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Anniversary Event
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Beton7 Arts | Athens, Greece
09 – 13 June 2018 | 2pm – 9pm
Part of the 5th “Visions-V_Ideas, Performances” | June 04-17 2018

31 July 2018 | Greece

[composer’s note…
«In what percentage can the human mind (Brain + Soul) perceive the infinite realities and coordinates, existing and moving Con-Currently? (…)».

The above question is the one I had set to my self, a few days before the opening of the latest SYN presentation. I knew that the specific event would teach me a lot. Even more than I could then imagine.
The quest for the Answer to that Question led me to Friedrich Nietzsche’s poetry excerpt, also exhibited within SYN, and placed under a dear mirror I had bought when I was still a student, back in London. Nietzsche’s words reminded me the hint I needed, through Dionyssus’s advice to Ariadne:
«[…] Must one not first hate oneself, in order to love oneself?… […]»

So, during and after the end of SYN, a series of events, led me have two opposite feelings, at the same time…;
one of a complete relegation and one of a pure apotheosis.
In other words, Dionyssus’s question helped me hate (…) myself;
it helped me accept myself; it helped me love my self; (once) more.

No matter if pain or joy, disappointment or fulfillment, is a Feeling’s root, each time, yet it is still a Feeling. And that’s what makes us Humans = Living Beings. That is what bounds everyone with each other. Those organic cells and tubes carrying every kind of life, inside us; and every visible or invisible form of cyma + energy, around us.
This is SYN. It is a Moment (one of the many ‘Single’ Moments) when we Feel the Whole.
Therefore, that is my Answer to my Question.
And if I have to speak with numbers, I would say: ~ -∞+ %

καλά κύματα ~
άννα ~

Press Release + Complete 5-day Programme of SYN
is available, here: https://wp.me/p2zRWp-Uz

SYN = mathematical symbol + word-forming element meaning “together with, jointly; alike; at the same time,” also sometimes completive or intensive, from Greek syn (prep.) etymonline.com

Photo + Video Documentation of SYN

Photo Documentation: [a-z] Rania Kliari [cultural adviser], Anna Stereopoulou,
Katerina Tzova [film director, d.o.p., script writer], Tugba Varol [digital artist, photographer]
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Video Recording (excerpt) of last day of SYN [13 June 2018] by Katerina Tzova

Stills of AV Works by female:pressure members, screened during the presentation
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«Be clever, Ariadne!…
You have little ears; you have my ears:
Put a clever word in them! —
Must one not first hate oneself, in order to love oneself?…
I am your labyrinth…» – Friedrich Nietzsche
from Ariadne’s Lament (‘Dionysus to Ariadne’ excerpt), «Dionysus-Dithyrambs», 1888


SYN©Anna Stereopoulou, 2017-2018
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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