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A few words about the music composition )o++o( by Anna Stereopoulou, as included in the first part (Sonoras: Women Sound Artists) of the Curated Showroom section, curated by Rosa Pérez and a brief presentation about the Off_Herzios festival, organising and hosting the event.


La Gallera Suena
Sound Art and Strange Music
January – April 2014 | Valencia, Spain

Off_Herzios was born in 2012 as a traveling circuit of Strange Music and Sound Art. Over 10 months the event toured around the major art galleries in the city of Valencia. In its first year Off_Herzios offered the city over 25 spread performances throughout the course offering an extensive and varied overview of sound art and experimental music in Spain and more specifically in the Valencian community.
After its critical and public success, Off_Hz mutates into a new form and instead of roaming through various art galleries, bases its programming on a focal point, a resonant box and an architectural landmark: La Sala La Gallera of the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community.

The programming of the Off_Hz in the Gallera revolves around three main axes: Concerts, Listening and Curated showrooms. These three activities will be organized in this unique space over 4 months, from January to April 2014.
The first selection of music compositions being transmitted in the Curated showroom section, is being curated by the radio producer, Mrs. Rosa Pérez (Fluido Rosa, RNE / Spain) and it is dedicated to music composed by women Sound Artists [“Sound and Feeling”], running until Sunday, February 2, 2014.

SONORAS / SOUNDS; Women in sound art: Sound and Feeling

In an ideal world there would be no need to differentiate creators by genre, but while equality is not a reality you have to say that women are under-represented in the field of electronic music, engineering and sound production.
According to a report published in early 2013 by female:pressure, only 5% of the artists in electronic music labels are women. Perhaps the problem is not so much in the number of artists creating, but the visibility that “They” get to work.
«Sound, Women Sound Artists» aims to show a selection of sound proposals which collect concerns and very different and various sensitivities, as well as covering a broad spectrum of distinct creative with backgrounds ranging from classical training through the self-taught, which incorporated electronic and organic instruments from the old school of avant-garde experimental twentieth century.
Over the years women have been joining sound creation, curiously in a silent way, however, not lacking of quality and commitment to experimentation and vision of the future. Here I suggest listening to ten pieces, all generated in the XXI century, a time when the proposals interact with other arts, interact and promote agile languages, sometimes strange, full of textures, where noise can become rhythm and a ‘failure’, or error can give intensity and emotion to the piece. Just let go and thus, become sound and feeling in music.” – Rosa Pérez

[[ Artist – Title of Work ]]
click on the following embedded links to find info about the artists and listen to their work

MIRA CALIX – Chorus [uk]
LEILA – Finnish Kindness [uk]
AGFBass-Line-Letterism [finland]
NIK COLK VOID – Third Floor (fragment) [uk]
NAD SPIROgb0rel [spain]
SOL REZZARidiculas Obsesiones [argentina]
ANNA STEREOPOULOU)o++o( [greece]

Read original article in Spanish | Lea el artículo original en Español
@ http://www.offherzios.com/2014/01/sonoras-las-mujeres-en-la-creacion.html

Rosa Pérez
…moves in the world of radio since 1982. Magazine FM, Secuencias, Música es Tres, MUSICAX3, Taller de Arte or Fluido Rosa are some of the names of programs she has been presenting an amount of music and artistic proposals, based on the outskirts of creation and finally settling her career in the cultural landscape of Spain.
Fluido Rosa is a radio magazine, transmitted every week on Radio 3, echoing different artistic disciplines within the sound sculpture and creation, spreading and supporting the work of young creators.

RosaPerez_FluidoRosaPromoter of the Concurso y Tallerres de Arte Sonoro Broadcasting Art (since 2008), along with institutions such as the MUSAC (León), Centro Párraga (Murcia), Centro de Arte Ladines (Asturias) and Centro de Arte La Panera (Lleida). Rosa Pérez has also participated in meetings, lectures and conference related to sound creation in the TEA (S.C. Tenerife) and the Ateneo de Málaga, in the Women Circle of Electronic Thinking [Ciclo Mujeres de pensamiento Electrónico].

Commissioned by the Argentine production Lab for Video Artists, Headliners 8 bits” (Dj Score section: “Synthesizer”: Headliners 8 bits@ Lab3. MMXIII). Composed in August 2013 for the excerpt of Michelangelo Antonioni‘s film “L’ Eclisse” (1962).
The composition is part of Anna Stereopoulou’s laterst ‘arch’ album, titled A ∞ [aleph / infinity], released in August 24, 2013 on 7MNS. [More information about the album can be found at http://wp.me/p2zRWp-6B]

The new venture of the Off_Herzios festival is produced by Audiotalaia and aims to create a space for reflecting, listening and discovering sound art, as well as opening the world of sound to the public, by filling La Gallera with sounds.
Off_Herzios / La Gallera Suena is an invitation to listen; a meeting place and exhibition; a place where emerging proposals and established projects resonate; a place for listening and transmission.

More about Off_Herzios and Audiotalaia at…
Official WebSite | BandCamp | Twitter | FaceBook


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