – passive (ἐρωέω – ἔραμαι)] is part of the project « circe :the black cut: » and
it is compiled by its founder and composer, Anna Stereopoulou. The album consists of 10 tracks composed by artists who responded to Phases 01 and 02 of this year’s International Open Call of the project [June – November 2016], as well as excerpts of sound recorded interviews of the students of the Primary Schools of Amorgos island (Greece), during Anna’s visit and presentation of her FEELMUSIC seminars to the schools [October 3rd – 6th, 2016].
The 2nd Phase of the project (2015), offers the chance to the artists to choose one -or more- of the
offered Texts (given as Answers to the Questionnaire – Phase 1 of the Call), as well as any of the
Observation Data collected by SatNOGS Network, guest project of CIRCE The Black Cut CALL 2016.
[CALL info: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Hv%5D.
In that that way, ‘microcosmos‘; i.e. our Soul [Memories, Dreams and Questions expressed
through the Texts] and ‘macrocosmos‘; i.e. Space [Signals received through SatNOGS Network] get Unified and give Birth to New. Nature is present through Matter and Energy. It constantly gets reborn, like our Visions; like the Trees; like the Stars. ‘EROS’ represents and expresses the sparkle needed to ignite Art, or else, Techne – Τέχνη [Ancient Greek: (tékʰnɛː); from Tikto (Gk. τίκτω; give birth)]. It is a virtue both of Momentum, Urge and of Time-of-Silence (needed for Maturation). It cannot be absent from our Route. It is a Feeling and, thus, a sign of Life and a challenge to face our
own strength, our fears, our dreams.
EROS is the state of being in Love and in Balance with our Soul; with our Nature; with our Universe.

The album is available on Seven Moons (which is supporting the project since its launch, March 2014) as Digital Format and Free Downloading.
You can listen to the album, here:

EROS Album has come to life thanks to the artistic contribution of the following artists [a-z]:

• 3bc a.k.a. Don Cook [USA] + Asymmetroi Faroi (a.k.a. Giorgos Paraskevopoulos & Stathis
Karampatsos) [Greece] + feat. Marina Muhlfriedel [USA]
• 3bc a.k.a. Don Cook [USA] + Keith Kofron [USA]
• Archaios a.k.a. Ioannis Zotos Pollatos & Alexandros Diogenis [Greece]
• Canary Burton [USA]
• Francis Etto a.k.a. Francisco Soares [Brasil]
• flaub a.k.a. Fernando Laub [Argentina /Austria]
• nobodisoundz a.k.a. Philippe Neau [France]
• Anna Stereopoulou + Students of Primary Schools of Amorgos island [Arkessini, Aegialis
(Lagkada), Katapola] + Local Band of Traditional Music (Amorgos) [Greece]
• Dixie Treichel [USA]

Album Presentation on Doctore Xyramat radio show [Freies Sender Kombinat | FSK radio station (Hamburg)], on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 17:00 – 19:00 [Central European Time].
Read Info + Listen Live: http://www.fsk-hh.org/sendungen/doctore_xyramat

02 [[ All-Day Audio-Visual & Synaesthetic Environment in Flux | IRIS Cinema Theatre

following images taken by Nikolas Tsanais, Vilma Rodiu, Marino Pascal
~ click on first picture to view photo gallery ~

The structure of the Event consisted of the five following sections:

11.00 – 13.00 | Listenings [part Α] + Open Mike
Listening – concurrent flux – of the following:
• Relaxing Types of (Sound + Light) Waves, Soundscapes /Nature Sounds [Field Recordings by Pan Kaperneka and Anna Stereopoulou]
• Open Mike: Free Music Improvisation Open to and for All

13.00 – 15.30 | Listenings [part B] + Sound Installation
Listening – concurrent flux – of the following:
• ‘EROS’ CIRCE Family Album | 7MNS
• [Recorded] Answers of Participants of the International Open Call [Phase 1]
[Speakage: Maria Arapoglou (voiceover artist, music therapist)]
rho ~ ῥῶ: Sound Installation based on ancient and modern methods of Sleep Therapy, Meditation and Psychoanalysis [including low frequencies]

