sonic crime + alexandre roy ~ relax : a/v collaboration

Hey..! My name is N_ _ _.
Hey, man… My name is N_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

And a long-term friendship took off, between two soul-brothers; between two young boys, whose eyes’ light still connects them as one.
But, she had to go

Hey mate.. this track is ‘sweet’. It’s great man!!
Cheers!! So.. what’s up?
Well… she’s gone. She’s gone to rest… to relax


(edited) Stills from the video “Relax” by Alexandre Roy

Bonds are always there. They just need to be discovered. And when they do, they just become stronger. Both when people ‘shake hands’ for first time or when they admire each others’ work. And this is the case for a sudden but deep connection created between music producer Sonic Crime (a.k.a. Nick Piliouris) and visual artist Alexandre Roy. The geographical distance was not an obstacle for them to bring this beautiful result. Nick (Greece) discovered the work of  Alexandre’s (Canada) on the internet and left no time to pass at all.

Nick wrote…
“Hi.. Is it you making these videos? They’re awesome!”

Alexandre wrote…
“Hey.. yeah, they’re mine. Thank you! And you..? Do you make these tracks? I love them!”

And that was it, again. The sound waves of Sonic Crime‘s track Relax finally found their visualisation in the hands of  Alexandre Roy. No matter if each work was brought to life using the creators’ ears and eyes, both artists added their soul in it; and thus, a beautiful artistic fusion gave birth to a new friendship.

…and she finally managed to relax

Alexandre Roy : visual artist [canada]
Studied Multimedia at Collège Édouard-Montpetit
Amongst the artists whose music has inspired him to create are Desert Dwellers, ShpongleAndrocell, Vibrasphere, Bluetech, Afro Celt Sound System, Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom and many more.
You can enjoy his work on his YouTube channel

Sonic Crime : music producer [greece]
Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer. Former guitarist in bands, such as Static and Dead-5 [greece], founder of the band Criminalius [uk]. Nick Piliouris‘s, (currently Sonic Crime) album Live & Dead was releasead (November 2011) through his label ESAD Music, while a new compilation is on the way.
More info and audio on FaceBook and SoundCloud

both    artists    advice
surf with care
connect with open heart

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  1. Thank you for the article, Anna 🙂

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