the imaginary : «above» [wild anima] va remix compilation ~ 2016

Participation at the «Above» VA ReMixes Compilation
Name of Track: The Imaginary [Deep Ambient, Psychoacoustic]
Released: November 5, 2016
on Wild Fox Records [Free Download]

Anna Stereopoulou‘s composition ‘The Imaginary‘ is a rework on Wild Anima‘s composition, titled ‘Live‘, from the latter’s album ‘Songs from Above‘, released on Blue Tapes Records, as “Blue Twenty Two“.

The sounds used in the specific composition are sounds taken from the original ‘Live’ track, only, and as later manipulated by Anna Stereopoulou.
The Imaginary‘ is based on psychoacoustic and tonotopic phenomena and it is inspired by the work of composer and installation artist, Maryanne Amacher (1938 – 2009).
The track can be best auditioned using closed-type headphones, or speakers placed in any preferable and non-conventional arrangement in the space.

The ABOVE ReMix Collection is available as Digital Format and Free Downloading and it contains a total number of 10 tracks.
Alix Hyde (UK)
Anna Stereopoulou (Greece)
Jean-Yves Leloup (France)
Vincent Guiot (France)
9T Antiope (Iran)
Jérémie Nicolas (France)
Kaahem (France)
H4N (France)
Meditation Music Farm (France)

‘The Imaginary’ is dedicated to Maryanne Amacher (1938 – 2009)


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