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A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

Diachronicity – Interculturalism – Interdisciplinarity

The Art & Science Research of Anna Stereopoulou moves multidimensionally and studies the different types of Waves and their interaction with the Other, as a new Whole. It is applied and developed through the production and live presentations of her solo concept artworks, a wide range of collaborations (Music, Theatre, Dance, Fine Arts, Poetry, etc.), as well as her FEELMUSIC Seminars, and in combination to her specialisation in Film Scoring as today expanded in a ‘Sound Art & Design’ level.

She has chosen to conduct her Research, independently and outside Academia, in order to move more freely, however, she often collaborates with various Scholars and Scientists, and receives commissions and support from various Institutions and Bodies, worldwide, as she is frequently inspired by Greek and World Myth-History, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, and Social-Cultural, Ecological and other subjects (2001-today).

Anna describes her compositional Music Style as Sonic Moving Images, which expresses her ability to adapt to any Film Music requirement, as well as her wish and love for Unity and Holistic Knowledge and/through Traveling and Dreaming & Envisioning. In a few words, her Art & Reseach is a ‘tranlsation’ of her personal diary, through which she cultivates and develops a synaesthetic Communication Language.

Wave 1 | Early Years – 2007 | Classical Music Studies (Piano, Composition / Film Music), Early Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic works

Wave 2 | 2008 – 2016 | Therapeutic Properties of Sound and Light/Colour, Sleep / Dreams and Water (Various Types of Waves) on the Human Brain and Human Psychology | Early Psycho-Acoustic & Electronic works, Field Recordings, FEELMUSIC Seminars

Wave 3 | 2017 – today | SYN ~ Cymatic Environment© | suggesting a border-crossing of Cinema Art to an innovative Art-Education-Wellness Model as an artistic form of Hypnosis

Brief Analysis of Research (and selected Work-examples)

Article currently in process

How it Started

Anna Stereopoulou was born in Athens (Greece), to parents of Constantinople and Asia Minor (father) and Italian origins and with great interest and activity in Archaeology, Culture, Art and Research. She was raised within an environment that inspired her to research and study many different fields, which connect her more directly with the big, External ‘picture’ of our World, in order to understand its function and to express more accurately the Feeling created Internally. Her goal is to evolve as a person and artist, attempting a deep and primordial union with Nature and Cosmos.

She started expressing her love for the Piano at the age of 3, when she finally started taking lessons when she was 6 years old. During her teenage years she composed her first music for solo piano, titled ‘The Rain‘, which gave birth to her dream – goal for ‘Music for Image’ & ‘Music that creates Internal Images’. After she finished school and having already been accepted to London College of Music & Media, she moved to the UK, where she completed her Piano studies gaining a BMUS (Major: Performance / Secondary: Composition) and, later, she specialised in the field of Music for Film & TV, as a student of Trinity College of Music (Trinity Laban). Soon, she discovered a parallel interest in the organization – presentation of audio-visual / multi-media events, that gave shape to her main concept art, which since then she describes as A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©.

Wave 1 | Early Years – 2007

Early Works (2001-2007)


Her first major thematic works are EUROPA (Audio-Visual Piano Recital, 2001) inspired by Nymph Europa, Genesis (for Flute and Piano, 2003) based on Hesiod’s ‘Theogony’ and the Grand Unified Theory, and UTOPIA (Music Theatre, 2003), based on Aristophanes’s ‘The Birds’ and Sir Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, in parallel to more Solo and Ensemble works, such as, The Last Waltz (2000) transcription for String Quartet, Alpha (2001) and Mono (2003) for Orchestra, Three (2002) for Jazz Ensemble, Chróma-ta String Quartet (2002), Im_pulse (2002) for Piano, Two Marimbas, Percussion, and many works for Voice (Poems and Hymns set to music).
In this way, she explored various Genres, from Classical to Contemporary Music (Atonal, Twelve-Tone technique, Musique concrète, Minimalism, Pop/Jazz/Progressive, etc.), and with a strong influence by Ethnomusicology and (ancient to recent) Greek/ Mediterranean & World Folk music.

