leslie in the sky with diamonds

boiling tips on drawing sound

parallel motion cases

case i

1 glass of wine [at least some wine]
1 pair of [neat!] headphones
1 favourite track selected [any kind]
1 pair of eyes shut
[remember to press play, before you close your eyes]

You can now …receive the sound. You can start creating your own pictures in your mind. Let the waves approach and hold you. Leave the chair or sofa you’re sitting on and let your body start floating around. Duration shall not be specified. You are free to rewind, repeat or pause.

case ii

1 glass of wine [you can keep drinking]
1 pair of [neat!] headphones
1 favourite track selected [any kind]
1 pair of eyes open
1 sheet of paper
1 pen /pencil [black or coloured]

You can keep your eyes open this time.
Press play and start drawing. Let your hand make its own movements, free from any rule and/or ruler. The only guidance is set by the spectrum itself. It is actually you, who sets the limits of it. It is you, who knows deep inside [mostly in a bass-line case] the shape of it. You just start drawing the boarders of each sound, giving form of each unique vibration your trying to tame, but you can’t. Instead, you’re setting free these invisible molecules they are born from your toes and travel to the top of your spine. And this is a kind-warning point. You’re reaching the point your eyes will be automatically shut again. But, you like the idea. And you just letting it happen. And you start smiling, permitting your head to move around. So… start breathing… the way you prefer. And trust me [yourself, too!]… this is the purest kind of breath. The one you knew you had been breeding, but subconsciously -in the best case- you were ignoring.

You’ve left the pen slip away from your fingers. You have forgotten the ‘drawing’ meal. Although, you’re now drawn away…
…your eyes are still closed. Although, you’re now close …to you.

suggested music track
bites their shaped ctimsells
by proem [you shall have ever been, 2006]

thoughts served by
anna stereopoulou ~

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