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‘PLANO’ Live LAUNCH Concert by Anna Stereopoulou at «Casino Antiguo de Castellón» [Sesión)Sonora + Sonoras networks] | Castellón, Spain | 18 May 2019 | photo by Jacob Estupiñá Morales©


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Latest Release: Standing Forward

• Read about: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-16I
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Latest Album / OST + AV ArtWork P L A N O

ALBUM Independent Release: May 14th, 2019
• INFO [Full Credits + AV]: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-Z6
• WATCH ‘Los Conciertos de Radio 3‘ (RTVE/RNE)



AV ArtWork Independent Production: July 14th, 2019 (completed)
• INFO: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-11v
WORLD Premiere: 29 September 2019
NEZ International Film Festival | Kolkata, India | BEST MUSIC VIDEO Award
GREEK Premiere: 06 November 2019 | 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Launch Events
• Autumn / Winter 2019 [Greece]: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-10W
• May 2019 [Spain]: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-Zc
• All News: https://annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/category/stereo-waves/syn/

Latest Project S Y N | work-in-progress

World Premiere: May 30th, 2017
INFO | Phase 2 [Apr-Dec 2019] | Under the Aegis of G.N.T.O.: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-Yx
INFO | 2017-today: https://annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/category/stereo-waves/syn/
Key Presentation: 9-13 June 2018 @ Beton7 Arts Athens
w/ “20 Years female:pressure Anniversary Event”: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-Vx

Previous Album electron

Independent Release: November 23rd, 2017
• INFO [Full Credits + AV]: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-Qp


Anna Stereopoulou [a graduate of Trinity College of Music and London College of Music & Media] has achieved to combine her music with modern art movements and world cultures, as well as with other Arts and Sciences and has developed a genre she likes describing as «sonic moving images». She specialises in the field of Music Composition for Film & TV, but has also taken on the task of organising and overseeing Audio-Visual /Multi-Media concerts, inspired by researching various subjects, whilst she is currently introducing a special form of live presentations, described as Cymatic Environment© and launched through her latest project, «SYN» (2017-today) and concept album «PLANO» (14 May 2019).
Her multinational collaborations comprise of the Royal Marines Orchestra (Portsmouth, UK), Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Sun-Yat-Sen University (Taiwan), Royal Academy of Dance (London), Aenaon Dance-Theatre, Beton7 Arts Centre, Piano City Milano, Bundes Film Festival (Berlin, Bronze Medal), Radio Nacional de España (Fluido Rosa), Silent Film Festival (MCF, Athens), BBC «Homegrown Hollywood», London National Film Theatre, «Yakumo Koizumi» Museum (Matsue-Japan), MURMUR Festival 2019 (Spain), invited by Rosa Pérez / Fluido Rosa | Radio 3 (Off_Herzios Festival 2014, «Los Conciertos de Radio 3» (RTVE/RNE), SONORAS Network), and more. She has also been working as Music Consultant / Programming at Portello River Festival & River Film Festival (Padova, Italy), respectively, whilst since 2012 she has occasionally been in the team of «Association Concept Artgentin» (France – Argentina), co-founded by VJ Mushroom /Gabriel Otero [3×3 SMIL (2013), Parachute Light Zéro ACT II (March 2015) and Project 92 /Paris].

• Her orchestral work ‘Alpha’ was Premiered (World & Italy) on 8th of March 2018, at the Auditorium ‘Cesare Pollini’, representing Europe & Greece, and performed by ‘I Solisti Veneti’, directed by Claudio Scimone [International Call organised by Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica].
Other recent projects of hers include the collaboration with «ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen» Sound Gallery (Berlin-Neukölln / 2016 & 2018), with sound artist David Mata / Erissoma (2013-today), with theatrical director Ioanna Michalakopoulou (music for August Strindberg’s The Dance of Death, 2011-2012), with choreographer Daniel Lommel (music for the dance-theatre The Lesson -Eugène Ionesco-, 2006) and the EREMUS solo (Butoh) dance performance (2013-2014), participating with Original Compositions & Live Electronics. Her most recent activity in the film scoring include the mini documentary «Invisible Paths» (Αόρατες Διαδρομές) and the narrative /short «Butterfly», directed by Yianna Dellatolla (Greece, 2017 & 2014) and the feature film «A Place Called Home» [alternate title: «The Tree & The Swing», directed by Maria Douza, released in February 6, 2014 (Greece). The film has participated in many festivals worldwide and won several awards, including Best Original Score award in the 9th Cyprus International Film Festival (September 2014).

• After the release of her debut album «Dance With Me» in 2008, Anna’s project «…oneirograph…v.5.spindle : live in italy» was released in March 2013 and followed by the ‘bridge’ album, titled «A ∞» [aleph / infinity] and the collaborative album «Spirits» with Chris Silver T [Plus Timbre (PT010)]. Her work «A ∞» is available on the Spanish 7MNS Music platform, which has been one of the main supporters -alongside female:pressure– of her project /research « c i r c e :the black cut: » with participants coming all from 36 countries (2014-2016). A work that gave birth to her latest project / «SYN» trilogy [«c i r c e :the black cut:» (2014-16), « electron » (2011 / 2017), «…oneirograph…v.5.spindle : live in italy» (2010) projects], with a series of concerts, seminars and new collaborations.

• Anna Stereopoulou is currently focusing on her research (Human Brain / Psychology), through the release of her latest concept album / audio film «PLANO» (May 14th, 2019), whilst, her solo albums are available to listen /study at the Music Library of Greece ‘Lilian Voudouri‘ [created by the Friends of Music Society] and ‘Jerwood Library‘ of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, in London, UK.




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