She also got inspired by many composers and musical / other artists and works such as the Dream House by La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela (simulation at Sons et Lumières; A history of sound in 20th Century art exhibition, Centre Pompidou, 2004-2005), La Jetée (1962) by Chris Marker, David Lynch (early shorts and Twin Peaks series) and Anamorphosis technique on which she later wrote her ANAMORPHOSIS; re-vision essay (Social-Cultural & Art subjects, 2012) as she first met the term in The Ambassadors (by Holbein, 1533) and De Artificiali Perspectiva (by Quay Brothers, 1991).

During her life in London, Anna had the opportunity to collaborate with many colleagues and London-based scientists, such as the British Museum, National Film Theatre and Royal Academy of Dance (as a student), and (Greenwich) Royal Observatory, Thames Festival and Hellenic Centre (as a young individual artist), to name a few.


After its premiere, her next thematic Music Theatre, titled HELICONIAN MUSES (2005-2006), was invited to be presented at the Inspirational Arts Festival (London), where she also gave a Lecture on the same-titled subject, as well as on the Musicality of the Greek & Human Language.
Later, her collaboration with choreographer Daniel Lommel on his AENAON production of Eugène Ionesco’s ‘The Lesson‘ (featured on her debut solo album; a collection of music works for Dance titled DANCE WITH ME, 2008 | INFO:, gave her the opportunity to discover Alfred Jarry‘s Pataphysics philosophy, whilst her work HELIOS (for Piano and Tape), was premiered at the Astrophysics Conference, dedicated to the Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine, at the University of Insubria, as commissioned by Professor Luigi Zanzi (Italy, 2007). Both works helped Anna study even closer the concepts of Space-and-Time, but also enter a more Electro-Acoustic compositional form.


Italy has been a big inspirational chapter in Anna’s life and work, especially after her first visit as a child, in the ancient city of Pompei.

In 2005 she received a Special invitation to perform the Opening Concert of the artistic annual period of La BADIA di San GEMOLO, in Varese, where she returned in 2012 for a Joint Concert with Soname (Contemporary ‘Tibetan Mountain’ Singer) and in 2018 for SYN‘s Italian Premiere (Special Edition in the commotion for the Fire at the Parco del Campo dei Fiori 2017).
In 2006, Anna performed at the Portello River Festival (Padova) presenting A kNIGHT IN mareTERRAneo music concert (History, Nature, Cultures of the Mediterranean Sea) and again between 2007-2010, when she also worked as an Artistic Director Assistant and Music & Film Adviser (Portello River Festival & River Film Festival), gaining a more active role and experience also in Acoustics and Live Sound Engineering. There, she also presented Il Viaggio dell’Anima (Greek & Roman Mythology / History, Psycho-acoustics in Necromanteion of Acheron / Acheron river Springs, 2007), UTOPIA – Il Diario di un Visionario (Music / Dance / Theatre; The power of to the human mind to overcome the ‘walls’ of society, 2008), and …oneirograph…v.5.Spindle (World Premiere, 2010).
In 2011, as the Production Coordinator of Greek Mission of the National Youth Festival of Ancient Drama, she was given the chance to get access to (and experiment with, in her free time) many interesting Ancient Theatre Acoustics, in Syracuse / Sicilia.
A few years later, her projects ONEIROGRAPH (2013) and CIRCE The Black Cut (2014) were presented in PIANO CITY Milano, where she met Ludovico Einaudi, with whom she developed a musical friendship, In 2015 and 2020 she represented Greece in ToBe Continued… – World TB Day | Radio World Marathon, organised by Radio / Stazione di Topolò and the Global Health Incubator.
In 2018, her ALPHA Orchestral work was premiered (World + Italy) in Padova, on Women’s Day, representing Greece & Europe. The work’s transcription for Clarinet, F.Horn & String Orchestra was performed by I Solisti Veneti, directed by Maestro Claudio Scimone (organised by Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica).

