+bio- : «1 minute autohypnosis…» #28 compilation ~ 2015

Participation at Pedro Bericat‘s «1 minute autohypnosis…» project
Included in No.28 CD of the project series
Name of Track: +bio-
Released in May 2015 on Mute Sound records [Zaragoza, Spain
[Free Download]

The musical piece « +bio- » was composed by Anna Stereopoulou and it is of a “short study” form. The composition is inspired by Claude Debussy‘s solo piano prelude «La Cathédrale Engloutie» [‘The Sunken Cathedral’, 1910] and by texture and timbre elements of Impressionism [late 19th – early 20th century]. A hint of lichen* is implied in the title which reflects the balance of Life as found in its cycles and the fusion (symbiosis) between its organisms. Closing, the whole project’s theme -autohypnosis- is the main trigger of the present composition, in the sense of ‘water/sub meditation’ used in sea and any water diving.
*”A lichen is a composite organism that emerges from algae or cyanobacteria (or both) living among filaments of a fungus in a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship.” (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichen)
Composed in April 2015 by Anna Stereopoulou
©all rights reserved. 2015 | www.annastereopoulou.gr
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

You can listen to and free download the piece through the embedded player –track #13– at the following link: http://www.mutesound.org/1_minute_project/1-minute-autohypnosis-28th-cd/
About the «1 minute autohypnosis…» project by Pedro Bericat
Mute Sound records ~ #28 CD of the project series
Release Date: May 2015
Genre; Ambient, Experimental, Sound Design.
Artists (in order of tracklist); Peter Courtemanche, Christoph Hess, Vittore Baroni, Alexandros Drymonitis, Alain Cotten, Chris Sigdell, Post Global Trio, Cold Boiled Dog, Invader from Mars, Arvo Zylo, Re-Clip, Angel Faraldo, Anna Stereopoulou, Ficus Strangulensis, Ka Van Haasteren, Wayne Clements
Info: http://www.mutesound.org/1_minute_project/1-minute-autohypnosis-28th-cd/



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  1. Love the panning you did left to right, very dramatic!

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