vuelo libre : circe family work ~ 2014

Vuelo Libre

a Family Work of the
« circe :the black cut: » project
released on 7MNS Music

26Artists ~ 9Tracks ~ 6Languages
~ 1Sound ~

The album VUELO LIBRE is part of Anna Stereopoulou‘s project « circe :the black cut: » -greatly encouraged also by Seven Moons Music– and consists of nine tracks composed by its participants. The artists -coming all from different corners of the world- were invited to contribute to the formation of a family audio work. The inspiration sources offered to them -as well as to the rest of the artists for other creative participation- were the project’s theme (analysis), as well as a chart of (40) key-words. Six of the artists composed a complete piece and some created various recordings /poems /texts, all of them reflecting moments of their memories, dreams, vibrant pensiveness and sounds of their every day life near or away from their home, which were finally set in three new tracks worked as anaudio montageby Anna Stereopoulou and signed asCIRCE Family Work“.
The album includes both music and spoken words (in six languages) and it is available on Seven Moons as Digital Format and Free Downloading. It has come to life thanks to the artistic contribution of the following artists [a-z]: Charles Antony ~ Asymmetroi Faroi ~ Ilias Charis ~ Yianna Dellatolla ~ Jennifer Eberhardt ~ Erissoma ~ Francis Etto [with Glaucus Noia] ~ Huixtralizer ~ Katerina Iliopoulou ~ Hechem El Jed [with Walyeddine Messaoudi & Emna Omri] ~ Stathis Kampylis ~ Katie Mavromati ~ nobodisoundz [with Mona] ~ Nickos Roumpakis /lamδa/ ~ SKRU2URKS ~ Sonic Crime (Nick Piliouris) ~ Anna Stereopoulou ~ Carlos Suero ~ Kyriakos Tsoukalas ~ Vortex Count ~ Whodoes (Vasilis Chountas) ~ Xyramat
Full Project Info: [κίρκη : circe ~]

Track ListCIRCE_VueloLibre_cover
1. CIRCE Family WorkΝâma
2. Asymmetroi FaroiVoyage
3. XyramatWas Ist Verrät?
4. CIRCE Family WorkWriting Is Making Love
5. ErissomaPsychic Sounds
6. Stathis KampylisDreams of Future Past I
7. Jennifer EberhardtSeven Horses  
8. CIRCE Family WorkFree Wheel
9. Ilias CharisCantus Circaeus

Digital Album ~ Free Download
Released: December 15th, 2014 on 7MNS Music
License: Creative Commons [some rights reserved]
Style: Acoustic, Ambient, Art Music, Cinematic, Drone, Dubstep, Experimental, Glitch, Modern Classical, Noise, Spoken, World Music
Album Cover Image by Apostolis Mantelas [Katerina Iliopoulou in Lefteris’s coach / Amorgos island, Greece, 1990]
Cover Title Fonts designed by Nickos Roumpakis /lamδa/
The Album Artwork -designed by Anna Stereopoulou– is inspired by the works of the painter Katie Mavromati and her latest personal Multiple-Layers -portraits and- painting technique, as well as her recent collaboration with photographer ‎Noora Alshoweir [first joint work presented at the CIRCE :The Black Cut: Exhibition (December 15-20, 2014, Athens, GR)].

The work was first broadcast on the radio show «Doctore Xyramat» [Freies Sender Kombinat /Hamburg, Germany /December 12th, 2014] and presented on the radio show «Jazz on Air», hosted by radio producer Pantazis Tsaras [ERTopen (3rd Programme, ERA Athens, Greece) /December 13th, 2014].
As mentioned above, Vuelo Libre album is released under a CC license, which means anyone is invited to make a re-work of it. The first re-creation was kindly arrived by Australian artist and writer, Lisa Greenaway [Lapkat]. The album’s new mix was included in her La Danza Poetica podcast, on January 5th 2015 and it is available to listen on La Danza Poetica MixCloud channel.
You can also read all information about the inspiration she draw from all artists featured in the album and project’s first presentation [Athens, GR / December 15th – 21st, 2014], where the mix was heard, at the official LAPKAT blog:
A sincerely warm thank to Lisa, for a special work she gently and beautifully brought to life. Quite honoured!


1. CIRCE Family WorkΝâma

The track «Νâma» consists of various audio material [all created -written, recorded, produced- by the following artists] in an Audio Montage by Anna Stereopoulou [2014]:
~ Charles Antony [«Forever» poem, written /recited by Charles Antony]
~ Yianna Dellatolla [Intro Voice & Field Recording]
~ Hechem El Jed [Voice Recording of the Tunisian Heritage Poem «O Mother Have Mercy On Us», performed by Emna Omri]
~ SKRU2URKS [Various City Sound Scrapes of liquid metal (stretched)]
~ ~ Audio Montage, Mixed, Mastered by Anna Stereopoulou

«O Mother Have Mercy On Us» [Tunisian Heritage Poem]
O Mother, have mercy on us, we are innocents
Waiting for amnesty since 1976
When Mother was alive, she was giving me the dinar
Now my stepmother came torturing me with fire
O Mother, have mercy on us, we are only children
Let us reconcile and forget the past
O Mother, have mercy on us, we are always your children
O dearest Mother, may God perish enviers
O dearest Tunisia, may God perish enviers

«Forever» [poem written by Charles Antony, May 2014]
You will be forever
A mirror you will be
All the waves of your creation
In sorrow and elation
Will flow eternally

You will be the air
Where atoms will collide
A code of keys and cells
And casting out of spells
Where knowledge will reside

You will be the water
That quests the highest ground
Though your tears will cry emotion
And flow toward the ocean
Your staining will be found

You will be the fire
That melts the hearts and stones
Every choice that you have made
From the starlight to the shade
Will lie as scattered bones

You will be the earth
As your scattered ashes flow
In dreaming you may heal
With the turning of the wheel
In freedom you may go

You will be forever
From the spindle to the womb
All your promises and deeds
May journey now as seeds
And spiral round your tomb.