Wave 2 | 2008 – 2016

ONEIROGRAPH (2007-2010)

Since 2007, she has drawn special attention to ‘the Therapeutic Properties of Sound – Light/Image – Sleep/Dreams – Water on the Human Brain and Psychology’, and the concept and acoustics of the ancient Asclepieia and other monuments and locations.
Her Music Dance/Theatre, titled, A Dream Within a Dream Within a Dream…, inspired by Edgar Alan Poe’s work and based on the world of Dreams and their ‘effect’ upon the Artists, sets the first seeds to her Oneirograph project (Greek for dream detector). Its 5th and final version, sub-titled Spindle (from Sleep Spindles) is portrayed during the course of Sleep Cycles (falling asleep – Sleep Gate – REM-NREM phases – Awakening), and was developed during her meetings with Dr. Emmanouil Vagiakis and the attendance of Sleep Therapies on other patients, at the Laboratory-Center for Sleep Disorders (Evangelismos Hospital, Athens).
Oneirograph was officially premiered at the Portello River Festival (Padua, 2010), becoming a landmark point in Anna’s research. The performance took place on the Stage – Raft floating on the river’s Water, during a Sound & Light performance she designed especially for the event, achieving to make the spectators focus on the on-site Waves’ (sound and light colours) experience itself, rather than on the ‘viewing’ of her physical presence ‘on stage’. | INFO:


In 2011 Anna attended one semester on Building Acoustics, as a visiting student at the School of Architecture – Laboratory of Acoustics at N.T.U.A. (Greece) under the tuition of Associate Professor of Sound Technology, Alexandra Sotiropoulou (Dept. IV) and in parallel to the making of her ELECTRON project, inspired by the structure and function of the Human Ear & the Balance of Body, and the unity of Water + Fire (Electricity). The project was commissioned by and first presented at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Athens), as an event-series (2011), and was later published as a solo album (2017). | INFO:

Parallel Works (2012-2014)

In Spring 2012, Anna received an invitation to compose the music for The Tree And The Swing feature film (directed by Maria Douza), for which she was based on various Psycho-Acoustic and Romantic/modern-Classical techniques and she was greatly inspired by the script, as well as by attending the shooting of the film on different locations. (Best Original Score award at the Cyprus International Film Festival, 2014) | INFO:

Her A ∞ [aleph / infinity] solo album mostly consists of her first Psycho-Acoustic works she created for solo and collaborative works (Theatre, Dance, Short Films & Animation, Radio) and its title is inspired by The Aleph short story, written by Jorge Luis Borges. The album was released in 2013 and on the same date of the writer’s birthday (August 24, 1899 – Buenos Aires, Argentina) commemorating his life and work. | INFO:

FEELMUSIC Seminars (2012-today)

Her FEELMUSIC Seminar Series were launched in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Greece (January 2012) with which she worked for a few years as an external collaborator, however, she started giving Lectures / Workshops and work with Schools and Education since 2006.
This has helped her develop her research also accompanied by a (Sound / Psychology) Questionnaire she interlards in relation to some of her works, and as part of her effort / aim to promote Listenings and New / Sound-based presentation formats, in Greece (and abroad). | INFO:

Field Recordings (2015-today)

Anna Stereopoulou has always been making, collecting and featuring field recordings in her music, using various equipment (Tape Recorders, Photo/Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, etc.), yet, since 2015 she entered the specific world, developing many of her works into Sound Installations for own productions or commissions she receives from Sound Galleries, such as ‘ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen’ Sound Gallery in Berlin [rho ~ ῥῶ (2016), SYN (2018), The Anti-Post-Primitives (2021)] and Festivals, such as Lampateria (2016) & Dirty Talk (2020) in Evia, Greece, Piano City Milano (2013, 2014), Festιval of Commons (Athens, 2017) and more.

CIRCE The Black Cut (2014-2016)

In March 2014 Anna founded and run (for 3 years), CIRCE The Black Cut, an Artistic, Cross-cultural, Interdisciplinary project, aiming at the promotion of Diversity – Visibility – Empowerment of its (Artists, Scientists, Academics, Students) members coming from 36 countries, through its Annual Call, Family Work (Collective Album), Festival / Presentation in IRIS Cinema Theatre / Cinema Sector of the U.o.A. Student Cultural Union (P.O.F.P.A.) and other venues (Greece & Online). She collaborated with individuals, as well as institutions and collectives, such as the ‘Hellenic Federation of the Deaf’, the ‘Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece’, SatNOGS Project, 7MNS Music, female:pressure network, Schools and Universities, and other Culture, Education, Science sectors’ representatives.
SUBJECTS: Cosmos & Worship of Goddess Mother [(Greek) Potnia and worldwide forms of Mother Nature / ‘Circe’ as the greatest Healer of the ancient Mediterranean world], Psychoanalysis & Philosophy [Jacques Lacan (Topology and Three Stages of the Human Psyche), Plotinus (Three Fundamental Principles), Otto Rank (The Trauma of Birth), Diotima (on Eros / Love), Art, Poetry, Linguistics [Phaistos disc, Kazimir Malevich (Black Square), Cornelius Cardew (Treatise)], to name a few.

