c i r c e : the black cut ~ first presentation dec2014 ~ a/v report

c  i  r  c  e
:the black cut:

First Presentation
Athens [Greece] + Worldwide
December 15th – 21st, 2014
organised by anna stereopoulou
in collaboration with all project’s participants worldwide

The 1st presentation of Anna Stereopoulou’s project « c i r c e :the black cut: » took place both in Athens (Greece) and Worldwide with a series of events, between December 15th and 21st, 2014.
A family audio work, titled Vuelo Libre [Free Flight] was released on December 15th [on 7MNS Music], -consisting of sounds and spoken thoughts of the project’s participants- and was the beginning of the 1-week events followed, but also to the structure of the exhibition and the composition themselves. None of the 3 main parts (Album – Exhibition – Concert) would exist without the presence of the other two. The Exhibition was firstly housed in one main space (15-18/12/2014 at The Place venue) hosting various works of the artists, created especially for it and which were later (19-21/12/2014) freed and spread around the city, in various other points. The course led the spectators at the premiere of the music of « c i r c e :the black cut: » [new compositions by Anna Stereopoulou], at IRIS Cinema Theatre on Sunday, December 21st, 2014.

[[ Family ALBUM ]]

VUELO LIBRE Family Album
of the « circe :the black cut: » project
released on Monday, December 15, 2014 on 7MNS Music, Spain
listen + download free [cc] on 7MNS BandCamp channel
detailed info: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-mU
«Vuelo Libre» was first broadcast on the radio show «Doctore Xyramat» at Freies Sender Kombinat [Hamburg, Germany /December 12th, 2014] and presented on the radio show «Jazz on Air», hosted by radio producer Pantazis Tsaras [ERTopen (3rd Programme, ERA Athens, Greece) /December 13th, 2014]. Also, a new mix of the album was created by Australian spoken word and sound artist and broadcaster Lisa Greenaway (a.k.a. DJ LAPKAT) and it is available to listen on her La Danza Poetica MixCloud channel. The mix will also be broadcast on Chimeres web radio, on Friday, February 6th, 2015.


Monday 15 until Saturday 20 December 2014
ΛV Exhibition [various spaces]
Main Space: «The Place» (15-18/12/2014)

Exhibition Curated by Anna Stereopoulou (inspirational conversations with the following artists: Konstantino Vlastarakis, Elli Dakanali, Nickos Roumbakis /lamda/, Jana Tziveleki)
The hosted artworks are created by the participant artists of « c i r c e :the black cut: », after getting inspired by the project’s theme(s) (Phaistos Disk, The Black Square (Kazimir Malevich), various Ancient World Goddesses, etc.), as well as a given chart of (40) key-words, placed all around the main space area (small hand-written notes).
The exhibition set up suggests a specific route within Mind /Soul /En (One), based on psychoanalysis theories as expressed by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan [Three Fundamental Dimensions; Real, Imaginary, Symbolic (1901 – 1981)], the Austrian psychoanalyst Otto Rank [The Trauma of Birth (1884 – 1939)], the philosopher Plotinus [Three Ontological Principles; the One, the Intellect, and the Soul; (circa 203 – 270 /Greece)] and other topics.
Exhibition Set Up: Photography [room 1], Installation [room 2], Metal Sculpture / Poetry [room 3], Mixed Media [central room], Traditional Textile Painting /Photography [corridor], Outdoor Installation [garden]
[Details about the artworks follow under the photo gallery. Images taken by ACT Photography / Apostolis Dakoulas (where artist’s watermark shown). You can click on first picture to view photo gallery (order: room 1 – garden)]

Room 1 [photography (various artists /a-z)]: Premendu Bikash Chaki [India] ~ Zaphiris Epaminondas [Greece] ~ Francis Etto [Brazil] ~ Futzi [Greece /Germany] ~ Tilemachos Kouklakis [Greece] ~ Nestoras [Greece] ~ Gabriel Remoundos [Greece] ~ Jana Tziveleki [Greece /Spain] ~ Maria Varoucha [Greece]

Room 2 [installation]
Title: Radiosquare (Ραδιοτετράγωνο), 2014 | Artist: Konstantino Vlastarakis [Greece]
Installation, Collage and Recycled Electronics on Canvas
Watch artwork’s video teaser, at: http://youtu.be/PlDJPQVVitE

Room’s 2 Lighting Design was inspired by «The Dream House» [New York, 1963 – today] a Sound and Light Environment by composer La Monte Young and visual artist Marian Zazeela.

