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interview featured in Headliners Electronika MAg [august 2013] ||| ~
~ ||| collaboration with the Headliners 8 bits Production Lab [september 2013]

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Headliners Electronika MAg

Electronic music magazine providing dance music news and information, interviews, columns, music and event reviews, club photos, Charts, dEsign PhotgrapHy, from Argentina to the world!!

“I keep faith as long as I see people dancing and singing; I believe that this is the best way to resist threats and attacks made against our soul and against society.” …and more thoughts by Anna Stereopoulou, hosted at the Headliners Electronika MAg [episode 15 / One Five (Agosto 2013)]

Interviewed by Gabriel Otero [aka Vj Mushroom], collaborator of Le Club Vj Section at Headliners Electronika MAg

read interview on issuu [p.49-54] ||| or click on 3 following images…







SYNTHESIZER_MagHeadliners 8 bits

[eng] “Headliners 8 bits is a Production Lab of Video Artists; a Selected Sounds VideoMAg, focusingon the enjoyment of Our Senses”
[esp] “Headliners 8 bits es un Lab de produccion de Artistas en Video, Una VideoMAg donde concentramos Sonidos Seleccionados para el disfrute de Nuestros Sentidos”


image used on poster, by Filio Magenta

Synthesizer” = Headliners 8 bits @ Lab3. MMXIII
…merging various artists -such as Olga (Argentina), Deaf Pillow (Peru), Anna Stereopoulou (Greece), Alex Elvil, Hotel Casino, Daniela Santin (Argentina), Le Club Vj, Vj Mushroom (Paris)-, developing the most varied creative Pieces, composing sounds and video.

| > watch teaser http://vimeo.com/73194849

Headliners 8 bits and Anna Stereopoulou (Greece) present “The Break“; excerpt by Michelangelo Antonioni‘s film “L’ Eclisse” (1962)

| > watch it online on vimeo
or on full Lab.3 “Synthesizer” [HD] video,
as attached below (jump to 24:25)

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/75269856″>Headliners 8 bits -Synthesizer- [Lab.3] Fragment &quot;THE BREAK&quot; by Anna Stereopoulou (GREECE)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/headlinersmag”>Headliners Mag</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Listen to audio, as featured in Anna Stereopoulou’s latest ‘arch’ album “ A ∞
Title of track: )o++o(
Album released by SevenMoons Music

Read brief interview and details about the composition process during “The Break” scoring,
on HEADLINERS 8 BITS “Synthesizer” Online Mag.

L'ECLISSE_The Break excerpt

)o++o( was commissioned by the Argentine production Lab for Video Artists, “Headliners 8 bits” (Dj Score section: “Synthesizer”: Headliners 8 bits@ Lab3. MMXIII). Composed in August 2013 for the excerpt of Michelangelo Antonioni’s film “L’ Eclisse” (1962). Many thanks to all the Headliners 8 bits crew for the excellent work and the collaboration opportunity, the Headliners 8 bits “Synthesizer” Online Mag & the Headliners Electronika Mag for hosting my work, as well as Gabriel Otero [aka Vj Mushroom] and Ruben Larrosa [Headliners Mag] for inviting me to create and share my thoughts.

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