remember we are out there : circe family peace ~ 2015

Remember We Are Out There
a Family Peace of the
« circe :the black cut: » project
released on 7MNS Music Series

The present music track, titled «Remember We Are Out There», was created between June 29th and July 9th 2015 on the occasion of the invitation to “Doctore Xyramat” radio show on Freies Sender Kombinat (July 10th, 2015 / to host some spoken thoughts by Anna Stereopoulou about our era and the CIRCE The Black Cut project. As the composer briefly discusses, it is a great need we focus on the Crisis of the Mind, rather than the Economic Crisis or any other materialistic ‘values’ (sic). However, facts like poverty, in many countries around the world, are not an illusion at all. Are we really aware of all, both negative and positive realities surrounding our days?
In the track, a fusion of Nature and Urban scapes, as well as past and current social-political events are reflected through Sound (various Field Recordings, Music Styles, Languages) which suggest a worldwide unification and celebration of Life (but also, the transmission of Truth and our Voice), through the “Wave” (Alda) solo vocal improvisation at the end of the track, in parallel to the wish implied in the ‘signature’ CIRCE Family Peace (peace, piece).
The track is part of Anna Stereopoulou’s project « circe :the black cut: » -greatly encouraged also by Seven Moons Music– and it came to life as a spontaneous expression after the recent announcement -and result- of the Referendum (Greece, June 26th – July 5th 2015). The piece mainly consists of the track «OXI» by Scheng Fou, made especially for the project, while the title «Remember We Are Out There» is borrowed by visual artist Jana Tziveleki‘s same-titled artwork (artwork source:
[The text of the Spoken Thoughts included in the music, as well as a note by Anna Stereopoulou are found at the end of the present article

Digital Track ~ Free Download
Released: July 11th, 2015 on 7MNS Music Series
License: Creative Commons [some rights reserved (]
Style: Art Music, Cinematic, Experimental, Glitch, Jazz, Noise, Post-Punk, Soundscapes, Spoken, Techno, World Music
Track Cover Image by Jana Tziveleki© [Title: Remember We Are Out There]; layout by jAnNa

The track «Remember We Are Out There» consists of various audio material [all created -written, recorded, produced- by the following artists] in an Audio Montage by Anna Stereopoulou and signed as “CIRCE Family Peace” [June-July 2015]:
~ Evaristo [Brief Audio Message /Athens, GR]
~ Lisa Greenaway /LAPKAT [Excerpts of «The Frogs, the Poet and the Woman» poem, written /recited by the artist; included in the «Khandallah» music track, by Lisa Greenaway & Trevor Brown, 2007]
~ Jenny Holmgren [Free Vocal Improvisation on the word «Alda» (meaning Wave, in old Norse); recorded by Tassos Spiliotopoulos]
~ Scheng Fou [«OXI» (“No”) Music Track; Composed, Performed, Produced by Scheng Fou]
~ Anna Stereopoulou [Spoken Thoughts at intro, Piano, Sea-shell, Field Recordings]
~ Xyramat [Excerpts of «Was Ist Verrat» (“What is Treason?”) track, Composed, Performed, Produced by Xyramat, 2014]

Anna would like to thank all artists who accepted to get inspired and create /offer their art, in such a short period of time. It is indeed a unique experience to blend our Voices, no matter our location or art style.
You can find information about the (track’s) participants at the following links (a-z):
· Lisa Greenaway [dj LAPKAT] | multilingual spoken word + global beats (Australia) –
· Jenny Holmgren | Singer /Songwriter (Sweden) –
· Scheng Fou | Electronic Musician /Drummer of Guts Pie Earshot (Germany) –
· Tassos Spiliotopoulos | Jazz Guitarist /Composer (Sweden /Greece) –
· Anna Stereopoulou | Composer /Pianist /Researcher (Greece) –
· Jana Tziveleki | Visual Artist (Greece /Spain) –
· Xyramat | Electronic Musician /DJ /Radio Producer (Germany) –

anna‘s note…
…a kind of disambiguation about the spoken thoughts following further down

There is a play taking place in my mind, during the last few days. The set is located on the rooftop of a building somewhere in a city. There is nothing but a couple of antennas, a forgotten, rusty outdoor chaise longue and a black grand piano. The time is not exactly defined, but there is still some light.
I’m sitting on the floor, almost in the centre of the terrace listening to the discussion between the group of characters of the play. They all sit on the floor, too, shaping a circle, in one of the corners of the ‘stage’. They all look happy, carefree and full of energy exchanged during the conversation. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are constantly trying to convince Michel to follow them on their trip, but he’s not decided whether he should follow them or Rachel. She is sitting there looking at their moving lips trying to understand their plan, while words are interrupted by Sancho’s warnings and wishes to Pisthetaerus and Euelpides. The play’s music is performed live and it functions like end-of-scenes signals, every time Syd hits the blue keys. It’s actually him deciding when each scene and act will end and he does succeed; it’s not really the chord’s sound; it’s the mute infinity resonating within and from his eyes.

I have no idea why I am watching that play. It already took me so much time to decide whether I should go and take the Nautilus back that I had placed on the chords of the piano before the play started. “I think it’s time to go and take it back”, I’m trying to say to my self. At that moment, before I manage to get up, Luigi comes and sits next to me. He’s holding a dish with two fried eggs. He has just returned from a conference and he thought of cooking something simple to eat. “Some light savory food is always healthier than -numerous- small chocolates”, he keeps teasing me. After he finishes eating, he starts talking to me about all his journeys in the Himalayas, Madares, Olympus and Val Grande. His eyes are full of enthusiasm as always and his voice is clear, loud and with no many pauses. His white hair and his blue eyes, as well as his whole presence is like the ‘complementary colour’ of Syd’s role.

