after fx

There was no sound in the box.
The holes were 7; four and three
(…or three and four, she can’t recall)
There was a battle taking place;
-inside her h…-

tiny crispy canons
a rainbow-fire in that space    [a scream]
-almost mute-
and then…(a)…darkness
an order banned to move
[she screamed]
so she just turned left…
around 90º she leaned her head;
her body laid
and faced the rainbow-‘buttons’,
the white metal drawer
(that’s where she hid the sugar sachets),
the shelf, the bottles and the book
(the wooden ‘things’ she chose to hide, too
from her view, though there was darkness)
…and closed her eyes.


And fade to a dark, wide, silver runway…
…all way ’till no-idea what is next
no thoughts
all thoughts
but apart
and silent
apart from some invisible low frequency
combined with …/… or more correct…    …    …a singeing hiss
a long way leading to the other side
(she stayed on the left)
leading to a familiar seven-tone-(x7)
there must have been some more
. than seven . definitely .

She was afraid

i was

…until the healthy silence shone

image : nassus ©2007 edit : annastereo ©2013

image : nassus ©2007
edit : annastereo ©2013

thoughts scarred by
anna stereopoulou ~
k@/athens // 21/09-02/10

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