71° 10′ 21” : «origen» vvaa compilation ~ 2013

SevenMoons - Origen

«ORIGEN» VVAA Compilation by SevenMoons Music, 2013 [album cover]

Participation at the «ORIGEN» VVAA Compilation
Name of Track: 71° 10′ 21”
Production: SevenMoons Music
Released: March 22, 2013
[Free Download]

The piece shifts between sub and high frequencies and draws a route of crispy and frosty harmonics towards an echoing inner warmth, offering the opportunity to the listener to create their own map; to explore their own place and/in space.
Composed in January 2013
©all rights reserved. 2013 | www.annastereopoulou.gr
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

About the «ORIGEN» VVAA Compilation
SevenMoons Music Ref. 7M_001
Date; 03.22.2013
Genre; Ambient, Experimental, Sound Design.
Artists; Anna Stereopoulou, Adamned Age, stillme & Alvaro Casas, _Liv, Cello & Laptop, Sustainer, Federico Monti, Raül Fuentes, You´re Terribly Late, Erissoma, Godafoss, Elias Merino, Jean Montag, Lauki.

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