I finally decided the leave before the play finished. The End was not what I was there for. I also left Nautilus as a present to Syd. I went down the spiral iron staircase and arrived in a sea of magenta bougainvillea petals covering the whole old, small courtyard.
There is a second badge now closed in the box; which makes my mind even more open. More badges will follow, for that I’m sure. More questions, hesitations and desperate shouts will be born-imprisoned-freed, too. The shout mentioned in the Spoken Thoughts (text follows below) is a personal /inner one that was released after much work and many collaborations and thoughts’ exchange between many of the “circe :the black cut:” project participants and I, so far.
I’ve been trying to decide whether the present music track and the spoken thoughts should be published, or more correct, under which scope. I truly hope my decision has not offended any of the participants. I find important we all express our thoughts and feelings, freely. It is our thoughts and actions that shape our path and knowledge and if we just stand still, making no steps at all, we’ll never see ourselves having moved further. There are times we need a friend to remind us our own beliefs and I was lucky to receive a forwarded message this morning (Friday, July 10th, 2015) with the following quote:

Δεν μένουμε αμέτοχοι. Εκφραζόμαστε με όποιον τρόπο μπορούμε…
We don’t stay aloof. We express ourselves in any possible way…

My “No” remains Loud and goes to Apathy, Violence and lack of Freedom + lack of Respect.
For money can save lives; but moral values can save both lives and our soul.

OldMill_annAStereoabout the characters of the play (a-z)…
Syd Barrett:
Sancho Panza:
Pisthetaerus and Euelpides:
Michel Recanati:
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern:
Luigi Zanzi:
Alpinist, Philosopher, Writer, Professor
I had the honour to meet Dr. Luigi Zanzi many years ago. He was lately diagnosed with cancer. I called him on the phone, some months ago and he assured me he was doing well. His voice was clear and loud as always. I talked to him about my research and I promised to post him a printed copy of the album when it would be finished. Luigi died the day of the album’s release. I’ll never have the opportunity to share and discuss my thoughts about Life with him again or ask for his opinion on various philosophical matters. But, I owe him (and Life) a sincere Thank from my heart for introducing me to the wonderful world of Ilya Prigogine and the Arrow of Time, as well as for showing his love for Nature and ancient Greek and World philosophy. “Ci rivediamo..!”
Con affetto e cordiali saluti,
Anna Stereopoulou – July 10th, 2015 /Athens, Greece

Spoken Thoughts by Anna Stereopoulou
on the Crisis of the Mind
and the project CIRCE :The Black Cut:

for the Radio Show Doctore Xyramat
on Freies Sender Kombinat [Hamburg, Germany]
Friday, July 10th, 2015

“My name is Anna Stereopoulou and I am a composer, pianist and researcher, based in Athens, Greece.
I always remember my self drawing inspiration from Greek Mythology, History and World Philosophy. Even from a vCIRCE_Remember_7MNS_TrackCoverByJanaTzivelekiery young age, while a student at school in Greece and later at the university, -where I finished my studies in Piano and Composition in London-, Archeology, Architecture and other Science, have been and are still offering many paths through which I am able to explore my inner world, both as a person and an artist. Journeys like these have formed a worldwide map of knowledge, deriving from antiquity and various cultures around Earth, throughout the whole Universe.
However, I have the need to confess that there has been a time, when I started feeling I should hide all my admiration to ancient civilisations, to ancient Greece. That started in about 2012 when unfortunately the far right political party of Greece started getting higher numbers in Greek elections. About the last 3 years I have been experiencing a modern Medieval period, where I was afraid that public admiration to Plato, Pythagoras, Orpheus, Hesiod, and to many other ancient philosophers and scientists, could wrongly give me a stigma of fascism, to put it politely. For the past almost 3-4 years, I have been feeling imprisoned within a darkness imposed by the ‘few’. The strongest and worst type of Crisis the whole world is through, is the Crisis of the Mind.

What about the Crisis of Economy?
First, what does ‘Economy’ mean?
And second, why are we forced to focus only on that and not on the Crisis of the Mind?
Conclusion(?); if we consider and accept there is indeed an Economic Crisis, then this is a sign Money cannot rule forever. This is not about politics in the partisan sense; it is about Man’s life, thought and actions within any form of society. It is about a greater need to break and let any rotten mentality die, and permit new minds collect and share all fruitful Truth found in the Past. We’ll only be able to go forward if we go backwards in Time; but more correct, if we, ourselves design new paths, through free-form dimensions.

Can Democracy exist? Could a society with equal rights and commitments for all, stand strong and blossom as envisioned in “Utopia” novel, by author and philosopher Thomas More?
Could “Birds” of Aristophanes teach us how humans are reflected through these beautiful creatures?
Are we still able to really observe?; both Watch and Listen?
Are we still called Humans?

The Mind, or else, Nous (both Soul and Brain) will always be a threat for some…
If there is something I am proud of, then it is the fact that I am a human being with Brain and Heart;
I am a living being with a Mind, interacting with other Minds.

“CIRCE :The Black Cut:” is a vehicle, a vivid transition within our times. It is a Mirror reflecting our fears and dreams. It is a shout finally expressed; a loud wish to remember we are Nothing and Everything.”

Anna Stereopoulou
June 22nd, 2015 /Athens, GR

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