electron project

electron [ήλεκτρον]
by anna stereopoulou

‘Round Midnight Performance
Electro-Acoustic Music, alongside Video Projections

Whispers, voices, outcries… The volume gradually increases and it finally knocks on your door. Will you open? You are just a few millimeters away from your pulse. A simple click on the switch and the entry into your anechoic chamber is filled with light by every liquid step of yours.

The theme-based project electron is inspired -on a scientific basis- by the structure and function of the Human Ear & the Balance of Body. This is artistically expressed by the composition and performance of Anna Stereopoulou’s Electro-Acoustic music, alongside Video Projections.

The project’s main aim is the flow of the inner energy of the audience-spectators, having as parallel source of inspiration the elements of Water & Electric Spark / Power, as well as those of Sound & Light (i.e. Cochlea’s & Labyrinth’s function – Inner Ear).

With Piano as its core instrument, occasionally enriched with electronic rhythms and ambiance, the music is influenced by various genres -such as Musique Concrète, Drum’n’Bass, Jazz, Dubstep, Fado and other- and draw the course into a labyrinth, which gradually becomes and unfolds more and more bright, via its visual translation.

360° disambiguation…
electron was born in July 2011, when Anna Stereopoulou was commissioned to create and organize an event especially for the MCF Bar (at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens). The event had to also include video projections, on a 360° form. Although, from an architectural perspective, such a technique cannot take place at the specific space, the 360° element triggered various ideas of video projections and created the concept of a gradual visual built-up, throughout the 8 performances, during which electron is being performed (exact dates mentioned below). In this way, the course into the ‘Human Ear’ theme-base and symbolism is being served and carried out even more clear. The effort of composing harmony via chaos; the will to open the door and let light in. A mind game that aims to reach the moment you discover the key within your own hand..!

Concept – Compositions – Performance: Anna Stereopoulou
Videos: Please Insert Coin
Special Guest: Alina K [aka Alina Kotsovoulou]

electron first series took place at the MICHAEL CACOYANNIS Foundation, for a month, every Friday & Saturday at the MCF Bar, [Nov. 25th & 26th 2011, Dec. 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th 16th & 17th 2011].
Duration: 70′

SPONSORS [Audio-Visual Equipment]
SG Sound & Lights Solution [Gkremos Sotiris]
Please Insert Coin [apicproduction.com]
Also, thanks to mac(manous

“What I know not, glows within me. And yet it glows”
Odysseus Elytis – Elegy 1 “Harmless, Hopeful, Unhindered Day” – The Oxopetra Elegies [1991]

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