about the Album

SYNOPSIS: “The departure from Aeaea -Circe’s island-, the visit to the Underworld and Thrinacia (island of the sun god Helios), the return to Ithaca and the death of Ulysses, are ‘narrated’ through ancient world hymns’ and scripts’ excerpts, which worship Mother Nature and archaic deities, and knit a scenario that is later resolved upon arrival to a new Aeaea, (…).” The album was later (December 2019) selected (by Fontas Troussas for LiFO) amongst the 20 Best Music Albums of the Decade 2010-2019. | INFO:

related Sound Compositions / Releases

Galanthus sound composition (2014) was composed by Anna Stereopoulou for the MAARBLE «SOUNDS OF SPACE» Musical Composition Contest (2014). It consists of various space sounds and its title is inspired by Galanthus plant which is said to have been an antidote against Circe’s poisonous drugs (Greek mythology). | INFO:

rho ~ ῥῶ (commissioned by ‘ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen‘ Sound Gallery, Berlin, 2016) was designed for the Audio Booth of the gallery, and functioned as a simulation of a Womb, while an extra material was requested by Anna, to be added onto the installation. It is inspired by ancient Asclepieia and the healing power of Water and Dream, being based on a (repetitive) 20-min Sleep Cycle, and motivating the listener to focus on Feeling (vibrations), rather than just Listening. The Listener /Spectator was invited to listen, either inside or outside the booth, and either standing or seated. | INFO:

The Imaginary‘ (2016; a rework on Wild Anima’s composition, titled ‘Live’ | ‘Songs from Above’ album) is based on psychoacoustic and tonotopic phenomena and it is inspired by the work of composer and installation artist, Maryanne Amacher (1938 – 2009). The track suggests to be auditioned using speakers placed also in any preferable and non-conventional arrangement in the space; as Anna also composed it. | INFO:


In late 2014, and on the occasion of ‘The Tree And The Swing’ film screening in Kolkata International Film Festival, she visited India where she met film director Premendu Bikash Chaki, who introduced her to Dr. Sajal Bandopadhyay, at his clinique in Kolkata. There, they discussed about his research in Human Physiology and ‘Gyrosonics & ZED Science, WINGARD RESEARCH’, which strongly inspired the development of Anna’s research, into a Holistic Therapy concept of applied art, focused on both Science (proof) and Instinct / Feeling. Her travel to India also helped her identify and appreciate deeper the Non-Linear, but Spherical concept of Time and Duration distinguishing her own ‘philosophy’ and works.

Wave 3 | 2017 – today

SYN ~ Cymatic Environment© (2017-today)

Since 2017 she has been introducing a special form of live presentations, described as Cymatic Environment© and launched through her latest project, titled SYN. Its goal is the simulation of a sum consisting of different realities, sounds, images, stories. It is the creation of a single-unified Environment, in which, different types of Cymas (Waves – Ondas) are moving, and, towards different directions. SYN was premiered (multi-channel) at MEGARON – The Athens Concert Hall («Teaching Hall» of the «Lilian Voudouri» Music Library) the same year, and it was dedicated to the memory of Luigi Zanzi (1938-2015), and based on Ilya Prigogine’s research on Time Irreversibility. (Event introduced by Talks by the researcher of the Research Centre on Greek Philosophy of the Academy of Athens, Mr. Apostolos N. Stavelas, and by members of the family of Mr. Luigi Zanzi). | INFO:

SYN ~ Cymatic Environment© wishes to inspire each spectator to question themselves about the way they perceive the Division, the Duration, the Curvature and the Direction of Time, in contradiction, as well as in combination with the way it is imposed, by different societies and cultures, over the centuries.

SYN = mathematical symbol + word-forming element meaning “together with, jointly; alike; at the same time,” also sometimes completive or intensive, from Greek ‘syn’ (prep.) |

X Sound Installation (2018)

Sound Composition & Installation «X» by Anna Stereopoulou was developed throughout five versions, until its final was featured in her PLANO Solo Album, released on 14 May 2019, as part of her SYN project. It is based on Acousmatic music and different Art forms, whilst it is inspired by the life and death -by stoning- of Olympias (mother of Alexander the Great) in ancient Pydna, Greece; based on the «Unity of the Opposites» (Heraclitus) and on ancient Greek and (later) traditional Epirotic music.