15.30 – 18.30 | Interactive Welcoming of Winter Solstice
Inspired by ancient and modern, world cultures: Live Music, Dance, Live DJ Sets
• 3.30 – 4.30: Live DJ Set – Dancing with the Five Elements, with Mother Earth and with the Cosmos of the Universes’
by: Echosense projekt, Valeria Koudoumogiannaki (Spirit of the Inca in Greece)
• 4.30 – 5.30: Welcoming | by: Valeria Koudoumogiannaki, Anna Stereopoulou, Pan Kaperneka, Echosense Projekt, Labros Kantzos, Joanna Tsougriani
• 5.30 – 6.30: Live DJ Set: spyros a.k.a. fake
► *Interactive Welcoming in a Live -online- Consonance of India and Greece
India [Kolkata] Venue: Studio Conference Room of ATN Bangla [satellite television channel]
Artists: Somali Panda (Voice /Recitation), Kushal Poddar, Poet (Poetry), Tamal Krisna (Live Painting). Coordinated by eminent Art Critic Ratnottoma Sengupta

18.30 – 21.00 | Screenings ~ Meetings ~ Treats
• 18.30 – 19.15: Video Art Screenings | full info on: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5qjF0H4OjP7N1pTZFNTUl9pNzg/view?usp=sharing
FIT IN THE CROWD | Julien-Robert | [9′, 2013, Canada]
LIGHT SHADOWS | nobodisoundz a.k.a. Philippe Neau | [2’50”, 2015, France]
HAUNTED PLACES | proteas 604 a.k.a. Giannis Miliaresis [6’12”, 2016, Greece]
PENELOPE VS CIRCE: THE BLACK CUT | Alira & Lila Frenopoulou [5′, 2016, Greece]
IDEATION | Collaboration [8’10”, 2016, Australia]
FREEDOM – FEELING – CODE | ΟΜ.Κ.Ε. [3′, 2016, Greece]

• 19.30 – 21.00  [Foyer]:
Treats and Meetings with representative of SatNOGS project, Hellenic Federation of the Deaf and Participants (and) Artists of the 3rd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut

21.15 – 23.00 | Live Music Concert
• 21.10: Alyssa Moxley | Intro Audio-Visual Concert
Improvised Soundscapes and Projected Images from an isolated island
Live Sound & Field Recordings Impro: Alyssa Moxley
Images & Video: Stéphane Charpentier

• 21.30: CIRCE The Real Cut | music theatre – cymatic environment
based on the structure and the scenario of the music album, CIRCE The Black Cut, by Anna Stereopoulou
Participant Artists:
Anna Stereopoulou: Direction, Piano, Synthesizer, Sampling, Recitation
Stavros (Manitou) Eleftheriou: Percussion
Pan Kaperneka: Vocals, Traditional Wind, Percussion and String instruments
Labros Kantzos: Vocals, Traditional Wind and Percussion instruments
Joanna Tsougriani: Vocals
Despina Tselika: Singing /Vocals, Percussion Effects
Tonia Manganioti: Recitation of Poetry by Electra Apostola, Tonia Manganioti, Valeria Koudoumogiannaki

Also, participating in the Concert:
Yovanna: ‘Souliko’ Traditional Georgian Song [Performed & Translated in Greek]
Iakovos Kolanian: ‘Voices 1915’ [Composition (April 2015) & Performance | Solo Classical Guitar]
Introductory Recitation: Students of the 7th Primary School of Metamorphossis, Attica [Coordinated by Manto Iliopoulou]

In Parallel, 11.00 – 23.00
Diffusing of Essential Oils (per section) | Choice and Application of Essential Oils: Ramfou Kiriaki
@FOYER Space
Exhibition of Drawings created by the students of the Primary Schools of Amorgos island, Greece
[Primary Schools of Arkessini, Aegiali (Lagkada), Katapola], between October 3rd and 6th, 2016, and during the visit of Anna Stereopoulou in Amorgos island, and the presentation of her FEELMUSIC -educational /artistic- seminars, including subjects /themes of CIRCE The Black Cut work.
Treats: Traditional, beneficial Beverages, Sweets, Liqueurs /Drinks from various countries and areas of Greece
Stavroula Georgari: nutrition counseling
Spyros Tavianatos: advice on the Ancient Greek nutrition and dietary habits
Tactile Collection with exhibits of Nature ~ Memory ~ Dream
Photo Album with works of: Simon Chamberlain, Stéphane Charpentier, Tilemachos Kouklakis, Vilma Rodiu, Konstantino Vlastarakis