2. Asymmetroi Faroi – Voyage

Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Asymmetroi Faroi [2014]

«Ταξίδι» [ποίηση: Ασύμμετροι Φάροι, Ιούνιος 2014]
Ήχους συρτούς το δρώμενο χαράσσει
Ηχόδρομους δίχως ευθείες πλατιές
Ηχόδρομους στενούς, φιδίσιους
ανάμεσα σε δάση σκιερά κι αγριεμένους λόγγους
που αναθυμιάζουν φόβους μύχιους
Για ταξιδιάρες ψυχές είναι μαγεία
Για τους υπόλοιπους, δίκαιη καταδίκη.

«Voyage» [Gk; Taksidi /  poem written by Asymmetroi Faroi, June 2014]
Sliding sounds the ritual incises
Various sound routes with no wide lines
Narrow sound routes, serpentine ones
between shady forests and rough scrubs
exhaling our innermost fears
fears of disorientation.
For wandering Souls this would be magic
For all the rest ones, it is a fair sentencing.


3. Xyramat – Was Ist Verrät?

Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Xyramat [2014]
[Track Title translation to English: ‘What is Treason?’]


4. CIRCE Family Work – Writing Is Making Love

The track «Writing Is Making Love» consists of various audio material [all created -written, recorded, produced- by the following artists] in an Audio Montage by Anna Stereopoulou [2014]:
~ Yianna Dellatolla [Field Recording (Airport & Aircraft area)]
~ Hechem El Jed [Voice Recording of the Poem «Writing Is Making Love». Written /Recited by Walyeddine Messaoudi]
~ Francis Etto [«Saudades, Taco e Tomate» Field Recording]
~ Huixtralizer [«San Miguel» & «Wasting Time» Field Recordings]
~ nobodisoundz [Texture Tracks & Spoken Thoughts in French]
~ Anna Stereopoulou [Field Recordings]
~ Carlos Suero [Various Brief Compositions]
~ Kyriakos Tsoukalas [«FF» Brief Composition]
~ Vortex Count [«aea.ea» Texture Track]
~ Excerpt of Mulatu Astatke‘s music piece «Yekermo Sew» is heard as ‘source music’ in one of the field recordings of the current track.
~ ~ Audio Montage, Mixed by Anna Stereopoulou
~ ~ Final Mix / Mastering by Sonic Crime (Nick Piliouris)

«Writing Is Making Love» [poem written by Walyeddine Messaoudi]
Making love cannot happen without love and envy; otherwise, it loses all meanings
and becomes prostitution and fornication.
Making love is a moral value that people are coward to admit it, and, still,
despite those practices that appear disgusting and violent…
The same case for writing, it’s a moral value the same as for making love
whatever the topic, the consequences and used terms…
And writing may not reach the degree of the moral value if it is empty from
that feeling of desire, lust and love.


5. Erissoma – Psychic Sounds

Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Erissoma [2014]


6. Stathis Kampylis – Dreams of Future Past I

Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Stathis Kampylis [2014]


7. Jennifer Eberhardt – Seven Horses

Music Composed, Performed, Produced by Jennifer Eberhardt [2014]


8. CIRCE Family Work – Free Wheel

The track «Free Wheel» consists of various audio material [all created -written, recorded, produced- by the following artists] in an Audio Montage by Anna Stereopoulou [2014]:
~ Katerina IliopoulouFor Lefteris from Amorgos» narrative; in memory of Lefteris, a local, coach driver from Amorgos island (Greece). Text recited (in Greek) /recorded by Katie Mavromati)]
~ nobodisoundz [Texture Tracks & Outro Mona‘s Humming]
~ Carlos Suero [Various Brief Compositions]
~ Whodoes (Vasilis Chountas) [Avant-Garde El.Guitar Samples]
~~ Audio Montage, Mixed, Mastered by Anna Stereopoulou


9. Ilias Charis – Cantus Circaeus

Track Composed, Performed, Mixed, Produced by Ilias Charis [2014]
Including samples by «La Segonda Retroencha» [performed by Martin Best Medieval Ensemble] and «Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend» animated series [Backing Vocals through Vocoder taken by «Odysseus and Circe» episode]. The title is borrowed by Giordano Bruno‘s text on mnemonics «Cantus Circaeus» [‘The Incantation of Circe’, 1582].


circe key words [port] | photo by Jana Tziveleki © 2014

picture attached on the left
“Port” [Gk; Limani /Λιμάνι]
one of Circe’s key words
as inspired the artist Jana Tziveleki
More key words in photos by /
info about her at: equivalently.

: keep weaving ~



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