‘rho’ sound installation ~ ohrenhoch, der geräuschladen : berlin, de

by Anna Stereopoulou

Noise = Calming or Masking?
Womb = Safety or Imprisonment?
Obstacle = Restriction or Challenge?
Start = Crickets or Cicadas?

Memory or Dream? Death or Life? Question or Answer?

Multiple, Contrasting Views of the Whole; a Sonic and Verbal Anamorphosis

RHO was composed by Anna Stereopoulou between February and March 2016, as commissioned by the ‘ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen‘ (ohrenhoch, the Noise Shop) Sound Gallery (Berlin-Neukölln, Germany).
The Audio Booth, for which the present composition was designed, functioned as a simulation of a Womb, while an extra material was requested by the artist, to be added onto the installation. Also, the installation’s structure and speakers’ set-up, motivated the listener to focus on Feeling (vibrations), rather than just Listening. The Listener /Spectator was invited to listen, either inside or outside the booth, and either standing or seated.
The duration of the composition is based on a (repetitive) 20-min Sleep Cycle, whereas its title represents the eternal Flux, heard in the sound of Water traveling to any direction and functioning both as a transmitter and a receiver. Greek liquid consonant letter ‘Rho’ [/ˈroʊ/; Greek: ῥῶ (polytonic)] enters-and-exits our Ear (German: Ohr).
RHO has an ecological, social-cultural and psychoacoustic character and it is inspired by ancient Asclepeions and the healing power of Water and Dream.

A new version* of ‘Rho’ is part of Anna Stereopoulou’s SYN project and on-going interdisciplinary research on the human Brain and Psychology, and it was also offered in Phase #1 of the NEW International Open CALL of the composer’s worldwide project CIRCE The Black Cut.
Date of Release: June 20th, 2016
Release: Independent | Free Download
Type of License: Creative Commons (BY-SA)]
*[New mix and EQ with the addition of a series of Binaural Beats, throughout the course of the music. The specific frequencies sequence is based on Meditation practices.
Audition, preferably, with headphones (of closed type / avoiding ‘In-ear’ or ‘Earbuds’ ones)

Recorded, Mixed, Produced by Anna Stereopoulou [February-March 2016]
[Recording Locations in Greece (Running Water and other sounds)]
• Vyzitsa village, Pelion mountain (Spring in the forest; Cicadas)
• Panagia village, Thassos island (various Springs and Brooks)
• Entrance of the Strait of Nestos river, Galani, Thrace (River; Crickets)
• Bank of Podoniftis river’s stream, Patissia, Attica
• Portico of Avaton or Enkoimeterion (dormitory) of the Sanctuary of Asclepius, Ancient Epidaurus (Rain)
• Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus [Tourist guide and visiting Students of American School testing the Acoustics (Clapping in Circle; recitation of William Shakespeare’s ‘A midsummer-night’s dream’ (excerpt, Act 3, Scene 2)]
• Sawing of Cardboard box (Balcony in Athenian neighbourhood)
All sounds recorded with a Zoom H2n Digital Audio Recorder

Style: Acousmatic, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Soundscape
Length: 20 minutes
RHO is considered as part of « c i r c e :the black cut: » project and it marks the beginning of its new phase (April 2016)
The composition was premiered on Sunday, May 8th and 15th, 2016 at the ‘ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen’ sound gallery. The artist was present at the gallery on Sunday, May 8th.

The worst cage is the illusion of Freedom ~ Giovanni B.

RHO is dedicated to Maria Varoucha

~ Stay in Sync ~

Anna Stereopoulou at Portico of Avaton or Enkoimeterion (dormitory) of the Sanctuary of Asclepius, Ancient Epidaurus, Greece | photo credit: Tilemachos Kouklakis©

Anna Stereopoulou at Portico of Avaton or Enkoimeterion (dormitory) of the Sanctuary of Asclepius, Ancient Epidaurus, Greece | photo credit: Tilemachos Kouklakis©

“RHO is presented in the Audio Booth (which is a fixed loudspeaker installation at ohrenhoch designed by Knut Remond, based on an idea by Jacob, ohrenhoch-Kids)”
More about the composition (in German), on http://www.ohrenhoch.org/de/aktuell.html

ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen‘ (ohrenhoch, the Noise Shop)
founded / run by Knut Remond and Katharina Moos
soundactivismwords project created by
Knut Remond (artistic director ‘ohrenhoch’) and Isabella Zamboni (art historian)
~ http://www.ohrenhoch.berlin
~ http://www.ohrenhoch.org/en/news.html

about Ancient Asclepeions

Asclepius is said to have been the son of god Apollo, and the ancient Greek god of medicine. During the ancient Greek and Roman times, his sanctuaries, also known as Asclepeions (or Asclepions) were important Healing Centres, founded -as branches- in several cities all over Greece, as well as in Rome, Asia Minor and Africa. The most famous Asclepeion was built in Epidaurus (Peloponnese, Greece / 4th century BC), while in 1988 it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. The location of Asclepeions was chosen in relation and balance to the natural environment, giving an ecological character to the area and making it suitable for walks and education, or else, a realm of natural beauty offering a spiritual exaltation to the visitors. Such locations were found within groves and forests, and required the presence of all the elements of nature (location, climate, flora, fauna, etc.), but mostly (running) water (rivers, lakes, springs /wells), as the key factor of healing, which, in combination to the therapeutic cult of Asclepius, helped in the development of the medical science. Similar forms of Asclepeions existed in various ancient cultures, worldwide, in which the visitor (patient) attended a special treatment (walks, fitness exercises, purifying baths, special diet, herb tea mixes, etc.), preceding the Enkoimesis, an initiatory way and holistic method of Sleep Therapy, which nowadays is available in many modern Sleep Centres and Clinics, specialised in sleep disorders, apnoea or other neurological issues.


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