nectar 0.165″ ~ a thematic proem : decoding a sonic glance

NECTAR 0.165”
by Anna Stereopoulou

a thematic proem of the project and album « c i r c e :the black cut: »

«Nectar 0.165”» was composed by Anna Stereopoulou between January – February 2015 and it is a thematic proem of her project and album (release: May 30th, 2015) « c i r c e :the black cut: ».


The piece represents a scene dreamt by the composer (02/2014), which could be located anywhere between the Springs of Acheron River (Preveza, Epirus), the Oracle of Trophonius (Lebadaea, Boeotia) and a hidden spot in the southern part of Katapola port (Amorgos, Cyclades) -all areas (in Greece) visited by Anna in the past- or in any place somewhere in Time.
A reference to Naiad Nymph Herkyna (Trophonius’s daughter and Persephone’s childhood companion) lies within the title, while the use of the word Nectar (sweet liquid in flowers, known as the drink of the gods) can also imply an offering and it is a compound of nek– (Gk; νέκ) “death” and –tar (Gk; ταρ) “overcoming,” /”to cross over, pass through, overcome”; i.e. to beat death. Also, the step-sequenced motif (heard after the introduction and onwards) is a chromatic element triggered from the composition Cantiga VI; one of  the seven cantigas d’amigo by Martin Codax (Eno sagrad’ en Vigo, probably around mid-13th-century) narrating a story taking place in the town of Vigo (Galicia, Spain /Portugal) set to music by Anna Stereopoulou and performed in Galician-Portuguese by singer Susana De Oliveira Teixeira and flutist Eva Caballero (London, UK, 2002). Thereby, many locations, mythological and medieval elements and various music genres have given inspiration to form the present composition.

composed, performed and produced by Anna Stereopoulou© [released March 1st, 2015]
album cover image (photo by): Aris Leontaritis© [Pinakothek der Moderne, München, Germany / 21.02.2010]
©all rights reserved by the artists


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