…oneirograph…v​.​5​.​spindle : live in italy ~ 2013

…oneirograph…v.5.spindle : live in italy
Personal Album, released March 27, 2013
Live recording at the VI Portello River Festival
[Padova / Italy – August 6, 2010]
Production: Independent
Available on BandCamp | iTunes | CD Baby

spindle [logo] After midnight…
I closed my eyes and spread my fingers.
The stars disappeared outside my window
and liquid sounds replaced my tears;
tears of a smile.
The sleep arrived…

…oneirograph… and its 5th version, titled spindle is based on a research by Anna Stereopoulou, on various types of Waves (sound, electromagnetic, brainwaves) and the various phases of Sleep. The waves’ presentation is being unfolded through the various phases of Sleep (NREM – REM), starting from the moment we fall asleep, until the awakening /dawn.

…oneirograph… is a project / concept / mentality, which has been inspired in 2007 and is being developed throughout the passage of time, via various dreams and life experiences, through which I attempt to find questions, answers and solutions, in order to understand myself and -hopefully- get evolved as a person and artist.

After the long journey of discovering interesting scientific information about the human brain, I reached the point, where I had the need to express all these through music and sound; I had the need to share my dreams in an artistic way. That was the point when I read about the beautiful use of the “Spindle” and various types of brainwaves. Sleep Spindles, also called sigma waves, are a burst of brain activity, which may represent periods where the brain is inhibiting processing to keep the sleeper in a tranquil state; …tranquil, but lucid, too! The metaphor of “Spindle” (eternal course of the Spiral), is the main source of inspiration of the whole project: The force, which derives from our own Mind; from our own Soul.

lyrics written / all music composed, performed
and produced by Anna Stereopoulou
live recording by Mattia Biadene and Thomas Dimasi
mixed by Anna Stereopoulou
mastered by Dadoo BigDadoo
album artwork / logo attached by Anna Stereopoulou & Spiros Train
Photograph on bottom of the page by Filio Magenta

available also [printed copies] at To Spirto ~ Lotus
© Copyright, Anna Stereopoulou, 2007-2015
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art ©

«...oneirograph...v.5.spindle» photo: FilioMagenta Photography

photo: Filio Magenta

To the Divinity of Dreams;
The Fumigation from Aromatics
“THEE I invoke,
blest pow’r of dreams divine,
…For ever friendly to the upright mind,
sacred and pure, to holy rites inclin’d;”
Orphic Hymn 86

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