flashforward x3 ~ group photography exhibition : athens, gr

Participation of Anna Stereopoulou with a DJ Set + Live Electronics performance, in the Opening of the FLASHFORWARD x3 Group Photography Exhibition, organised by Photoenatos photo lab [Athens, GR]

For third year in a raw, PHOTOENATOS Photo Lab is organising its laboratory exhibition, consisting of works by 48 young photographers, who were asked to create on a non-specific (free) theme. The 48 artists tried to highlight the dynamics of the term “Photographic Art and Creative Expression”, as it is conceived and expressed by themselves.

FLASHFORWARD x3 exhibition, -following the two previous ones, in City of Athens “Technopolis”- will be hosted in BOOZE Cooperativa Place of Applied Aesthetics.


FLASHFORWARD x3 | Group Photography Exhibition by Photoenatos @Booze Cooperativa [September 22 – 29, 2015 | Athens, GR] poster [photo by Eleni Kotonia]

The Opening of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday, September 22nd 2015 at 20:00 and will be accompanied by a live DJ Set + Live Electrics (Electronica, Cinematic, Noise, etc.), inspired by the art works of the participant photographers and performed by composer Anna Stereopoulou, who is specialised in the field of Music Composition for Film, Theatre, Dance (recently awarded with Best Original Score award in the 9th Cyprus International Film Festival [«A Place Called Home», dir.: Maria Douza].
As mentioned above, Anna will be performing Live Electronics in a fusion of a selection of music composition and sound art by artists from all over the world who were invited to send their work for the specific event. A special thank to all musicians, most of whom represent 7MNS Music Platform (Spain / Net) and female:pressure (international network of female artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts).

list of Participant Artists [photography]
Dimitris Archontopoulos, Seto Abassian, Spyros Vlachos, Tzinos Voutsas, Despina Deliyanni, Eleni Zarouli, Panayiotis Zinovief, George Zoitsis, Aggeliki Karitianou, Popi Katsidonioti, Eleni Kotonia, Dimitris Kotsovos, Tilemachos Kouklakis, Athena Koutroumani, Chryssoula Kritikou, Thanassis Maikoussis, Dimitris Manargias, Anna Manolaki, George Markatis, Katerina Mavraki, Katerina Michael, Panos Moschogiannakis, Ifigenia Mpaxevanaki, Vassilis Nikas, Vangelis Nomikos, Alexandros Pagidas, Irene Papadimitriou, Roula Papazissi, Nikos Papathanassiou, Tassos Papaioannou, Petros Paradissis, Roula Patra, Andreas Patsis, Christos Peppas, Manolis Pergioudakis, Antonis Petrakis, Yiannis Petroyiannis, Manolis Poulakis, Val Phoenix, Sotiria Skordianou, Apostolis Stergiou, Katerina Stoupa, Martha Taxidou, Nektaria Touzeni, Sofia Tsamouri, Kyriakos Folias, Anna Chronopoulou

list of Participant Artists [music / sound art]
3bc /Don Cook [USA] ~ Asymmetroi Faroi [Greece] ~ Ana Béjar [Spain] ~ Canned Fit [Austria] ~ Laura Cannell [UK] ~ Crystal DjKwe Favel [Canada] ~ Jennifer Eberhardt [Germany] ~  Electric Indigo [Austria] ~ Erissoma [Spain] ~ dj Eve-Lys​ [France] ~ Kritzkom /Marine Drouan [France /Germany] ~ Labros /from OdioLab [Greece] ~ nobodisoundz [France] ~ Radio Continental Drift /Women of the Great River project [Africa /Germany] ~ Somali Panda [India] ~ Sonic Crime /Nick Piliouris [Greece] ~ Skru [Greece] ~ Anna Stereopoulou [Greece] ~ Tuna Pase w/Barkin Engin [Turkey] ~ Whodoes [Greece] ~ Wild Anima /Alex Alexopoulos [France /Greece]~ Xyramat [Germany]

about the Exhibition
Opening: Tuesday, September 22nd 2015 @ 20.00
Duration: September 22nd29th, 2015
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm
Venue Spaces: BOOZE [BaseGALLERY & OVERVIEW-ikon]
Press Release in Greek ~ Δελτίο Τύπου στα Ελληνικά: http://www.boozecooperativa.com/events/134

about the Photo Lab | official website: http://photoenatos.gr/
PHOTOENATOS [Photographikos 9th] is a photographic laboratory calling anyone interested in seizing their time in a creative way. Main goal of the lab is to offer all basic knowledge of the Photo Shooting to the participant artists and make all the conditions for the development of their photographic way of thinking. Simplicity and friendly environment between the members and the head of teaching, Vassilis Nikas, contribute effectively towards that direction, in respects to Photography.

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