c i r c e : open call 2016 ~ phase 1 : type A answers

c i r c e

:the black cut:

Open Call 2016
Information about Phase 1 ~ Type A
Deadline: September 04, 2016 [Phase #1]
Phase 1 of Open Call is now closed.
Full Information about the 2nd Phase are available here: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Hv
Website: annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/κίρκη-circe/
Open Call 2016: http://wp.me/p2zRWp-Fn

International Open Call: CIRCE :The Black Cut: 3rd Presentation
The New International Open Call of Participation in the 3rd Presentation of CIRCE The Black Cut consists of 3 Phases and its new Theme is ‘CIRCE The Real Cut‘. Keeping the Inspiration Sources of the whole work, as well as its Motivating Axes of «FreedomFeeling Codes», this year the call is focusing on the book ‘The Trauma of Birth‘ (1924 / 1929), written by the psychoanalyst, Otto Rank, whereas its structure is based on the 3 orders of the interpretation of the soul; the Symbolic, the Imaginary, the Real (according to the theory of Jacques Lacan).

c i r c e

:the Real cut:

ABOUT the 3 Phases of the International Open Call 2016
The Call is addressed to anyone interested in participating, regardless of age, gender, of nationality, and more specific:
Phase #1: to everyone
Phase #2: to Composers, Sound Artists -and- Photographsers, Movie Makers, Animators, Digital Artists
Phase #3: to everyone


ABOUT the 1st Phase of the International Open Call 2016
All people interested in participating, are called to Listen to the music composition, ‘Rho’ [/ˈroʊ/; Greek: ῥῶ (polytonic)], and then Answer to the following (both) two (2) Questions, as well as to the given Questionnaire, following below:

Question #1: Which is the strongest memory of your life?
Question #2: What question would you set to your self?

The Composition is available to Listen & Free Download, here:

[Type of License of ‘Rho’: Creative Commons (BY-SA)]
Audition, preferably, with headphones (of closed type / avoiding ‘In-ear’ or ‘Earbuds’ ones)

Answer of ‘Type A’: Text
All Answers, or a selection of them, will be offered to all people interested in participating in the next phases of the Call 2016, and they will also form part of the 3rd Presentation.
The Questionnaire is available to Fill-In, here:

Important Note: Everyone interested in choosing to answer via ‘Type A’, has and reserves the right to ask their answers not to be published or/and to remain anonymous, in case their replies get published. However, they are welcome to ask to have their name added in the Participants’ List of the project (2016). For more details, please, send your requests or queries on the following email address: sinetoaeaea@gmail.com

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, September 4th, 2016 [Phase #1]


This year’s Call and, its 1st Phase, is hosted as a Signature Treatment, in the following spaces, since it is offered (free of charge) to the guests of:
• YOU Hair & Beauty Care Salon [Athens, Greece]: http://www.yousalon.gr/
• GLORIOUS PELEYS Luxury Castle Hotel [Pelion mountain, Greece]: https://gloriouspeleys.com/

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