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Views + Sounds
written and shared by composer Anna Stereopoulou
about the Arts & Humanities and about the artist’s activities

The present blog is built out of the desire to create some fruitful space, where I can express personal thoughts and points of view, based on and inspired by the Arts and how they are influenced by and reflecting upon our society.

personal goal and wish
Since researching, composing and writing have always been some of my basic needs [soul and mind], the spherical [stereoscopic] view I try to keep on matters has given birth to my attempt to find questions, answers and solutions, in order to understand myself and -hopefully- get evolved as a person and artist.

You are also welcome to visit the following areas and find various information and audio-visual material about projects I have been researching and have presented so far:
stereo phones [discography] ~ stereo thoughts [free form writings] ~ stereo vibes [poetic allusions] ~ stereo waves [projects and collaborations] ~ stereo scopes [current project and research with international collaborations ( : circe ~ ) and presentation of other artists’ art ( u+opics ~ )]
Articles are located in the following pages: ‘about anna stereopoulou‘, ‘c i r c e :the black cut: project‘ and ‘stereo scopes‘.
You are also welcome to c o n + a c t me, sending your feedback, comment, collaboration invitation, commission, or expressing your interest in contributing to my Art & Science research on the Human Brain.

…keep weaving ~spindle [logo]

sined by
anna stereopoulou ~

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