Room 3 [metal sculpture / poetry (various artists)]
Metal Sculpture: Logo of the project « c i r c e :the black cut: » (word: Circe)
Set to Metal by Apostolis Dakoulas [Greece] / Logo Design by Anna Stereopoulou
Poetry: following Various Artists (a/z)
«O Mother Have Mercy On Us» [Tunisian Heritage Poem]
«Forever» [Charles Antony, May 2014, Great Britain]
«Ταξίδι» (‘Taksidi‘ / «Voyage») [Asymmetroi Faroi, June 2014, Greece]
«Tonantzin Faces» [Ana Béjar, December 2014, Spain]
«Tonantzin» [Pablo Cobollo, December 2014, Spain]
«For Lefteris from Amorgos» [Katerina Iliopoulou, July 2014, Greece]
«αλλά πρώτα άσε με» (‘Alla prota ase me‘ / «But, first let me go») [Tonia Magkanioti, June 2014, Greece]
«Writing Is Making Love» [Walyeddine Messaoudi, June 2014, Tunisia]
||ουρά|| (‘Oura‘ / «Tail») [/lamδa/ Nickos Roumpakis, 2014, Greece]
Painting by Arion Khedhiry [Tunisia]
Title: Huis Clos [Κεκλεισμένων των Θυρών]
Medium: Drawing – Charcoal And Pastels
Artist’s Description Note as appears on the internet: “I was listening to Casals playing Bach when I made this drawing and it depicts my “etat d’ame” at that moment. I offered it to a brilliant Greek musician and composer and a dear friend of mine: Anna Stereopoulou.

Central Room [works 1 & 2]
Work 1: Drawing Series (8 Works) by /lamδa/ [Nickos Roumbakis /Greece]
Title: Study in Immortality (Σπουδή στην Αθανασία)
Work 2: Joint Work / Title: OnCe UpOn A tImE.
Artists: Katie Mavromati [Egypt /Greece] / Painting /Portrait & Noora Alshoweir [Saudi Arabia] /Background Photography
Medium: Mixed Media / 50 x 75 cm [Painting on Printed Photography]

Corridor [traditional textile painting /photography]
Indian tradition Textile Painting: God Krishna and Goddess Radha
Artist: Unknown local artist of small village outside Rajasthan [India]
Photography [title: remember we are out there] by Jana Tziveleki [Greece /Spain]

Garden [outdoor installation (joint work)]
Title: The Becoming of a Memory
Artists: /lamδa/ [Nickos Roumbakis /Painting, Greece] & Anna Stereopoulou [Greece]
The title is inspired by founder of ‘Pataphysics Alfred Jarry‘s quote “Duration is the transformation of a succession into a reversion. i.e.: the becoming of a memory“, as mentioned in his essay “How to Construct a Time Machine”.
Various Music Mixes were heard during December 15 – 21, 2014 at all exhibition points, including a taxi moving in the greater area of Attica (Greece). The mixes were made -especially for the first presentation of the project- by the following artists: DJ Eve Lys [France], LAPKAT [Lisa Greenaway /Australia], Spyros aka Fake [Greece /Saudi Arabia], Nikos Kleitsos [Greece], Chris Silver T [Greece – Worldwide].

[[ Teaser GIG at Beton7 ]]

Teaser Gig of the New Work Premiere [21.12.14] of « c i r c e :the black cut: »
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at «Beton7» [22.00]
Participation at the Screening Series of the «Chimeres» collective
[after the end of the film «Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life» (Brothers Quay, 1995)]
Pianoforte, Live Electronics: Anna Stereopoulou
Voice, Traditional Wind Instruments, Recitation: Labros Kantzos
Singing: Ana Béjar [Spain] Recorded voice /poetry -by Ana Béjar & Pablo Cobollo– especially for the event / inspired by Aztec goddess, Tonantzin

The following embedded video was kindly recorded (by Giorgos Efthimiou) during the concert.
You are welcome to watch a mix of excerpts of the Teaser Gig.