(Original Version 1 (for Two Sets of Speakers / Stereo in X / + shapes) was first presented as a Sound Installation in the 5-day presentation of SYN ~ Cymatic Environment© at Beton7 Arts (Athens, June 2018), with a design based on the Structure and Function of the Human Brain. Version 2 (for Small Ensemble) was composed on the occasion of “Global Women in Music for Human Rights | CALL for New Music”, organised by Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica. Version 3 (for Recorder -Tenor in C & Alto in C- and Tape) was (World & French) Premiered in Turbulences Sonores Festival (France, 2018), as commissioned and performed by Sylvia Hinz. [The Recorder Player was invited to perform seated on a (wooden / box-type) Stool, between the 2 Monitor Speakers (Left + Right channels) and to have the double ‘role’ of both a Performer (transmitter) and a Listener (receiver), functioning as a kind of ‘Enkoimesis‘ or Meditation, for both the Audience and the Performer.]. Versions 4 + 5 are Reworks by Anna Stereopoulou, featuring recordings of Eva Caballero on Flutes. | INFO:

Note: X is a shape which Anna Stereopoulou first met during her CIRCE project research, and the decoding she did on the final and less known and taught section of Circe-Ulysses (plus, Penelope-Telegonus-Telemachus) myth-history. A shape which also managed to adapt on her main SPINDLE concept logo (inspired by Standing Waves and Infinity).

PLANO (2019)

PLANO Audio-Visual ArtWork is the artistic fruit and broader application of SYN. Its goal is to encourage people to increase their attention to and improve Listening (to Sound), by promoting new Cinema & Music / AV Presentation formats, in order to help them appreciate and trust all (5) Senses, through the observation and expression of Feelings, within a Technology-and-Image-driven era. It suggests a border-crossing of Cinema Art to an innovative Art-Education-Wellness Model as an artistic form of Hypnosis.

Soundtrack Album: Selected (by Fontas Troussas for LiFO) amongst the 10 Best Music Albums of 2019 (February 2020) | INFO:
AV ArtWork: Best Music Video Award at NEZ International Film Festival (Kolkata, India, 2019 | World Premiere) and Official Selection at Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2019 ( > > FilmForward section; Greek Premiere) | INFO:
as part of SYN: Nominated for the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2020 as proposed by Dionysis Mallouchos, member of Classical:NEXT experts’ committee (February 2020)

Horologion of Andronikos Kyrristos Sound Installation

The 1-day site-specific Sound Installation was designed by Anna Stereopoulou for the interior of «Horologion of Andronikos Kyrristos (Tower of the Winds)» monument in Athens, on Winter Solstice 2019, and as part of SYN / PLANO event series. It functions as a Psycho-Acoustic ‘capsule’ which explores and expresses both Space and Time. In other words, it works as the Inner Cosmos in which History is concentrated -and renewed-, both on a personal (microcosmos) and ecological, social-cultural (macrocosmos) level. | INFO:


Since 2013, Anna Stereopoulou has built some strong bonds with, and has received a factual interest and support in her music and research, also by many Spanish and Catalan NETWORKS: Sesión)Sonora and Música Dispersa; LABELS: 7MNS Music (NET / 2013 – 2020), Mute Sound records (Zaragoza, 2015) and Seattle Dott. Records (NET / 2018-2019); ARTISTS: Erissoma aka David Mata, Ana Béjar and Atthis band; VENUES / FESTIVALS: SONORAS’s events: off_herzios Festival (Valencia, 2014), Lázaro Galdiano Museum (Madrid, 2019) and Casino Antiguo de Castellón (Castellón, 2019); Círculo de Bellas Artes events: MURMUR (2019) and 3 Mujeres por el 8M (2021). In parallel, her music has been greatly promoted by JOURNALISTS & RADIO Producers: Rosa Pérez (Fluido Rosa, Radiotelevisión Española / RNE) for Various invitations and inclusion on Programmes’ Shows (2013-today) and PLANO Live Launch Performance on Los Conciertos de Radio 3 TV/Radio Show, Jorge Obón and David Coello for airing on Radio Círculo (CBA Madrid) and Pedro Pablo Gallardo‘s PROCEDIMENTUM Magazine/Fanzine (Córdoba, 2018 & 2022-2023).

