c i r c e : the black cut [v.3] ~ open call 2016

c i r c e

:the black cut:

Open Call 2016
Deadline: September 04, 2016 [Phase #1]
Phase 1 of Open Call is now closed.
Full Information about the 2nd Phase are available here: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Hv
Website: annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/κίρκη-circe/

International Open Call: CIRCE :The Black Cut: 3rd Presentation
The New International Open Call of Participation in the 3rd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut consists of 3 Phases and its new Theme is ‘CIRCE The Real Cut’. Keeping the Inspiration Sources of the whole work, as well as its Motivating Axes of «Freedom – Feeling – Codes», this year the call is focusing on the book ‘The Trauma of Birth’ (1924 / 1929), written by the psychoanalyst, Otto Rank, whereas its structure is based on the 3 orders of the interpretation of the soul; the Symbolic, the Imaginary, the Real (according to the theory of Jacques Lacan).

ABOUT the 3rd Presentation
Celebrating the Winter Solstice, the 3rd Presentation, will again take place on December 21st 2016 and, like the two previous years, will consist of the following three (3) fields:

CIRCE Family Album | digital (music) album [release: 7MNS Music, type of license: Creative Commons / Free Download]
Audio-Visual Exhibition
Music Concert | Various New Artists

However, this year, the Presentation will have a unified and interactive, audio-visual character, and the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy all fields’ creations of the participants, on the same day and space. The venue, and more information about the Presentation, will be announced later within 2016.

CIRCE :The Black Cut: is a project, or else, a platform or network, launched in March 2014 by composer Anna Stereopoulou and it is encouraging collaborations between its participants, coming all from different artistic, scientific or other fields and from various countries of the world, aiming to create new codes and kinds of expression and communication, while, at the same time, the project wishes to promote the participants’ work on a worldwide basis. Its main goal is creation via collaboration, expressing and listening to our Soul, rather than just the ‘collection’ of a big ‘number’ of people involved. Everyone is invited to create inspired by its main, on-going theme: NATURE (i.e. the Universe). This theme is expressed through various Ancient World Goddesses [nature], ‘The Black Square’ painting (Kazimir Malevich, 1915) [feeling], the graphic score of the composition ‘Treatise’ (Cornelius Cardew, 1963 to 1967) [freedom] and the ‘semia’ (symbols) found on the Phaistos Disk (circa 2nd millennium BC, Crete island, Greece) [code], as well as other Philosophical, Psychological and Scientific sources, found in the analysis (in the following link: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-dP).


c i r c e

:the Real cut:

ABOUT the 3 Phases of the International Open Call 2016
The Call is addressed to anyone interested in participating, regardless of age, gender, of nationality, and more specific:
Phase #1: to everyone
Phase #2: to Composers, Sound Artists -and- Photographsers, Movie Makers, Animators, Digital Artists
Phase #3: to everyone

Also, the Call is moving in parallel to the on-going research ‘course’ of the composer and founder of the project, Anna Stereopoulou, who offers her recent composition, titled ‘Rho’, as part of the 1st Phase of the Call.

ABOUT the 1st Phase of the International Open Call 2016
All people interested in participating, are called to Listen to the music composition, ‘Rho‘ [/ˈroʊ/; Greek: ῥῶ (polytonic)], and then Answer to the following (both) two (2) Questions / (and the given Survey / Questionnaire), choosing one of the two (2) suggested types:

Question #1: Which is the strongest memory of your life?
Question #2: What question would you set to your self?

‘Type A’ Answer: Text [Questionnaire]
‘Type B’Answer: Other forms of answer [i.e. sound / music composition, image /photography, other art or occupation]

All Answers, or a selection of them, will be offered to all people interested in participating in the next phases of the Call 2016, and they will also form part of the 3rd Presentation.

The Composition is available to Listen & Free Download here:

[Type of License of ‘Rho’: Creative Commons (BY-SA)]
Audition, preferably, with headphones (of closed type / avoiding ‘In-ear’ or ‘Earbuds’ ones)

Submission Deadline of Answers / Material of Phase #1: Sunday, September 4th, 2016


Send your entries and queries to sinetoaeaea@gmail.com

Answers of Type A

People interested in sending their Answers via ‘Type A’, can visit the following link to view and answer to the given Questionnare: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-G2

The Answers of the Questionnaire / Survey remain anonymous, however if anyone wishing to have their name included and published in the Participants’ List of the project (2016), they are welcome to send their details, as well as possible queries, to the following email address: sinetoaeaea@gmail.com

Answers of Type B

Please, address the subject of mail when applying as: “Application [Phase #1] for CIRCE :The Black Cut: 2016”, including the following information:
• Name / Surname*
• Artistic Name
• Website Address or other Link*
• Date of Birth
• Place of Birth and/or Residency*
• Short Biography
• Title of Work*
• Date of Creation*
• Technical Info (material / equipment used)
• Description of Work -or- Artist statement about their work
• Images of artworks or practice works

*Mandatory fields

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, September 4th, 2016 [Phase #1]

This year’s Call and, its 1st Phase, is hosted as a Signature Treatment, in the following spaces, since it is offered (free of charge) to the guests of:
YOU Hair & Beauty Care Salon [Athens, Greece]: http://www.yousalon.gr/
GLORIOUS PELEYS Luxury Castle Hotel [Pelion mountain, Greece]: https://gloriouspeleys.com/

CIRCE :The Black Cut: is a project moving and developed without ‘financial sponsorship’, but with various friends and members of its Family offering their interest, time and help. However, the whole work is encouraged by the following international art networks and platforms:
7MNS Music [Spain + Net] http://7mnsmusic.weebly.com/
female:pressure [Worldwide + Net] http://femalepressure.tumblr.com/
Association Concept Artgentin [France + Argentina]: http://www.gabrielotero.com/

Promotion Supporters 2016 [a-z]:
Chimeres Greece: http://chimeres.info/
MusicPaper.gr: http://www.musicpaper.gr/
Sinavlia.gr: http://sinavlia.gr/

Special Thanks to [a-z]:
Bob Coltrane [Against The Silence / Greece], Dj LAPKAT a.k.a. Lisa Greenaway [La Danza Poetica / Australia], Anna Kartali [Artic.gr / Greece],  Vj Mushroom a.k.a. Gabriel Otero [Headliners Mag / Argentine + France] and Xyramat [Freies Sender Kombinat / Germany], for their precious help in promoting the  participants’ work, coming all from different countries, since its first launch: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-kC

WEBSITE: annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/κίρκη-circe/
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, September 4th, 2016 [Phase #1]

c i r c e

:the black cut:

Anna Stereopoulou, ©2014~2015~ / (CC BY-SA) 2016~
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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