14_CIRCE_TheBlackCut_Exhibition2014_screening_VJmushroom[[ SCREENINGS / Exhibition Event ]]

On Thursday, December 18, 2014, final day of the exhibition at The Place (main space), the audience had the opportunity to watch the following film works /video arts, followed by a Q&A with the film directors Maria Douza and Yianna Dellatolla, who were present during the screenings, amongst other artists, such as script-writer Eli Kritharaki and DoP /Cinematographer Zaphiris Epaminondas.

[ images credits ]
left: VJ Mushroom (Gabriel Otero) – “…tout est possible” [screening moment (photo taken by Apostolis Dakoulas©2014)]
right: Jennifer Eberhardt – “To the sea” [screening moment (photo taken by Gabriel Remoundos©2014)]15_CIRCE_TheBlackCut_Exhibition2014_screening_JenEberhardt

[ screening info ]
•  Ali Emran – “Baand-e-jashn” / festival of folk theatre plays of Kashmir [24′, 2014, India]
Chaosmonger (Nicola Piovesan) – “The secret of it all in 7 parts; PART V: Chaos is Math and Math is my Religion” /video art [3’53”, 2013, Italy /Estonia]
VJ Mushroom (Gabriel Otero) – “…tout est possible” /video art [3’21”, 2014, France (Argentina)]
Chaosmonger (Nicola Piovesan) – “Lagunemine” /documentary [70′, 2013, Italy /Estonia]
Maria Douza – “I’m Sorry” (Sygnomi) /Social Awareness spot against Women Abuse [25”]
Yianna Dellatolla – “Butterfly” /narrative – short [19’30”, 2014, Greece]
Maria Douza – “The Bridge” /short film [30′, 1990, NFTS Production, UK]
Jennifer Eberhardt – “To the sea” /experimental (music) piece for live performance plus video [21′, 2014, Germany]

[[ CONCERT Premiere ]]

Sunday, December 21, 2014 [21:00]
Music Concert ~ Work Premiere « c i r c e :the black cut: »
«Iris» Cinema Theatre, Athens,GR
University of Athens Student Union, Cinema Sector of the U.o.A. Student  Cultural Union (P.O.F.P.A.)
brief info / wish: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-mv

The departure from Aeaea -Circe’s island-, the return to Ithaca and the death of Ulysses offer to Anna Stereopoulou the map on which she draws the sound of her new compositions.
A time and space multidimensional path, in ancient world civilisations and goddesses who worship Mother Goddess, knits a scenario full of contradictions, and later resolved upon arrival to a new Aeaea. In the place where we discover our own very first memory; our own Birth; Life itself; the Universe. Sound is Ariadne’s helping thread; it is the map of (Mother) Earth, which reveals the structure and function of our society. Through research, conversations and guidance by artists and scientists, Anna Stereopoulou composed directing an audio film (sound installation) offering a musical ‘review’ (Jazz, Minimalism, Ethnic, Atonal, D’n’B, Ambient, Psychedelic, κλπ) and hoping to the reactivation of our Senses.
Thus, on Sunday, December 21st, in «Iris» Cinema Theatre, the composer, with artists coming all from different fields – Labros Kantzos, Michael Mazis, Elsa Papeli, Nick Piliouris and Dimitris Samirinvited us to an Audio Spectacle, celebrating Winter Solstice and wish we Feel the Free Dome of Nature itself, in which we all belong equally.
[Images taken by Apostolis Dakoulas©2014. You can click on first picture to view photo gallery (top left /#1 to bottom right /#9: Anna Stereopoulou, Labros Kantzos, Michael Mazis, Elsa Papeli, Anna S. & Michael M., Elsa P. & Labros K., Dimitris Samir & Labros K., ‘The Black Cut’ moment, IRIS Cinema Theatre venue (live concert moment)]

all info about the events, the artists, the spaces, can be found at the following link
full information about the project
https://annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/ ( section: κίρκη : circe ~ )


c   i   r   c   e
: the black cut :
©Copyright, Anna Stereopoulou, 2014~2015~
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©
Official WebSite: annastereopoulou.gr


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