Recent Works (2020-2021)

Sound Art Works

Hestia Fields (2020) sound work is an ode to ancient Greek Goddess HESTIA, whilst Ad Vivam Flammam (To the Living Flame, in Latin / for Solo Celtic Lyre, 2021) is a Sonic Libation in honour of Roman Goddess VESTA. Both works have a meditative and social-cultural character and they compose a wish for Peace, Unity and Strength, as inspired by the attributes and symbolism (Con-Centration: fire / hearth / family) of the two Goddesses.

Amphilyce (Twilight, in Greek, 2020) consists of original Synth/Field recordings and Space Sounds, narrating the course of the Perseids Meteor Shower. It is based on the Binary System Theory, conveying a series of Microcosm / Macrocosm and various Music and other Scientific laws / formulas. It is considered as a meditative Call for Unity, as well as a ‘sequel’ Sound Art work of Galanthus composition.

Watch Live is an ‘AUDIO VISUAL Art Response to the Era of LIVE & VIRTUAL STREAMING’ (booming since the beginning of Covid-19 with social isolation) and was first screened in ‘Women In Experimental’ Online Festival (06 March 2021). It is based on Anna’s poem, ‘The Anti-Post-Primitives‘ (as it appears during the AV ArtWork), which was later developed to a Sound Installation and as a Mono Channel & Environment Sound work. It is an audio meditation of Social-Cultural & Ecological character, and of Tribal, Techno, Sound Art and Spoken style, mostly consisting of Beats and Voice, interpreting the poem itself. Presented in ‘ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen’ on May Sundays 2021 | unpublished – unreleased

Es Trophoniou memanteutai (fiction podcast) is one of Anna’s Dreams, in a Bilingual Narrative form, consisting mostly of Field Recordings (running waters), offering a psycho-acoustic experience, similar to the one of each “Sleeper”-patient’s during the “Encoimesis” practices. Its title is inspired by the same ancient (Greek) proverb, “He/She received an oracle from the oracle of Trophonius”, referring to the Sullen and Gloomy people, in general (or in particular, the Visitors of the Asclepieia, in the ancient times). Premiered in #TDF23 Podcast Competition section 2021 & in Radiophrenia 2022 | unpublished – unreleased

Film Scoring

After her PLANO (AV ArtWork & Soundtrack), Anna was glad to realise the success of the work’s main and internal goal, which was to help her enter Film Scoring field more actively again, but above all, to set the technical and emotional foundations of the next big chapter of her life.

Since early 2020 she is back in composing the music for various film works, introducing also a technique she developed, especially after the beginning of SYN, and which she calls Sound Art & Design, borrowing elements from Film Scoring, Sound Art and Sound Design. More specifically, she worked on:
Chronis Pechlivanidis‘s (medium length) DocuDrama (title t.b.a.),
CROSSING THE MOUNTAINS of Central Rhodope Range (Medium-Length Film Documentary,) dir. by Pavlos Tsiantos, focusing on Nature and Hiking,
STILL A CHILD (Film Essay) dir. by Dionyssia Kopana, using mostly Field Recordings,
200 Years from the Greek Revolution – 200 Wonders and Leaps Anniversary TV Spot series (ERT TV, March-December 2021), dir. by Oliwia Tado, of (ancient to recent) Greek traditional music styles,
INTO THE LAND OF ICE AND FIRE (Feature Film Documentary) dir. by Dimitra Zirou, inspired by the life and culture of Sámi people and fusing acoustic Percussion with analogue Synthesizers, in a ritual form,
LISTEN TO ME (Feature Film) dir. by Maria Douza, in which she had the opportunity to blend previous works of hers (including PLANO), with new material, in an ‘artistic’ remix, expressing the feelings of the Deaf protagonist role and the effort-need for Communication.

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«In what percentage can the human Mind (Brain + Soul), perceive the infinite realities and its co-ordinates, existing and moving Con-Currently? And based on which position Point of the spectator (viewer + listener + body), we consider movement + direction of each energy – wave (cyma)? In other words, what is the Other which functions as a Comparison and Unit of measurement, and in which Space?». from SYN Premiere – Analysis & Press Release excerpt:

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