the opaque fleece ~ sonic cross-cultural exchanges project : women sing at both sides of the zambezi, africa

«The Opaque Fleece» was composed by Anna Stereopoulou between January 17 – 18, 2015 and it was made as a response to the ZAMBEZI WOMEN Call Out [Sonic cross-cultural exchanges project / «The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi» archive], organized by the Radio Continental Drift. All global listeners interested to participate were asked to “choose one of the women’s voices from the archive,” -offered link (following)- “mix it with recordings of their own and send their 2-3 minutes track remix by the end of this year (2014)*, uploading it online and posting the link”.  As Continental Drift radio crew also noted, “The contributions will be part of an online playlist and special radio show, that we want to publish documenting and celebrating this Cross-continental Audio Correspondence.”
All multicultural rhythms and melodies of «The Opaque Fleece» musical piece were performed, mixed and mastered by Anna Stereopoulou, using midi-generated sounds, mixed with the finally chosen “recorded voice” track heard, including thoughts and feelings of the writer Virginia Phiri on the (African) Drum [Voice Recording track title used: “15VirginiaPhiri-TheAfricanDrum” / Part 1 of Playlist**].

“I would like to thank Mrs. Virginia Phiri, for her voice and words describe in such a simple, but deep manner the functions and important use and role of the sounds produced by the (African) Drum percussion on the human soul.” a.s.
You are welcome to read a recent interview of the writer, given at the Panorama Magazine [Zimbabwe’s Leading Cultural Magazine] at the following link:

«The Opaque Fleece» composition, as well as many information about the of  Zambezi and Zimbabwe women and cultures, -found on the Radio Continental Drift and The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi archive websites and links- will be shared with all participants and attendees (readers, listeners, supporters, etc.) of Anna Stereopoulou’s current project « c i r c e :the black cut: », wishing to inspire any new creations and development of its route, by broadening our knowledge further in the area of the African arts and people.

«Sonic Cross-cultural Exchanges project» [The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi archive /  Radio Continental Drift] image source:

«Sonic Cross-cultural Exchanges» project [«The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi» archive / Radio Continental Drift] image source:

// SoundCloud track image is part of photograph taken (by annAStereo) on July 11th, 2009 at the Portello River Festival 2009 [Porta Portello, Padova, Italia] during the live concert of the Italian band “I Coribanti” (musica popolare salentina).

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