erissoma ~ goodbye horizon (2014) : album

Erissoma_GoodbyeHorizon_2014_AlbumCoverGoodbye horizon (2014)
by Erissoma

Genre: Ambient, Classic, Piano
Country: Madrid, Spain

01. Reminiscence
02. Moments of a past life
03. In the treehouse
04. The rain and the earth
05. Sweet love
06. Goodbye horizon

Drone; definition
A music texture, slightly varied while continuously holding the same note or chord.

Reconsidering; the Erissoma drone case
..but…you do something specific that creates a unique sound of yours...”
I would never dare asking the composer David Mata (aka Erissoma) about his secret (?) recipe of creating that unique sound of his. It would be like asking him why he likes walking in a certain style. I can just imagine him sitting on his wooden table mixing together all the magic potion sounds placed in various small glass bottles. And the landscape is being immediately transformed; a wide open window allows all images enter and surround the space; where gravity is missing. Where the earthly horizon departs, giving its place to a hidden past which chants the notes you would like to sound yourself.


Erissoma’s ‘sound potions’

It is certainly an ambient album. But, we are in January 2014 and the need of strict category names is finally fading out. Goodbye horizon passes through 6 different rooms, through a climax we are not really aware of. And this is its actual success; the trick of carrying us away and towards the final room (same-titled track), where a whole gigantic mirror appears in front of our eyes; we are looking at the one and unique memory of ours; the most well hidden and most important one. A memory with no shape or texture at all, an intangible one. We’ve been conned in the most clever and well-intentioned way. We had no idea when the first piano note would sound, nor that it would create the true shape of the route we walked.

Goodbye horizon is a lesson we must listen to and learn from it.
For there are still more rooms to create and walk through…

more about Erissoma on Official WebSite | SoundCloud | Vimeo | FaceBook
album released January 16th 2014
all music composed, performed
and produced by Erissoma
available on 7MNS Music
album artwork 7MNS Design
©all rights reserved

 ~ thoughts sined
by anna stereopoulou

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