to all fake Tyrannic Links ~ anna stereopoulou

To all fake Tyrannic Links;

To the fake Tyrants of Athens and Ithaca;
My dear Lords, I denounce you.
I kill you in the name of Respect, with all of my Respect.
I feel betrayed and quite a fool,
however that latter ‘quality’ belongs to you.
I only mentioned it thanks to an ethic which sounds redundant to your ears.
The small shells I break in Three and a Million tiny pieces;
the sound of their crash I keep away from your irises.
May not-me decide what shall appear in your paths,
since capable I’m not of ruling others’ steps
nor is it of my interests to bless or cause the fights.

And as for you, my rusty-bloody links
-…or ravens should I say?…-
I scout your filthy thoughts
which are disguised as sweet white icing
and burn the words and acts you like to offer,
out of ignorance and lust!
My acts are more important than my pen,
yet red hot wax must quickly seal the oath I give to my own self.
May only Death thunder my Life’s best and most objective cut.
I hereby permit you all to keep away from my back,
for brave enough to stand and face me, if you are,
I welcome you!

And all that Darkness worshiped now, may Light shed on the borrowed cage.
The only Way that tunes me in, is through my Standing Waves ~

These words I share with all of you, deep from my heArt;
these Feelings ruled by and ruling my own Path.

Anna Stereopoulou
May 2015 – December 2018

P.S. It’s actually Me that guy sitting opposite the river facing me with his opaque gaze,
while he is taking the baby boy out of the water.
Helix was right.
(Until proven otherwise. February 1st 2014-2019)


about the ‘Links’:




photo by Knut Werner Lindeberg Alsén |
anna stereopoulou @ some aeaea ~

A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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