Many thanks to…

► Joanna Tsougriani for the Interpretation in Greek Sign Language, and for introducing us to the ‘world’ of the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf, as well as all members of the federation, including Elena Tsarsitalidi [Interpretation in Greek Sign Language] for her presence.
► Mrs. Gogo Roukoutaki, member of the Theatrical Team of the Lighthouse for the Blind in Greece, and vice president of the organisation.
► Alexandros Papadopoulos and Nikolas Tsanais
members of the Cinema Sector of the U.o.A. Student  Cultural Union (P.O.F.P.A.) | University of Athens Student Union in «Iris» Cinema Theatre [http://kinimatografiko.gr/]
► All people who helped in the promotion of the 3rd Presentation [in chronological order]:
• Michalis Gelasakis [MusicPaperGr music website] Interview | December 13th, 2016 | http://www.musicpaper.gr/interviews/item/8323-i-anna-stereopoylou-milaei-gia-to-prototypo-project-kirki
• Pantazis Tsaras [Hellenic Radio, 2nd Programme] Live Interview | December 14th, 2016
• Lukas Dimitrellos [Beton7 Art Radio station] Live Interview | December 19th, 2016
• Mina Mavrou and Ilena Christou [MousikogrammaGr culture website] Review | December 28th, 2016 | http://www.mousikogramma.gr/reportaz/arthro/h_kirki_den_einai_paramythi_einai_ena_orama_pou_to_akous_me_tin_psyxi_sou-921/
• Doctore Xyramat [Freies Sender Kombinat | FSK radio station (Hamburg)] EROS album Presentation | January 13th, 2017
and many more
► All Friends who helped in multiple ways before and during the day of the Presentation
► All Guests and Visitors who honoured us with their presence and important feedback during the Event in IRIS Cinema Theatre
► Knut Remond and Katharina Moos, founders of ‘ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen‘ (ohrenhoch, the Noise Shop), for their invitation which gave birth to the « rho ~ ῥῶ » Sound Composition
► Nature; for helping us Feel

FULL CREDITS + INFO: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-IO

c i r c e :the black cut: was founded by composer Anna Stereopoulou and launched in Spring 2014 as an outcry and artistic expression of the transition phase in which humanity walks nowadays. The project, or else, this worldwide network, family or vehicle, proved to have been a way for the composer to get to know her self further, to develop her art and research (Human Brain and Psychology, Therapeutic Use of Sound, Sleep and Dreams, and more), as well as to promote the work of various other artists on a worldwide basis. c i r c e :the black cut: has been blossoming without the financial help of any sponsors, but with the time and art offered by many of its co-weavers and a personal budget of Anna Stereopoulou’s, which, as our times ‘dictate’ has reached a point which cannot keep on supporting this effort in a way that Art can be presented as it deserves to. At the same time, the project’s Theme has also reached a point which needs to make a shift into realms where the above mentioned research must now focus, both Artistically and Scientifically. Therefore, in 2017 onwards, the project will continue as CIRCE the Real cut, with various events /seminars /lectures, in Greece and worldwide.
2017 is surely a year of strong in-between and worldwide challenges, which, however can give us the chance to make the right decisions in order to help Peace, Truth and Justice shine bright within and around us.

CIRCE The Black Cut Dec 21, 2016 | Anna Stereopoulou during the Concert: CIRCE the Real cut | image by Nikolas Tsanais; POFPA archive©

CIRCE The Black Cut Dec 21, 2016 | Anna Stereopoulou during the concert ‘CIRCE the Real cut’ | image by Nikolas Tsanais; POFPA archive©

I would truly like to thank all people who have helped me believe in this Vision, more and more, help me find and connect various components of my soul, have helped in the promotion of the art of every participant, but also, thank the ones, who have ignored, doubted and set obstacles, and thus strengthen my Passion to Feel my Vision stronger. All steps made and all feelings exchanged so far have been offering a life-time experience and knowledge, that finally helped me escape from one of the most important Labyrinths of my life, and, hopefully, now weaving more mature.
There is still a long way ahead towards the Harmony of our Chaos. We just need to…
…keep Weaving ~

kindly siNed by anna stereopoulou ~
wednesday, january 11th 2017

3rd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut 2016
Full Info [events /artists /spaces] ~ eng | ελλ: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-IO


c   i   r   c   e
: the black cut :
©Copyright, Anna Stereopoulou, 2014~2016~
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©
Official WebSite: annastereopoulou.gr



  1. spyros a.k.a fake

    thank you so much for the marvelous experience

  2. Labros

    my dear sister and soul Anna…thanks once more for your invitation to your Wave dreams and Dreaming vibrations …

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