high on low : «nyx» [siva six] va remix compilation ~ 2018

Participation of Anna Stereopoulou in Siva Six‘s «NYX» VA ReMixes Compilation

Title of Track remixed: High On Low [Electronica, Down Tempo, Avant-Garde]
Title of Album: Nyx [Electro, EBM, Techno]
Released: February 2, 2018
on Alfa Matrix [AM3236DJ] Belgium

Remix on SIVA SIX‘s track ‘High On Low‘ from the band’s album, ‘Dawn of Days‘. The rework was made by Anna Stereopoulou, during April 2017, and showcases the need and struggle to avoid and escape from any forms of social or self Psychological Manipulation.
‘High On Low’ remix consists of:
• Part of Sounds used in the original track: Vocals, Harmonic & Melodic Lines (manipulated, mixed anew)
• New Audio Material made following midi lines of original track
• Piano + Analogue Synthesizers performed / recorded by Anna Stereopoulou
• Field Recording (at finale) by Anna Stereopoulou | Berlin neighborhood, May 2016

Available to Listen and Buy, on the official BandCamp channel of Alfa Matrix and on various digital platforms.

NYX Participant Artists [in order of ‘appearance’]: Technolorgy, C-Lekktor, Wolfchild, Freakangel, Cyborgdrive, Jimmy Tott, A7ie, Antibody, Venal Flesh, Metroland, Unhuman, Christian Cambas, In Misery, Anakin Lightning, The Dead For A While, Sakis Darkface, Anna Stereopoulou

• Listen to NYX album: https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/nyx
• About SIVA SIX [info + news]: http://www.sivasix.com/

Note: Many thanks to Z [aka Giorgos Tamvakologos] for trusting me Siva Six’s Sound, and thus, giving me the opportunity to finally express some past frustration and various inner suppressed feelings, as well as to develop and expand my musical technique and borders. ~ anna stereopoulou : 03 february 2018

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