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Title: Rebuilding PLANO
Artist: Anna Stereopoulou | Remixed by Various Artists
Digital Release on SevenMoons Music: 24 Feb 2020

ABOUT «Rebuilding PLANO» Remix Album by Anna Stereopoulou

«Rebuilding PLANO» is the new digital release by composer, pianist, researcher, Anna Stereopoulou on 7MNS Music. Its pun title indicates the artist’s PLANO solo album, as it has now been remixed by five remarkable international musicians, with whom Anna has collaborated also in the past, and the number (5) of whom represent the 5 Sections of the original work. However, each musician was free to choose whether they would re-work on the whole album or just a part of it, as well as the music genre or length of their final remix.

The result is a wondrous new ‘map’ of 49 minutes in Total Length, redesigned by (in order of appearance): Electric Indigo (musician, DJ, composer), Erissoma (self-taught composer and sound artist), Tuna Pase (music lover, musician, educator), sound- and radio artist Claudia Wegener’s ‘Radio Continental Drift‘ (feat. Gogo’s storytelling) and Space Blanket (electronic music duo); a journey through various styles, such as Cinematic, Techno, Ambient, Noise, Electronic / Electro-Acoustic, Experimental, Spoken, Field Recordings, or else, through a level series lifting it up, closer to Anna’s psychosynthesis and love for both solid Structure and pure Freedom, as also portrayed on the Remix Album’s cover photo.

Remix Tracks’ List
PLANO – remixed by Electric Indigo
PLANO – remixed by Erissoma
PLANO – remixed by Tuna Pase
PLANO – remixed by Radio Continental Drift (feat. Gogo)
PLANO – remixed by Space Blanket

Title: Rebuilding PLANO
Artist: Anna Stereopoulou | Remixed by Various Artists
Digital Release on SevenMoons Music: 24 Feb 2020 |
PLANO original work | Independent Release: 14 May 2019 |

Mastering: Senh
Cover Photography: Helene Argyriou©
Styles: Cinematic, Techno, Ambient, Noise, Electronic / Electro-Acoustic, Experimental, Spoken, Field Recordings

Rebuilding PLANO remix album | Anna Stereopoulou
Digital Release on 7MNS Music | 24 February 2020

Artists’ NOTES

I have always been clear that I should respect the essence of the original song, at least in the same way that it conveys to me, in my mind there is a dream leaving the busy pace of life in the city and traveling to places where nobody arrived earlier, meeting people who for many years have not altered their way of life.
For this I have worked with some of the original (stem) tracks of the song and added new recordings manipulating small objects and instruments such as a Kalimba or Citara processing the strings with ebows. I have also used percussion, cellos and acoustic piano emulations.

This was my first time re-mixing an electro-acoustic piece. Re-using the audio material of a long ambient piece without letting it disappear completely, was a new experience for me.

Alternate Title: “…now I’m a ritual rain maker
“My own inner interpretation of what I’m hearing in the remix is: a soul’s listening; listening to her self listening in to her environment listening in to past and future vibrating around her… and from all the listening to the inside a prophetic voice raises up outside…” Claudia Wegener

Thembi Ngwabi is known as “ugogo”*, a dancer, actress and bass guitarist in Zimbabwe; she directed stage plays and films, played in a famous all-women band and trained hundreds of youths at Amakhosi Arts Academy. Recordings from 2012 in Bulawayo, 2013 and 2018 in the Lupane bush, trace her story as a woman artist and the calling that is upon her growing louder… [*”ugogo” means a grandmother in Ndebele]


31 March 2020 | Radio Flintshire | UK
Presentation of Rebuilding PLANO remix album, Remix Track by Electric Indigo, on Jacki-e’s Draw the Line Radio Show, featuring her mix in the 1st hour of music made by women [Guest mix 2nd hour by Puls’em]
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12 March 2020 | Radio Circulo | Madrid, Spain
Presentation of Rebuilding PLANO remix album, on #eldiscodelas11h radio show of Radio Círculo, airing from Círculo de Bellas Artes

ABOUT PLANO by Anna Stereopoulou

PLANO is the 6th solo album by Anna Stereopoulou (independent release 14 May 2019) and chosen as one of the ’10 most Remarkable Greek Albums of 2019′, according to the article of Phontas Troussas on LiFO [11 Feb 2020].
In parallel, it serves as the soundtrack of her same-titled AV ArtWork, the World Premiere of which took place at NEZ International Film Festival in Kolkata, India, where it won the Best Music Video Award (29 September 2019), whilst its Greek Premiere took place at the anniversary 60th edition of Thessaloniki IFF, participating in >>Film Forward and Agora sections (06 November 2019).
PLANO is part of SYN ~ Cymatic Environment© project by Anna Stereopoulou, the presentations of which took place Under the Aegis of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (2019), whilst it is now nominated for the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2020.

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ABOUT Seven Moons Music

SevenMoons Music was born in 2012 with the idea of promoting music projects and sound artists within the ambient, modern classical, electro acoustic, drone, sound experimentation and all the other styles out of the electronic music that are less conventional.

After a brief break of the platform’s journey, and motivated by many of its artists’ desire and requests, 7MNS sets sails in a new music voyage, this time commencing with «Rebuilding PLANO» Remix Album by Anna Stereopoulou, one of its first ‘crew’ members, having already released a Solo Album [A ∞ [Ref.006] 2013], all three CIRCE The Black Cut’s Family Albums [2014, 2015, 2016] and participated in the platform’s ORIGEN / VVAA [Ref.001 | (2013)] and ‘Ant people’ compilation Vol. II [Ref.013 | (2014)].

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