cxx : «sounds of nature» compilation ~ 2019

a history-of-Minimalism track
by Anna Stereopoulou

Participation in the (VVAA) «Sounds of Nature» Compilation by Corpus Black Records #CORB013 []

Name of Artist: Anna Stereopoulou
Name of Track: CXX
Style: Minimalism, Experimental, Electronic, Noise, Techno
Track Release: 1st December 2019
Compilation Release: 14th December 2019

About CXX composition

«CXX» was composed by Anna Stereopoulou between June-September 2019, as invited by Corpus Black Records to join the label’s ‘Sounds of Nature‘ Compilation in December 2019.
«CXX» represents number 120 (as written in Latin numerals) and, more specifically, the Tempo / Speed / BPM of the whole composition itself, showcasing the beginning and evolution of Minimalism music genre, through time and influence to/by various other music styles.

You can listen to «CXX» composition by Anna Stereopoulou at the player, here:

• Production*: ANNA STEREOPOULOU©2019 | AEAEA Studio, Athens
*(Composition, Recordings, Mixing, Sound Production)
• ANNA STEREOPOULOU performing: Electric Piano (Yamaha P60), Analogue Synthesizer (KORG VolcaKick)

About Sounds of Nature compilation

The present compilation consists of works by 30 + 1 Greek artists, following below, as they were invited to create a track / composition by Corpus Black Records.

You are welcome to listen to all of them, at the following link:

Artists’ Names [in Tracks’ order]: Yiorgis Sakellariou / Sinnertia / Nikos Veliotis / Chihiro Hikari / Hudd / Georgios Karamanolakis / Auberg1ne / Hyper Strange / Kon001 / Alpha Sect / Colin / Dimitris Kamarotos / Calmdown / George Tounisidis / Melorman / ION / Anna Stereopoulou / Pera Sta Ori / Mr.Dos / Mic Meimaroglou / Eissel / Atypikal / Fac3less / Vasili Carlson / Unknown Transmission / Christos Charitidis / Saniter & Theremin / George Libe / Stanislav Lavskyy / Laurent Berger / Space (GR)

Kind Note + Wish: My sincere thanks to Corpus Black Records for the honouring invitation to participate in the label’s (VVAA) «Sounds of Nature» Compilation, amongst so many wonderful musicians.
At the same time, I would be delighted to discover and listen to more women / wom@n music composers and producers, in the future!

…keep Weaving ~
anna stereopoulou [december 2019]



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