the hand

And one day the hand will pop out of the ‘window’ and grab your neck. Your eyes will not recall a single Hertz out of your scream, and tears will blow out of your mind. You won’t be there to see these drops; the wind will take you away and guided by the Hand. Do you remember some black and white horror comix you were reading in the Water Closet? Their characters still hide in the closet and wait for the moment you will set them free. Oh no, dear… they’re not just three… Don’t sit back and wait for some allusion; it’s not about that. This time not; this time they’re hundreds and thirsty for more sweat produced by your forehead. Don’t look at me like that. Just look outside and listen to the wind…

The wind must be translated in order to understand; to get the real meaning of its ‘Blowing’ sound in a specific neighborhood; in a defined city, where laws (?) are run by anti-human beings transformed to a sweet fresh juicy apple. You’re hungry, aren’t you? Hungry for what? Hungry for rotten seeds that offer you to plant in dear or distant lands? What is the cost? The real cost, I mean. I’m Talking as a Friend. A Friend who lost more Friends; your Friends; our Friends. Don’t look at me like that. You’d better look inside my eyes and wonder if my hand is also made of flesh like yours.

mayeyeAnd then I may remind us the very first inhalation on this earth;
when fire was a blessing and a wish;
when knife was used to peel pure fruits and sculpt our Heart’s true kindness;
when voice was sung to bring us close without any commands or cunning leaks;
when “Fear for the Unknown” was just an absent thought;
when we were not alone while packed between the Data/
when scolding wasn’t the way to make us see

And then.., one day the Hand will stroke your cheek and show you that I love you


thoughts surely wondered by
anna  stereopoulou ~
may 25th, 2014

image attached taken /edited by annastereo:
layer 01: “Dissection of the Principal Organs and Arterial System of a Woman” (verso) / [excerpt], 1998;
work by Helen Gerritzen (Etching and lithography with screenprinting)
[Please, do not just copy. Respect the artist and contact her if you like her work.]
layer 02: a wind that now Blows free

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