~ ~ fusion wells

nearfield sines ~
friends, supporters, soulmates

association concept artgentin [vj mushroom /gabriel otero]
francis etto [music producer & visual artist]
dj eve-lys [dj & composer]
female:pressure [international network of female artists]
headliners electronika mag
hellenic spirit organization [non-profit organization (sci) of greek culture]
dj lapkat / la danza poetica [lisa greenaway]
mac(manous [graphic design]
patching circle athens [visual programming language group]
please.insert.coin [sergio ko | designer]
sevenmoons music platform & label
sonic crime [music producer]
viewgazer [home -and nature- musician]
~ participants of the project circe :the black cut:

artic.gr blog
chimeres zine /radio /blog
ert.open [occupied ert station (06.2013 – 06.2015)]
into the fire [film documentary]

a place called home [maria douza | film writer & director]
butterfly [yianna dellatolla | film writer & director]

no man’s land [psychedelic /progressive rock band | official member (keys, synth)]


echoing sines ~

broad range of useful links

~ cities and memory [global field recording & sound art work]
~ frequencies of musical notes
~ various wave types
~ human echolocation
~ mimesis
~ odd music

~ ocean of sound – david toop [book]
~ the ambient century – mark prendergast [book]


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