a grain of sand

I’m a grain of sand… I’m nothing without the rest of the grains. I’m tasteless without the iodine. I need the iodine. I do need it! It’s in my nature to die and get reborn with it. I’m invisible if I close my eyes. I feel the pain of happiness; the struggle of my voice to come out; the movement of the voyage of my tear. I’m a grain of sand. Inhaling the air of my thought, while the air’s breath is swallowing my wish. But no… the string is pulling my head up. It always did; it always will. And the wave of my cell is thirsty for one. The eternal tortured number. How full, how selfish can it be? How blessed that gaze could be? How did numbers occur in my mind, for I’m a number myself? Ascending via the realm of Tethys, I grasp onto reddish rays. And I cry… I cry… I cry… The same old sounds that killed me before are now present to show me a way out of the trap of my own mind. Sound hurts so much. So sneaky and cunning; so perfect and blessed; so… so what?! I’m just a grain of sand… I’m everything…!

Anna Stereopoulou ~ Jan 11, 2009

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